Senshi Swim Club (by Yuuka Cos)

After all these pics finally i watched the video!! *-*


if you look and listen closely, the winking sound is synced to the butt when that black-haired (or one of them) guy gets ready to dive

Anonymous asked: A petite girl with a small frame, slender legs, and a uniform as a clear indication that she is a student walks into the swimming area. She’s got her nose in a book in one hand and is idly twirling a pencil in the opposite one. It’s obvious she’s not supposed to be here, and took a wrong turn. She continues walking forward, and you can imagine her surprise when her foot makes contact with thin air and she falls straight into the water. She lets out a surprised yelp and a loud splash is heard.

 "What the–“ Tsun has been practicing his strokes alone  and was at the far end of the pool when he heard the scream and splash. His eyes went wide when they landed on a fully clothed girl in the water. He didn’t think about it for a second longer before he swam toward her as if she was the finish line in a race, but far more frantic. Upon reaching her, he wrapped one strong arm around her, holding her close to his body, and pulled her along with himself up over the ledge of the pool and laid her on the ground, hovering over her. "H-hey, are you alright..?” he asked with a little bit of a panic in his voice.


I am so aroused I don’t even.

I promised myself I'd go to bed early tonight but anime happened