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About Soulmate AU Fanfics

Somehow, the idea of soulmates always bugged me. I’m not much of a believer in any kind of higher power, so to me the concept of being destined by fate instead of choosing your own kinda goes against the idea of free will and conscious choice. Like, there’s a finality in it, and it just doesn’t sit right with me.

I don’t mean it as critique; merely want to ask people who created such AU’s few questions - @fineillsignup, @mouseymightymarvellous, @beyondthemoor, @itslulu42 - and anyone who’s interested.

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90’s kids in the 2010’s // draco malfoy

his family has been pure long before the world had any concept of purity - surviving, no, thriving on the idea of corruption as the means to remain on their pedestal. it’s a clever sort of wandless magic, really, one that has afforded him the name to hold court in back alleys and hotel ballrooms. and so he smirks, and smokes his contraband cigarettes, and beds girls to piss his father off. but even he knows that you can only want what you are not yet capable of losing. 

i know it was mostly taliesin talking but i just love the idea of percy just yelling for them to get vex up again for 90% of the fight


Le Papillon being a Papapillon
What’s more powerful that an innocent child’s emotions?

I picked up riding horses while I was filming The Three Investigators in Cape Town, South Africa. Every weekend that I had off, I would go ride horses. It was pretty amazing. I got to see a lot of beautiful landscapes.


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