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So, I just got done browsing through your blog. Uh, I think I love you. You're fucking hilarious and super smart and I love the things you say!

oh my gosh. Thank you so much! Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first admiration message I’ve received from someone that I don’t know in real life. awwwwyeah

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Hey, Alisa. I've been learning a lot over the years and there's something that's been bugging me and I feel it's necessary to apologize, however not so necessary that you forgive me. Quite a while ago you attempted to help me understand that there were more oppressed groups that Black American people- and I really didn't get it. I was entirely unable to separate myself from my lived experience (where my city is about 50/50 Black and White Americans), and that the only experience I had was White-

American racism directed at Black and Black American individuals. I wanted to participate in allyship- and I did a lousy job. I somehow formed a hierarchy in my mind that was completely unfounded. I’m really embarassed for a lot of the things I would say and many of the actions I took, all under the impression that I was being the good guy.I wasn’t. I was just being another very White, very American bugger who couldn’t truly support or offer compassion to PoC because of my own blindness. My perception has drastically changed, thanks to the education that reading and people I’ve had discussions with has given me.I am very sorry for being so ignorant. I am very sorry for trying to police your actions and argue with you over a simple misunderstanding when, in reality, you were far more aware and educated on it than I. I especially want to apologize because I was supposed to be a friend to you, and I allowed such ignorant and hurtful ideaologies to influence my behavior.

Thank you so much for writing, I really appreciate it ♥♥♥

I’m very glad to see you’ve realised what you may have done wrong before, and I think that’s what counts in the long-run really. Everybody makes mistakes, all sorts, but understanding what they are and learning from them are what make us better. Especially when being allies, because it’s often quite unfamiliar territory!

And you’re still are and will always be my friend, girl :)