Hello everyone!

It’s my first fan account and it will not really contain the Concert itself but the “Meet and Greet”. There a so many huge emotions and feels inside of me now and… I’m close to crying again XD…. But… however, I think you might find it somewhat interesting <3)

Now it is edited and there are some Pictures, too. <3

Even if I’m from Germany, I attended the Concert in London with my Friend SamCamui on 140924 in “The Forum” in London – Kentish Town.

We had to leave my House in Germany around 4 AM of Wednesday to catch our Flight at Düsseldorf Airport.

Düsseldorf Airport. :)

Sam (Right) and Me (Left)

And our Mascots Mimi (Yuu’s Alpaca) and Panru (Sam’s Panda). <3

Our Flight was taken of at 07.10 AM in Germany and because of the time Difference arrived at around 07:25 AM in London Stansted.

We had a beautiful Weather on our Flight. <3

There we catched up our bus which took us to London City.

At this time point we were staying awake for more than 24 Hours because we had to work the Day before and get up in the middle of the night to catch our flight. We passed out in the bus and were sleeping the whole way. XD

Since there was some Traffic Jam, we arrived around 10 AM in London Victoria Station

When we arrived in London we killed our time with sightseeing till we could check in into our Hotel in Kentish Town.

The Hotel was only a ~10 Minute footwalk away from the venue! ♥

We dressed and prepared ourselves and then headed to “The Forum”.

We arrived there at around 2.30 PM. The Line was very long already and that was a bit annoying.

We were glad that we had the Early Entrance and Meet & Greet. <3

We met many new and very nice People and enjoyed ourselves even if it was really cold. D:

But finally we received our fancy Lightsticks and the UK-Project Banners. <3

When it was FINALLY time to get in, we made ourselves to Line 2-3 in the crowd.

Then we had to wait for another hour… and they kept playing the same 3 Songs ALL the Time… And even if I love “Hana/One”, “Comeback to me” and “Can’t without you” the songs were really annoying played over and over again… x.x And they really killed the party mood with it. :/

Nonetheless the Concert started right at 7 PM and everything other than the Boys was forgotten.

Sadly, with U-KISS appearing on Stage the pushing in the crowd began and it was REALLY uncomfortable and painful at some points.

The Setlist was nearly the Same as in Russia but in other order. I don’t remember it… sorry… XD;;;  <3

The concert itself was AMAZING! The Guys are SO Perfect but so nice and kind! ♥

The MCing was also very funny and there were many SooHoon Moments XD

Sadly the crowd was pushing more and more to the limit and it was not fun at all. It was hot, sticky and … bah.

The Person next to me kept hitting and pushing me with her Elbow into my Ribs so that I got a bruise there now. Only to take my place …. Thanks a lot – not.

Then there was this Point where I noticed, that I couldn’t Breathe normally and felt dizzy. It was around the first Encore (Without You).

You must now - I suffer from Grand Mal Epilepsy and take a really strong medication against it. So I have to be really careful at those kind of Events because of Laser- and Flashlight. It can cause Epileptic Seizures… In addition to that, a week before the Concert I was sick with a slight pneumonia and laryngitis.

My Immune System isn’t the best and I suffer from iron deficiency anemia so when I become ill it took a really long Time since I’m fully recovered and at the moment I have bad Circulatory problems till receive my Iron infusions again.

Since I’m not fully recovered once I still suffer from difficulty in breathing and sometimes hoarse voice since years till today.

It’s not that I feel sick or something and I’m already back to work but sadly my Body show me that I’m not fully recovered!

But nonetheless I wanted to attend the Concert.

So when I noticed that I don’t felt that well I tried to keep breathing slow and deep, but the crowd and pushing not really allowed it.

Suddenly I nearly passed out in the crowd and had a short Blackout Moment and after that I only felt more dizzy and began shaking. Sam catched me and waved to the Security to take me out of the crowd. 

He lifted me above the barrier to in front of the Stage, where the Boys kept singing but made a short Side-glance to us and wondered. The Security took me to the Paramedic to the Side-exit, where the Doors were kept open to circulate some fresh Air. He sat me down so that I was able to use my inhaler and could regulate my Breath and the dizziness a bit. He asked if I ate and drank enough over the Day and I really had Breakfast, Lunch and a Snack and kept drinking water.

After I cooled down a bit and could Breathe normally the paramedic took me from the side-exit to the main entrance again and into the Infirmary to took my data.

After that he let me go from the infirmary and send me to the Meet and Greet waiting Point, because attending the Concert with my Condition wasn’t allowed. He said I should take the very first Group in the Meet and Greet, so I can go to the Hotel and lay down. I was a little disappointed in myself but the Band was playing the Last Song anyway already.

So I waited for my Friend Sam after that because I worried her much.

After I’ve sent her a Text Message she catches up with me and then we were led up the Stairs where we had to wait for the Meet and Greet.

We waited a few Minutes with the other KISSmes in Line but the Dizziness got worse again. Beforehand the Paramedic said to me, that if I doesn’t feel well I should ask the Security to see him again. So I’ve asked the Security if I could sit or lay down again and he called the paramedic again which took me and Sam to a Seat Group around the Edge. I asked if it’s ok, if I attend the Last Group of Meet and Greet People so I could take a Rest till then and he said it’s ok.

From where I and Sam were seated, we could see a Part of the Stairs and a little Edge of the Meet and Greet Room in which the UKISS-Staff was busy preparing the Location.

After a few Minutes of just sitting there, we were wondering if the Boys had to cross our Path if they want to go to the Meet and Greet Room. There were two Doors which led from the Stage Room to the Room in which we were sitting and which they had to cross to get to the Meet and Greet Room.

Just in this Moment the Door on the opposite Site opened and U-KISS was walking in.

Sam and I was like: O.O!

Since we were still sitting there, and I looked very Pale,  a few of the Boys took a glance at us but walked  along.

Eli kept looking a little bit surprised at us and it looked like he was trying to remember who we were. A Moment later he smiled, cocked his Head to the side and waved to us then walked along too. ;A; That was so cute. ♥

Then the Meet and Greet started and I hoped, that my Condition would go better finally so that I could attend to…

My dizziness doesn’t get better over the time and I’ve started to get chills and a racing heart.

So I finally called the Paramedic over again and laid down in the Infirmary again.

After a few Minutes the Security headed over and told us that Sam and I were the last KISSme’s to attend the Meet and Greet. Since I was feeling so horrible and dizzy I nearly started crying and don’t wanted to attend at all. Sam and the Paramedic offered their help to get me to my feet and support me walking.

They took me out of the Infirmary and we headed walking to the Meet and Greet Room but One of the Staff Members was coming over to us and pointed to the Seatgroup. Then he said: “Put her down there!”

So Sam and the Paramedic helped me to sit down and Sam was sitting next to me.

Then everything happened so quickly.

Before I could wonder and realise, what was going on, the U-KISS Members were walking towards us.

—— ♥ This is where the Dream begins. ♥ ——

Soohyun was sitting down next to me and lay his arm around my Shoulders. Since I’ve still had chills and was freezing like hell, he started and kept rubbing my Shoulders to warm me up.

Kevin kneed down in Front of me. On his left side was Eli and on his right Jun which were also knelt down.

Hoon and Kiseop were standing behind Eli and next to Sam.

At first I really didn’t understand what was going on but then Kevin and Eli took my Hands and hold them tight … and gosh… They are so sweet.

Eli recognized me as the Girl who was taken out of the crowd. Therefore he watched us over from when they headed to the Meet and Greet Room and I think he was worried because I doesn’t look good and was really pale. The other Members realized me then too. Eli said he and the other Members were worried and they were so sweet and cheered me up.

Kevin asked if everything was alright and how I felt. He kept smiling like the Angel he is and somehow I had to smile too. His smiling is contagious. But somehow I had the Feeling that I was blushing like mad. I could not keep Eye Contact with him or Eli. X//D They are all to pretty. x//D

He really is Beautiful and so nice and Kind and adorable. Eli is VERY handsome and really cool but so adorable and kind too. ;_;

Soohyun, who was keeping me in his Arms, was so ASDFGHJKL. … He was my first Bias before Kevin and I felt really special to be hold in his Arms. I think every woman would love to be hold in his arms. ♡

Somehow it really calmed me down! >w<!

Jun was all like: “Are you ok?! Is everything alright? You ok?” and his English is SO CUTE. He is such a cute and adorable Baby and so kind. ;_;! I wanted to pinch his cheeks! |D

I mean… I’m older than any U-KISS Member… and Jun is 10 years Younger than me.. XD

Haww… such a cute baby. ;O;

Hoon and Kiseop kept really quiet, so I did not notice much of them. I think it was because of the speech barrier Q.Q

Hoon kept holding on Sam’s Shoulder and thank her and asked if everything is alright. <3

At some time, Eli let go of my Hand and since my Hands were shaking very bad, Kevin took them both and kept running his thumb over the back of my Hand to calm me down. Eli put his Hand down on my Knee.

The Boys talked to us and at some Point they asked us:

Kevin: Where are you from?

Sam + Yuu: Germany~

All Member: Germany?! Really? Wasn’t it really expensive?

Yuu: Yes, but it was worth it.

Kevin: Woaaah! KISSme’s from Germany! That’s so cool!

Sam: Please come to Germany next time, too!

Eli: We try!! But you have to come again to see us!

So I have the slight hope that they will try to get a bigger Europe Tour in the Future. ;_;

!!!!! EDIT: 150127 - THEY SAID AT TODAYS AFTER SCHOOL CLUB, THAT THEY COME TO GERMANY SOON!!!! ♡♡♡♡ Eli keeps his promise!! ♡♡♡♡♡ !!!!!

We chatted for a few Minutes on then. (Sam the most time because I was feeling so bad and could not grasp what was going on there and what they were saying at some points.) I was close to to crying the entire time, because I wanted to speak to them so badly, too. ;_;

Then they had to go and make their Goodbye. Soohyun who was still having his arm around me, gave me a big hug. Jun patted my Head and Hoon gave me a bear hug too.

Then Eli hugged me and Kevin also… I was so overwhelmed that I could not hug them back, like Sam could. ;_;

I really wanted to hug Kevin and Eli, because they were so nice. T_T

Kiseop gave me his Hand and a Killer Smile. All I could think was #BeautyHandsomeGodDammitHowCanSomeoneBethisPretty… x///x ….

Then they were gone. @_@

Everything was over so fast and I still cannot believe what happened.

It was Blessing in disguise.

A little while Later, the Paramedic released me and Sam took me to our Hotel, where I only wash myself up, throw my Pajama on and fall dead in my Bed.

This morning I woke up with a light Headache, but was feeling much better.

At midday we travelled back to Germany and I’m finally home and sooo exhausted. X_X

And I still cannot realize what happened.


The Boys are so kind and nice and adorable and aww……

After this Evening I love them even more if possible. ;____;

And I really like to meet them again someday to thank them so much if they remember. QQ ♥

I’m so sorry for the Meet and Greet of the other KISSme’s and that they had to rush this much to get the Photo and all… D: 

But nonetheless… It was a very special Evening to me and I’m so thankful for a great Concert and to this 6 beautiful Boys for being such wonderful persons.

If any of the Boys will ever read this:

I really, really, really thank you for making this Day special for me.

You are so wonderful Persons and I will keep supporting you! <3

I will really try to go to Korea and Japan next year and meet you again!

Until then I love you from the bottom of my Heart. ♥ 

Thanks for reading and reblogging. Maybe it increases the chance the Boys will read it sometime.

And: I’m feeling much better now, after I received medical treatment. No worries please!

Love you guys >w<! ♥ ♥ ♥