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Metropolises nowadays are a place of extreme reduction to the interactions relevant to capitalism.

Human behavior is detrimental to the mechanisms of capitalism and thus dies off.

People are reduced (and reduce each other) to mere automats; interaction between them is reduced to mere exchange. Things and people have to become economically measurable in order for the metropolis to work.

Living Culture dies as well. Mainly it dissolutes into commercial mainstream culture. There are, of course, museums displaying the achievements of former times. But living Culture as a form of critical thinking and societal spontaneity disappears from the urban surface. It becomes an underground phenomenon.

People in such a city are confronted with the back-breaking senselessness of their existence. They’re unable to understand the machine they created. It’s too vast, too complex to understand. There’s no purpose in such a city.

Things I liked in Sherlock S4

I know a lot of people did/does the same list but I have to write my own because I want to appreciate this show that has been a part of my life for over three years. I never loved any show this much like Sherlock though I’m pretty much addicted to watching tv shows. It taught me many things and I gained friendships through it, and I’ll be always thankful for the laughter, thrill and tears and many more that Sherlock gave me. I’m being positive here which is a hard thing for me so appreciate it a little, okay?

In general

  • The Soundtrack: it was perfect, as always.
  • The fandom: I love all these crazy, creative people who tried to make sense in these senseless times. The fan arts, the fan fictions, the theories, the edits, everything…
  • SHERMIT!!! it was hell of a ride and I’ll always ship Sherlock and Kermit the frog.
  • The live tweeting event: which gave us Shermit. I couldn’t participate because of my exams but it was such fun as I read about it.
  • The promoting: hell yeah, it was freaking awesome!
  • Something’s fucky *puts on a tiny tinfoil hat*
  • The crack videos: people, you are nuts!!! Nuts, but fucking awesome nuts.
  • The behind-the-scene pictures of tiny Sherlock aka Tom Stroughton. Thank you, @richstoughton for sharing these adorable pictures, they never fail to make me smile.
  • I’m thankful to all the actors and actresses because they did a fantastic job to bring the series to life.

The Six Thatchers

  • Benedict’s voice-over… God, his voice…
  • Toby, the dog: it was adorable how all the characters reacted to this doggo, especially Sherlock. He’s such a dog person that my heart melts.
  • The Gang: I loved watching the interactions between John, Sherlock and Mary. They were working great when they were clueing for looks together.
  • Sherlock and his gignernuts *coughs*
  • Balloonlock
  • We had to learn more about Mary. I like Mary’s character because she’s shady af no matter what others say about her.
  • The aquarium and the sharks and the jellyish. I love jellyfish.
  • The reference to The Lion’s Mane when we are at jellyfish.
  • The scene where Mary gives birth to Rosie. I loved how freaked out every one of them were. I’m looking at you, Dr. John Watson, veteran army doctor.
  • Rosie as the Devil AND the Anti-Christ.
  • “If you want to keep the rattle, do not throw the rattle.” *Rosie throws the rattle into Sherlock’s face*

The Lying Detective

  • The Cinematography Heaven. I drool over the whole bag deduction, window deduction and “Anyone” deduction anytime I think about them. They were such pleasure to my eyes…
  • BAMF Mrs Hudson!!!4!!4! I think we can all agree on that.
  • Sherlock’s finger guns
  • Sherlock quoting Shakespeare while he’s out of his mind on drugs. It was the highlight of the episode for me as a fellow Shakespeare fan. Just give Benedict all the awards, please.
  • “Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.” monologue: it touched a string in my heart.
  • THE HUG: I cried a little, okay?
  • All of the “a cuppa tea”
  • Molly Hooper: I just simply love her.
  • It was a very emotional episode in general.
  • Sherlock drinking from a vase then complaining that the water is filthy. No shit Sherlock.
  • Sherlock would talk with you all night if he thought you were suicidal.
  • Sherlock sending a message to the Big Brother after leaving Baker Street. Dat cheeky smile, tho…

The Final Problem

  • Adorable, tiny, skippy Sherlock: we all adore how cute he is.
  • Moriarty’s entrance *yelling I Want to Break Free*
  • “Hey, bro.”
  • Pirate Batman Sherlock and John as his Robin
  • Mrs Hudson listening to Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast while vacuuming. MRS H ROCKS!
  • The Redbeard revelation was hurtful but so good.
  • All the ridiculous plotholes which we can fill with laughter.
  • The tiny Sherlock and not-so-tiny Mycroft pictures on the walls.
  • Uncle Rudy filming the Holmes family at the beach: headcanon.
  • You can say whatever you want but tiny Eurus was also cute. On the outside.
  • Mycroft “Iceman” Holmes showing how much he cares about his family. It was hurtful to watch how he tried to make Sherlock shoot him instead of John.
  • Fairytale prince Sherlock running through the night
  • Mycroft’s umbrella revelation: so that’s why he always carries it with him.
  • John lamenting that he had 10 more minutes of the session after Eurus shot him with a tranquilizer
  • All the horror movie references were funny.
  • John in a shock blanket
  • Sherlock in a beanie

It wasn’t all that bad, was it? :)

Thank you for reading it. I love this fandom and I will never leave it.

Feel free to add anything else YOU liked in S4!


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In celebration of this and also the fact my first RvB fanart has hit over 1000 notes, I present to you another picture of Washington with cats.

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I love them so much~
The grace and perfection of that flying scene with ‘Where no one goes’ in the background just makes me happy; how they are so in sync, like they can read each other’s mind x3

Fic: Every Word (Kurt/Blaine, Glee)

Summary: After years apart Kurt and Blaine have moved on from one another and built separate lives. Kurt is developing a quiet reputation off-Broadway. Blaine is a fledgling musical theatre writer and producer on the West Coast.

Then they reconnect - because of the music, because of the theater. Because of course they do.

This show is Blaine’s baby. The madness is that the only person he can picture in the lead role is a boy he has been failing to forget for six years.

Words: 21,000

Rating: NC-17? R? They definitely have sex.

Notes: This is not new! However it was posted un-beta-ed before I had tumblr. I decided to re-visit to kick start writing the follow up.

I asked the brilliant chiasmuslovesme and the-multicorn if they had critical comments.

Which was scary, but ultimately incredibly helpful. Both were ridiculously kind and dragged me to the realization that the story needed more of Kurt’s emotional throughline. It was a joy to add it, as I adore Kurt, and the story is worlds better for it.

So, I owe them my heartfelt thanks for their time and thought.

The story: I am a sap and my heart lies with Kurt and Blaine together, forever. But I wanted to give these fictional boys a chance to grow up, to develop lives and loves and work and friends. I wanted them to be proud of themselves. And then, of course, I wanted them to meet again. So here they are: living and working, producing music and being brilliant. Here they are, essentially happy (however imperfectly) apart. But deliriously moreso together. And always so in love.


On AO3 here

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