senseis top

I need people's honest opinions

I’m under the impression that Sensei’s Divining Top is super annoying - but not sure if it’s annoying enough. By that i mean, yeah, it’s a good card which sucks to have your opponent controlling one in a game, but is it good enough to be removed? In most situations, I see myself destroying other common EDH staples like Sol Ring or a Sword.
In conclusion: Top is good and all, but it’s not good enough to be removed ASAP. In other words, it’s often a card that skips under the radar


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Don’t stress over Sensei’s Divining Top’s value. Its demand in Commander is unlikely to drop any time in the near future, and may even increase as the format continues to thrive. The price is already back on the rise after this morning’s dip because so many Commander players scrambled to pick up a copy.

Koro Sensei Wall Mural

I told my husband I was going to paint Koro-Sensei at the top of the stairs. He smiled and nodded and said “That’s cool dear,” not expecting me to ever go through with it.

But I did.

And now he grins creepily down at whoever climbs the stairs.

I regret nothing.