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KnB Talkshow at Jump Festa 2017

So I went to the talkshow for KnB featuring Ono Kensho, Ono Yuuki, and Kamiya Hiroshi! Here are some highlights from the 30 min talkshow.

  • Ono Yuuki was wearing red of course.
  • Surprise guest: Midorikawa Hikaru! (Nash Gold Jr.’s seiyuu)
  • They showed the character art for Nash and Silver. 
    • Ono Yuuki said Silver didn’t look human
  • Fujimaki-sensei sent a message basically thanking for the support of KnB
    • He also said even though it’s titled “Last Game” that does not mean anyone dies nor the world is gonna be destroyed.
  • They showed Fujimaki-sensei’s top matches
    • Left the most impression: Kaijo vs Seirin
    • Hardest match to draw: Rakuzan vs. Seirin.
      • Reason being because there were so many people in the Zone haha
    • Most fired up match: Vorpal Swords vs Jabberwoks
  • Title of the second KnB stageplay is “OVERDRIVE”
Missed Masterpiece

Don’t get me wrong, I love the masterpiece series and I’m glad WOTC is msking them, but I feel like they missed some pretty big ones;

Sensei’s Divining Top
Umezawa’s Jitte
Mox Diamond
Lion’s Eye Diamond
Tangle Wire
Winter Orb
Caged Sun

I hope they get around making them since they’re very big format staples and some have very limited printings. What are some cards you guys feel like they shouldve made?

Eijun’s birthday event hasn’t over yet…

From Terajima-sensei’s tweets.

“On top of that, it’s how it would be in magazine’s story.”

Koushuu : Today is your birthday? I see…

Eijun : That’s right, so why!? Of course I won’t bother you. And it’s only one day in a year for everyone!! You should release your profile soon! I…It’s the first time I became 17 years old!! So I can be happy, right!!?

Koushuu : How many time has everyone celebrated your birthday till now…

“Here is an addition. You can read about Sawamura as a senpai only from the second part!! The story is being published in Magazine now!”

Kanemaru : Right!? Many people eventually from many sides celebrated his birthday at the end!! And he is a main character!! While I haven’t had a chance to appear!!

Toujou : Well, Shinji. Because Sawamura is a very popular person! You should think it’s a good thing. I also want to see too!

Kuki : Those two’s conversation reminds me of the good old days.


Please don’t break a fourth wall, Koushuu…

暗殺教室 by 極限の道 (Pixiv ID: 48783786)

Top right: Shiota Nagisa, “We are hitmen. Our target is Sensei”
Top left: Korosensei

Bottom left: [Too stylised to read it completely, can’t tell nor deduce what quote this corresponds to. Anybody able to read it?] 

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