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i really like kita shinsuke’s (inarizaki’s captain) characterization

inarizaki’s captain is like a mix of tsukishima, ushijima and daichi to me

he’s like ushijima in the way that he’s confident in his abilities and knows that his abilities will never fail him. just like how ushijijma knows his spikes are always gonna score and shiratorizawa will always win (until karasuno came along). but he’s not arrogant about it. it doesn’t come off as annoying or rubs you in a bad way. kita shinsuke just has a matter of fact kind of attitude. he doesn’t have a motive for doing things. he just does them because they need to be done and it makes him feel good. 

he’s like tsukishima in the way that he’s cold hard logic. he relies on what he knows and only trusts what he knows. he doesn’t sugar coat things and he tells them as they are. he might come off a bit callous and tactless but he means well and people can’t really argue with him when they know he makes perfect sense.

but then, he’s also like daichi in the way that he is a player and a person. while they both don’t standout compared to some of their teammates, they’re a vital member of the team because they’re the ones that keeps the team grounded. but while daichi’s specialty is receives, shinsuke doesn’t have any. but he’s stable and consistent. both his personality and his abilities are, and those are the qualities that a team captain should have.

BUT ALSO, he cares for his team in the same matter of fact kind of attitude. his characteristics (stable and consistent) and logic extends to taking care of his team and himself. because he’s known to be logical, it might come off as if he’s only taking care of his teammates because they all need to be in top shape to win BUT like it was said “he simply does what needs to be done” meaning, he saw that atsumu is sick, so the next logical action is send him home with a reminder to take care of himself (AND EVEN SNACKS!!!) and telling him to feel better.

anyway. tl;dr

if you haven’t realized it yet by now, i’ve fallen inlove with kita shinsuke and has now adopted him as my new volleyball son

I need people's honest opinions

I’m under the impression that Sensei’s Divining Top is super annoying - but not sure if it’s annoying enough. By that i mean, yeah, it’s a good card which sucks to have your opponent controlling one in a game, but is it good enough to be removed? In most situations, I see myself destroying other common EDH staples like Sol Ring or a Sword.
In conclusion: Top is good and all, but it’s not good enough to be removed ASAP. In other words, it’s often a card that skips under the radar

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Hi Nini 😸 have you already read Jackass? I'm confused regarding this couple (i'm referring to Keisuke's bestfriend and the sensei) Just who between them is the uke? And who's the seme? Really i'm confused when i saw them on the very last chapter 😹😹😹 help me please? Thanks 😻😽

Katsumi (friend) is topping Aramaki (Sensei) ^^

Sensei loves to play with seme/uke cliche’s, often mixes them up and I freakin love her for that ^^
And I NEED a spin-off for them and I NEED a spin-off for Miyoshi!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 


課外授業 (Kagai Jugyou)

Entremets has announced a new series in the works! ( • v • ) As you can probably surmise from the title, the theme of this series is a forbidden liason with your teacher, and you’ll be taking “extracurricular lessons” in his realm of expertise.

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

“Even though he’s your teacher, he’s a man too. When love happens, lust happens as well…”

You are a student at an esteemed, prestigious academy named 美月学園 (Utsutsuki Gakuen?), a strict school with a long and honorable history.

In addition, the faculty of this school is also beautiful.

From forbidden incidents, out of sight and in the middle of class—to after school and free periods, you are seduced and trifled with by your desired teacher, but before long, your teacher is led around by you as well…

The three volumes (in order of release date) will feature the following:

  • The classical literature teacher, 折戸響/Orito Hibiki (CV. Suzuki Yuuto)
  • The science teacher, 相沢俊樹/Aizawa Toshiki (CV: Nakazawa Masatomo)
  • The physical education teacher, 岬拓斗/Misaki Takuto (CV: Shirai Yuusuke)

Detailed synopses to follow after the cut!

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