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That Roleswap AU you made of Star vs. the Forces of Evil is pretty epic. How do you think each episode that's aired so far would play out in that AU?

It’s a lot to consider, some I would like to draw out in full comic form. The majority of these is gonna be first season content. 

Stela is excited to have a new housemate. Her bestie, Ponyhead, not so much.

Mars helps Stela meet a looming deadline by augmenting her to have multiple arms. Unfortunately the mutations don’t stop there. 

Mentioned in the initial concepts, King Raphael’s secret life is his art.

Mar’s ‘mewberty’ is definitely one those ideas I wanna make into a comic. So I’m saving his ‘mewberty’ design for that. Dojo sensei is swapped with Glossy(Which I guess is Star/Stela’s art teacher or something.)

Yvgeny/Buff-Frog hires a maid for his castle. ;)

“Prince Comet” wows the bootcamp crowd. After a harrowing escape, Mars and Stela help Charlie take on a new identity to avoid re-capture.

The only season 2 content of the bunch. The cleaved ring is pretty unstable. 

Uncle's Nostalgia
  • Showing a little more love to Zombieman.<3
  • -On the SUPER rare ocassion, Genos manages to catch Zombieman on his break again, and invites him over to the apartment for dinner with everyone. Though he tried to decline, the Minis ended up insisting he come.-
  • Zombieman: Sorry if I'm intruding on you like this. [-he bows slightly as Ichii sits on his lap and jabbers on about something he saw on TV, while a couple of the Minis climb on him.-]
  • Saitama: Nah, it's no big deal. You don't have to be so formal. Though I gotta say, it's surprising how quickly the brats have gotten attached to you.
  • -In addition to Zombieman, King and Mumen were also there. Though King had come to share a game he'd just bought with Saitama, he ended up sticking around for dinner.-
  • King: Yeah, I'm surprised. You don't seem the type to attract kids to you. Er, no offense.
  • Zombieman: None taken. [-shrugs it off. Probably not the first time someone's said that of him.-]
  • Mumen Rider: Well considering it's these kids, I don't think they show a lot of fear to people that they feel are trustworthy.
  • -Genos and some of the Minis who helped him in the kitchen brought out the food, beckoning the others to come and eat.-
  • Saitama: Yeesh. With how many people come over we might as well get a bigger table. I wonder if we can get one for a bargain somewhere...
  • Genos: I believe they may sell cheap furniture at a store at a Swap Meet, Sensei.
  • Mumen Rider: Oh I think I know the one you are talking about, the one in C City, Right?
  • King: I think they give a few coupons online in their bargain section.
  • Saitama: Eh? Seriously?! [-looks to him excitedly at the sound of that.-]
  • -As everyone talks in a lively manner to each other, Zombieman remains quite for a time.-
  • Zombieman: ...(Everyone is so...loud here.)
  • -This was really out of his element entirely. And yet it wasn't so bad. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd been someplace this warm and spirited. It was a...comforting nostalgia.-
  • Zombieman: [-smiles gently to himself-] (...I guess it's not so bad to experience this once and a while.)
  • Genos: Zombieman-san, please don't hesitate to eat as much as you like.
  • Zombieman: Ah...Thank you.