sensei plz

If you guys haven’t noticed, Kubo-sensei is preparing for her trip to Mexico 

She even changed her Twitter profile picture into her OC wearing a sombrero hat along with a mustache.

She’s also practicing her spanish 

Buenos Noches-Good Night

Muchas Gracias-Thank you very much

Quiero comer “Pozole” en Guadalajara. “Pozole” es rojo, blanco, verde …? Elegiré verde “Pozole”-I want to eat Pozole in Guadalajara. Pozole is red, white, green…? I’ll choose green Pozole.

No soy linda-I’m not cute

i Hola! Mucho gusto ¿Cómo está? Un poco cansado- Hi! Nice to meet you, How are you, A little tired

No hablo español bien- I don’t speak spanish well

Mi equipaje no ha salido- My luggage hasn’t left yet (?)

Thinking about it, Cinco de Mayo [5th of May] is coming up soon!!!


I had this dumb idea since yesterday but just didn’t have enough time to make it until today.

I can’t believe this is how I’m contributing to the fandom LMAO

References underneath. xD

hey but...

You know, I think that the reason Kaneki is still apparently okay despite everything he has gone through is possibly for the same reason the ghoulification operation with Rize at the very beginning went so well.

After all, Kanou had never any real idea as to why Kaneki grew up to be “such a splendid specimen” when initially he was just supposed to be a preliminary test to the Yasuhisa twins…

…and he never was able to reproduce the same perfect result. So maybe there is something there, even if I don’t know what.

Also I’m thinking that if Kaneki is truly so damn resilient after everything he went through, maybe that’s something he genetically passed onto his kiddo in Touka’s belly. ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

(sensei) garmadon for @the-cosmic-latte-fangirl 💀


Happy Birthday to my beloved baby trash Izaya! 

I did a drawing similiar in the pose to the one I did a year ago ;) because everyone needs some angst for his birthday~

Gonna add a tutorial on the colouring soon!

(plz narita sensei make this trouble baby happy finally)