if none of this post makes sense to you, don’t worry about it. it’s not about you. it’s not directed at you, you can just skip over it.

hey if u have access to my vent blog, i really do expect people to be on their best behavior there and within reason, not be critical of how i choose to handle drama within various mental illness communities. there are tumblr users that make me uncomfortable and i have specified that i don’t feel comfortable with you supporting them if you also follow my vent blog (idc about my main, if you only follow my main u can support whoever).

i currently am NOT sharing my vent blog info because im uncomfortable with the attention im getting there. if it continues, i will password protect that blog. if you still want to check it (and you previously had access to it) you can ask for the password through this blog.

i have decided that any asks i get about specific tumblr users (if u dont know specifically who im referring to, dont worry about it) will be deleted and i will refuse to address anything even remotely related to this through the public mental illness blog (collectivelychatty) as well.

thank you for understanding

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Why with the flash things? I mean it was easy to get the words thought I was on my iPhone when I saw this so I just took over 50 photos to get the words. NONE OF THEM MAKE SENSE TO ME YET!

It’s called a mystery yo. You’ll eventually learn what it means as the story progresses, but if you want to learn what it means BEFORE then, well, you gotta try to sleuth it out yourself. It’s a way for people to interact with the story. And hey, if you figure it out fast enough you might even get your ask put in the comic.

…In this case, your goal is to 1. Find out what the words say …and 2. Find out what they mean. Finding the words is the easy part. Figuring out their meaning is a little trickier, but not as tricky as you’d think.

So I’m reading a news article involving 4000 chickens that had to be gassed to death immediately, after the truck they were transported in got in an accident on the road and some of the chickens got hurt or escaped.

These chickens were on their way to the slaughterhouse crammed together in a truck. Why the fuck is this even a news article? Like this is any more worse than what the poor chickens have to go through from their birth to dinner plates. And now the article says “poor chickens” and “it’s such a shame when these things happen”. How about stop consuming chicken for a start?

Ugh, people are such hypocrites. What is this world, I don’t even.


Character/pairing: Dean x Reader
Random word or object: Book
Emotion: Confusion
Requested by: @percussiongirl2017

You sighed heavily and rubbed your hands over your tired face, right as Dean was trying to rub the sleep out of his heavy eyes.

“You alright over there?” he asked, looking up at the sound of your heavy sigh.

You rubbed your forehead. “None of this makes any sense to me,” you said in frustration. “I don’t get how any of this adds up!” You slammed the heavy book closed in front of you.

A flicker of concern passed over Dean’s face at the action. “Hey,” he said, sitting up straight across from you. “We’re gonna figure this out. I promise.” He considered your worn expression for a moment. “You’ve been at it a long time. Why don’t you catch a little shut-eye. I’ll keep goin’ on this.”

You looked up at him and furrowed your brow. “You’ve been going at it as long as I have,” you said. “I should keep reading too,” you said, reaching for another book, but Dean intercepted your hand, catching it gently in his. 

“It’s alright. Get some sleep,” he said.

You looked down at your hand in his, certain that surprise was evident on your face. “Al-alright… thanks.” You slipped your hand from his, despite not really wanting to. 

Dean gruffly cleared his throat and turned back to his own stack of books.

“Thanks, Dean.”

“Don’t mention it…”

So, I'm finally getting to watch Raw...and I'm not done, but something is bothering me...

Am I the only one who thinks that Christian and Alberto Del Rio getting along like little clockwork buddies is a complete disregard of storyline? I mean, not only did ADR “tear Christian’s pec,” but he’s also being credited with retiring Edge. And none of that was very long ago…

So, why is Christian working with him just fine right now?

The Vibrator Challenge

Summary: Dan and Phil participate in a challenge tag.

Warning: Toys, Degradation, Praise, Language,

Word Count: 3,240

A/N: I’m changing the prompt slightly. It’s going to be how high the vibrators can get before the person cums. This is due to the fact that a person can only feasibly fit a max of two vibrators in their ass. Sorry for the change.

Fanfic Masterlist 

Phil’s scrolling through his email when one catches his eye. It’s from Chris and seems to have something attached to it. Phil opens the email and reads over the content.

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This discourse has caused far more harm than it has prevented.

Just like the trans discourse.

And the bi discourse.

And just like the nonbinary discourse will, too.

I’m tired. I’m so tired. I see the same arguments, day in and day out. None of them make any more sense than the last. They’re just right because the arguers are “real LGBT” who magically have the right to wave their cishet wand and make trans people, gay people, bi people, into cishets, just because they’re a-spec. They tell us we don’t have privilege while telling us we’re inferior. They tell us to die while telling us they care about us, but not too much, because they don’t want to be “cishet apologists,” whatever that means. And then, I see things I shouldn’t be seeing. Bi people recycling biphobia. Cis people stealing trans terms. Aphobia that’s literally indistinguishable from TERF ramblings.

But oh, don’t worry, though. It’s for the greater good. Just like the trans discourse was. Just like the bi discourse was. Just like the nonbinary discourse will be. Just like every war ever has been. “It’s for the greater good! We’re killing you because we care!”

And don’t lie to yourselves. This is war. We are simply soldiers of a different kind. Reckless and scared and without a guiding force to lead us together. This is a battle fought with keyboards, and IP grabbing, and dirty moves pulled on both sides. It’s a battle fought over a single letter, and a simple concept, because people refuse to change their views to literally save the lives of others who they can’t give less of a damn about because they aren’t them.

Aphobes, your actions disgust me, plain and simple. Your entire goal is to continue allowing us to be oppressed, because you say we’re not without a shred of evidence to back it up. The cishets don’t want us. LGBT doesn’t want us. Remember, if you win this one, we end up as refugees left helpless by a needless fight.

Now, let me be one of the few to say this:

You have no moral high ground because you are LGBT. I repeat, YOU HAVE NO MORAL HIGH GROUND BECAUSE YOU ARE LGBT. It’s not something you’re born with, it’s something you’ve got to earn. Being oppressed doesn’t make you right. The oppression is definitely wrong, but that doesn’t mean everything you say is automatically right. We get it. You’re upset. You’re angry. You’re frustrated at a world that doesn’t want to change, so you take it out on us, groups you’re more than happy to backstab. We can take it. Some of it. Still, this has to stop. If this gods forsaken community wants to get anything done, it’s got to stop trying to kill itself.

You know what this war did to me? Depression. You know what’s it’s done to the rest of us? A lot worse. This is an Internet battle with a body count that I could have very well wound up as a part of.

Who are you helping with this, anymore? Not the greater LGBT community, a lot of us fall under the first four letters, too.

All you’re helping here are yourselves. You’re giving yourselves the satisfaction of looking at us and saying, “Ha! At least I’m not those people!”

How miserable do you have to be with your existence to take your anger out on a similarly troubled group, or how proud do you have to be?

There is no reason to take pride in aphobia. Absolutely no reason.

I think I need to rest.

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Headcanon for the paladin's reacting to their s/o getting captured by the Galra?

OMG angst! It’s been a while!


  • When he hears the news he panics. The worst case scenarios run through his head and he tries so hard to smile but he just can’t.
  • He has to step out of the room as soon as your name pops up so that he doesn’t cry. He misses you so much and he can’t imagine what you’re going through. All he can think of is what they did to Shiro and he doesn’t want you to hurt like that.
  • He will never stop trying to find you, like he’s going to come up with some many ideas to get you back but by that point he’s so sleep deprived and upset that none of them make sense.
  • His going to hug you the second you step back into the castle. If you need to go to the healing pod then he’s staying right by your side. He’s going to hold onto you for the rest of the night and most of the week.


  • When Allura comes up to him and tells him you were captured he just starts shaking. It’s a mix of anger, fear, sadness, and loss all at once. He can’t even train for the first hour or so afterwards because he can’t even get a grip on his emotions.
  • He is either training or staring at the ceiling above his bed. He can’t sleep comfortably without you beside him and all he can think about is what they’re doing to you. He won’t come out and talk to the others and Shiro is the only one who can get him to take a break and eat.
  • He’s going to try so many times to sneak off on one of his ridiculous plans to get you back. But since he’s missed so many meals his not as strong as he usually is and is easily stopped by the others if he doesn’t collapse himself. After about the 3rd time of this everyone forces him to eat and sleep. It doesn’t stop him though.
  • He’s going to carry you off to his room as soon as you’re back in his arms. He just wants to hold you again and to know that you’re really with him and okay. You’re going to have to tell him you need a healing pod, otherwise he’s not going to let go.


  • He’s a nervous wreck as soon as he knows what happened. He’s going to bawl in front of everyone else and full on panic. You can’t be captured by the Galra, why did it have to be you.
  • He’s not going to stop crying until he literally can’t cry anymore. He can’t help but think that he could have done something or protected you and none of this would have happened. He looses the joy of cooking for a while and the team is stuck eating Coran’s food. No one bothers Hunk about it though because he’s clearly distraught.
  • He won’t shut up about a rescue mission even when everyone else says they’re in the process of one. He just wants you back where it’s safe and he’s not going to stop until you are. He’s not stupid or impulsive enough to run off on his own and will wait for the others, but he’s going to complain the entire time.
  • He’s going to ask you a billion questions the moment he sees you. You’re still in such a daze that you don’t understand over half of them and Lance is the one that mentions you need a healing pod, otherwise Hunk would keep asking you questions.


  • She has to leave the scene immediately so that no one will see her cry. She just has a gut feeling that she’s lost you forever and she’s already lost so much, she just can’t take it.
  • She never sleeps, and I mean never. The only time she gets rest is when she literally collapses and it starts to scare everyone. She keeps a picture of you with her at all time and will pull it out multiple times a day so that she can continue on with life.
  • She’s not going to stop looking for you no matter what. Her laptop is with her wherever she goes and she’s trying so hard to get you back. She’ll come up with a million ideas but none of them are safe so they can’t risk it.
  • She gets so much hope when you come back. She thinks that if you’re okay then maybe the rest of her family is too. She’s so happy, you’ve never seen her this happy before and you can’t help but smile too.


  • He just breaks. He falls to his knees and he can’t even stop the tears falling down his cheeks. He doesn’t care about being a fearless leader at the moment, the only thing on his mind is you.
  • His nightmares become so much worse that he’s scared to even fall asleep. Allura had to drug him in order to get some rest and even then he had nightmares and was just as exhausted afterwards. They can’t form Voltron at all and he can barely even fly his lion well.
  • He can’t even think of plans right away. He tries to remember how he escaped and incorporates it into a plan. With the other’s help, its actually a usable plan, but he can barely bring himself to go in his  current state.
  • He takes you to the healing pod immediately and then never leaves your side. Once you’re healthy again he’s going to hold you so tight and never let go. He knows that you’re going to have nightmares so he leaves the lights on slightly and rubs your back until you fall asleep.