Stop Flirting It's Disgusting Pt. 1

Request: “Hi, I was wondering if you could write me a Supernatural one shot with Dean. Maybe we like each other, but have never said anything, and like, we’re super flirty. We have the same ‘I’m not really good with feelings’ attitude. And Sam and Cas team up, and set us up together. And fluff at the end, but not like overly, we’re still trying to be cool. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. Thanks anyways. ”

Warnings: None


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Edison’s back! Nobody was quite sure where he was, but here he is now. And he’s got new inventions, none of which seem to make much sense. But that’s Rick Geary in a nutshell, really.

(Heavy Metal issue #113, Fall 1987 - Page 80 Edison is Back by Geary)

ok but really, they keep introducing all these players and plots and sideplots and there’s never a culmination or tie-in with any of them. and each one is basically a mystery so no one really knows whats going on, and they try to put in these twists, but twists are only twists if you think you know exactly what’s going to happen. if you have no clue what’s going on then there isn’t a twist. like the only reason i’m watching right now if for my two favorite characters and not even the show and like..that’s concerning.

they just need to explain ONE thing that’s happening and they can leave the rest a mystery and it’ll be ok, but there’s a thousand things and none of them make sense and that’s really unwatchable.

like there’s a demon fish, vampires, murders, zombies, charters, weird histories and vendettas, something going on with the summer society, vanishing buildings, burying the campus to stop an ancient demon from taking over (which honestly sounds like a good thing???) harvesting but not harvesting students, the romantic subplot, jp?, whatever the hell is going on with perry, some asian boy and kirsch and some “greater evil” mattie’s trying to protect people from because “you really have no idea what’s going on do you?” like no could you please explain like what is so bad about loophi and who was the dean and how did she have so much power and why does it matter? and what’s actually happening with the students? because mattie made it clear they weren’t just gunna take the livers but they were gunna do something so what and why??? and if they bury the campus and get rid of the demon why do they even need the student bodies? why can’t they just let the school die and move on? and SERIOUSLY WHAT’S GOING ON WITH PERRY . and why is mattie so powerful??? what is her scream? can all vamps do that or just mattie and if so why is she “evil” like she’s doing all these things but why she doesn’t seem like the type of person who actually wants any real responsibility? and i could probably put a lot more if i tried.

you see the problem?


so on 7/21/15 i met frank iero and he is literally the sweetest man ever. frank didn’t want to play at the venue that day because he thought no one would come, but quite a few people did. it was a really small crowd maybe 150 people, but even though the crowd was small fiatc and thgc put so much effort into their performances and it was just so amazing. since we had such a small crowd frank said “since none of us have ever played here before, i figure we’d do something we’ve never done before. i want all of you to make a path right in the middle and make a circle.” he played some acoustic songs for us and after that he met every singl e person at the show. frank was smiling so much that day & he looked so so happy and he’s honestly such an angel. overall it was such an amazing day, and fiatc & thgc are all such great people.

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holy fucking shit, it’s been like what…2 weeks? less than that? i don’t know. i never imagined i would get 100 followers in that time (actually, before that, but i was too lazy to do anything until now,) as i tend to stick to myself, and had no idea what i was getting into with the jjba rp fandom. but to my pleasant surprise, it’s full of kindhearted, talented individuals who are every bit as eccentric and hilarious as the source material. so thank you, even after this short time, for sticking with me and jotaro!

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Geography, how does it work?

Things to keep in mind: I work at a hotel in Texas many, many hours inland from the Gulf Of Mexico - which means there ain’t a beach within three or more HOURS from here. Do to this, our hotel does not have beach access OR a swim up bar.

Also, our hotel is only five years old and the newest one near the Air Force by we’re from.

These things taken in mind, this 1/5 stars review we just got on makes absolutely NO sense:

“This hotel is old and is need of serious upgrades. Air conditioning was very poor in both the halls and rooms. Pool was nice with the exception of the swim up bar. It smelled terribly bad. Very close to the beach which was very packed.”

Just… The fuck?

So I’m reading a news article involving 4000 chickens that had to be gassed to death immediately, after the truck they were transported in got in an accident on the road and some of the chickens got hurt or escaped.

These chickens were on their way to the slaughterhouse crammed together in a truck. Why the fuck is this even a news article? Like this is any more worse than what the poor chickens have to go through from their birth to dinner plates. And now the article says “poor chickens” and “it’s such a shame when these things happen”. How about stop consuming chicken for a start?

Ugh, people are such hypocrites. What is this world, I don’t even.

OOC: So apparently I DO have unemployment in PA, I just can't use it until the third quarter this year. At the earliest.

Good news is, I have unemployment in three other states.

See, we pretend we’re one country but we’re really fifty vaguely similar countries badly stitched together..

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It doesn't really make sense for Jasper to be a fusion? Like, none of the points that originally suggested that she was are still supported... She's just fucking huge


ok so the popular ‘only fusions have colored irises’ theory was recently debunked because sapphire

(side note can u imagine how scary she’d look without that)

but my sister’s theory is that jasper is actually a successful result of one of the the forced fusion clusters. There’s a post floating around somewhere theorizing the same thing because of Jasper’s multicolored skin, something we’ve only seen in her and in the failed cluster. Since the cluster’s fusion was forced, they didn’t blend well enough to be one solid color.

But the part that has me convinced is her gem. 

Every side is a different color. Characters like Steven and Amethyst have each facet of their gem shaded differently, but that’s meant to represent the reflection and refraction of light since both their gems are translucent.

but look at jasper. It’s completely opaque, so there’s no reason for her gem to be refracting light. Jasper as a stone itself is an aggregate, hence all the different stripey colors in it. So what if her gem isn’t a single gem at all?

What if it’s made up of shards?

And we close out season 5 of Nip/Tuck with Dr. Christian Troy, man whore and rapist (never forget), to Liz Cruz, the resident serious lesbian.

Which all makes about as much sense as Mary Winchester’s dad in season 6 of Supernatural. (If anybody actually gives two shits about my show commentary. I ranted about that for… At least three posts.)

Anyway I know I say I own Nip/Tuck entirely on DVD but I don’t have season 6. Thankfully I have Netflix.

Bonus: I’ve never seen season 6 of Nip/Tuck. So this will be a whole fresh hell for me and for my beautiful followers.  What am I gonna do with my life when Nip/Tuck is over…?