opening up and talking to my bear about my special interest is so many kinds of terrifying especially bc it’s writing and specifically ybiaw/jumkmetra but like. I am always so surprised when he’s loving and supportive. I have never had anyone be so loving and supportive over my interest before

like I was visibly shaking earlier when we were having a discussion over the plot and how to draw things together because I was so freaked out and anxious over it, and I have never talked to anyone so deeply about my creative process. especially someone I know irl because I always have this deep sense of shame that I’m writing ~romance~ like it’s not a viable form of fiction and shame over writing fanfiction specifically since it has its own weird stigma in the real world like anyone who writes it can’t REALLY write and is doomed to scribble stupid love stories or something

none of this really makes sense but I went on a fucking 30 minute rant about the story and then another 10 minute rant about my own inadequacies without stopping and he just looked at me like I was a star and told me to breathe and hugged me

How are nations not common knowledge does no one question seeing some dude in ww2 photos look exactly the same like 70 or whatever years like 1p France why isn’t the government testing us to see how we live so long none of this makes fucking sense why do we even exist why do some nations exist shortly before they even have a nation why Is Prussia still alive and staying young if he lost his nation a while ago but Rome died almost asap when his empire fell wtf is happening-

Fun new ask box quirks!

As well as the usual rule:

Always have a space after each full stop (this. this NOT this.this) including ellipses (this… this NOT this…this)

Ask boxes now seem to eat asks that include the following:

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So if you’re trying to send an email for instance: "your dot email at gmail dot com" will be eaten. Same goes for links.

It should be noted that links formatted as “something ( . ) net/com” work fine. Because why not.


Some fish names with weird Vietnamese translations.

  • shark: cá mập. “fat fish”
  • stingray: cá đuối. “drowned fish”
  • whale: cá voi. “elephant fish”
  • dolphin: cá heo. “pig fish”
  • seahorse: cá ngựa. “horse fish”
  • goldfish: cá vàng. “yellow fish”
  • angelfish: cá ông tiên. “fairy man fish”????  i don’t even know 

yes i know dolphin is a mammal in Vietnamese we always add the word “cá” (fish) before the name of the fish. Always. Even for some creatures that aren’t even fish. (i.e: “cá sấu” crocodile)

*whisper* so are you guys interested in vietnamese now or