An Uber-Unexpected Journey

Week 4 of bingo! This is literally cutting it so close help me. Each week is getting later and later. I promise I won’t procrastinate so much next week. I’m putting this in writing so I remind myself. Anyway, the au this week was Dysphoria, and I was literally at a loss of what I could do with that because the possibilities were honestly endless since it’s so vague. This is what I came up with. It’s actually an idea I’ve had for a few months. The ending is honestly trash but it was the best I could come up with 6:30am ok. Spare me. I’m rambling now okay.

Here is some Dysphoria AU of struggling rapper Yoongi living in LA who meets an obnoxiously sunshiney uber driver who takes him a little too seriously.

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apparently, i did a lot of late night writing last week because i just found a document that’s 1/3 angsty 1872 fic, 1/3 fluffy proposal fic, and 1/3 of secret marriage crack 

and none of it makes sense :) 

some of the biggest mysteries of teen wolf season 5a: 

1) where is lydia
2) where did stiles’ personality go
3) what are the dread doctors saying 
4) which white boy is this 
5) what is parrish why does parrish have so much screen time 
6) didn’t those two characters care about each other before or did i imagine it
7) what is the villain’s motive 
8) nvm none of it makes sense plz just bury me

the signs as things my best friend has said
  • Aries:imagine actually living on a planet
  • Taurus:do you like panic! at the disco beacause thats okay
  • Gemini:everytime i see pizza i want pizza
  • Cancer:whats a dingus actually
  • Leo:my jaw locked around his dick
  • Virgo:princess dickhead
  • Libra:no seriously gossip girl is so ungeneric
  • Scorpio:i only recently started watching disneey channel
  • Sagittarius:job centre has no jobs
  • Capricorn:if my bf has kids that arent mine im stealing the first born because his baby brothers are adorable
  • Aquarious:but why not just put the crispy bacon in an oven
  • Pisces:there is nothing more pleasing than kebab pizza

Ok, the first drawing suggestion I got was for an anglerfish and a goblin shark. Didn’t specify which anglerfish so I went with monkfish! Gosh these are weird fish. Lots of people think these guys are scary but to be honest I think they’re both pretty doofy. Plus neither of them are harmful to people at all- and they’re really small in real life compared to how they’re usually depicted!

Sorry for the low quality, too lazy to wrestle with the scanner. I’ll try to do more drawings from the suggestions tomorrow! (I have over a hundred suggestions now… thanks.)

So I’m reading a news article involving 4000 chickens that had to be gassed to death immediately, after the truck they were transported in got in an accident on the road and some of the chickens got hurt or escaped.

These chickens were on their way to the slaughterhouse crammed together in a truck. Why the fuck is this even a news article? Like this is any more worse than what the poor chickens have to go through from their birth to dinner plates. And now the article says “poor chickens” and “it’s such a shame when these things happen”. How about stop consuming chicken for a start?

Ugh, people are such hypocrites. What is this world, I don’t even.