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Most to Lest likely use pick lines?


1. Laito. It’s his thing. How else would he get people to fall for him? Other than his looks, charisma, charm, humor, sense of style–

2. Ayato. I mean he tries. It’s much different from being good at it though. He thinks he’s good at it but he’s really not. He ends up mixing two together and it sounds awful honestly.

3. Kou. It’s part of his idol charm. He learned most of them from the internet, so they’re not really his own. But they are pretty original and haven’t been heard by most people, which is nice.

4. Azusa. Don’t blame him it was Kou who taught him blame Kou.

5. Shu. He’s pretty smooth and it definitely shows when he’s using a pick-up line. He says it so casually too it’s confusing. How are you so calm about this?????

6. Shin. Also pretty smooth somehow. He’ll mess up occasionally, but he still manages to seem cool.


7. Subaru. Ayato dared him once but it’s definitely not a thing he does often, or would want to do often. He barely managed to say the first part of the line without wanting to leave right then and there.

8. Yuma. He’s not going to stoop to that level. If he wants someone to like him, he wouldn’t resort to using cheesy pick-up lines. What is he, twelve? internally, yes

9. Ruki. He’d be so good at it and his brothers insist, but he just won’t. It’s probably because he has a lot of pride, but still.

10. Kanato. He’d rather punch himself in the face. It would be less painful and more enjoyable than using a pick-up line.

11. Carla. It would be a little scary, honestly. He’s just not the pick-up lines kinda guy.

12. Reiji. NO.

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Hi Kylie! For the "excessively detailed headcanon" ask, could I ask: Happy + 1, 5, 18, & 26?

What does their bedroom look like?

Happy’s bedroom is rather square. It’s painted a neutral beige and only contains a bed, two nightstands, and a dresser. She’s not big on having a tv in the room and she doesn’t like to get too comfortable in one space. However, when Toby starts dragging her to home stores a few months after they’ve started dating, she doesn’t fight him (except when he tries to buy stuff because he is not a decorator). She actually has pretty good taste and has a refined sense of style– she’s very minimalist and likes patterns with intricate designs. She’s also very fond of olive greens and navy blues. And, after all that shopping (and spending so much time with Toby), she starts to think that settling in might not be such a bad thing anymore.

Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.):

Happy is a very orderly person. She likes everything to have a place. Doing so helps her to be efficient and she also finds it comforting. She likes to know that somewhere in her life, order exists. Order outside of math and science, science and math. 

Favorite beverage?

Coffee, hands down. Happy loves the warmth under her fingertips and the smell of a strong cup of joe.

What makes them feel guilty?

Happy feels guilty for her long showers. She doesn’t think it’s the best for efficiency or her wallet. But, what’s good is good–her showers are staying.

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“Style Savvy: Fashion Forward - Show off Your Sense of Style” direct from Nintendo!

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I'm a cis girl but I've noticed that I feel a lot more confident, comfortable, and all around really good whenever I'm masculine-presenting. Is this a gender identity or just a tomboyish sense of style? If it is a gender identity, what is it called?

Hi! Im going off of limited information, but ill try my best. It sounds to me like youre just a bit tomboy-ish. I personally love to wear joggers and sweatshirts with sneakers and i have bought mens tees and sweatshirts when at the mall. This is my personal style and it sounds to me like this is more of what youre talking about. But style does not = gender. You just need to take some time to think and ask yourself if you feel like a women and if you like being a women. If you do, thats great!! If not, you can definitely send me another ask or message me if youd like and we can talk about it together.


I swear, I might be an actual hurricane on heels, that or a total klutz with no sense of poise whatsoever. I was wearing heels at an open mic night and fell face first into some random girl in the audience. Luckily for me, she didn’t seem too angry. I don’t care what anyone says about my chucks, it doesn’t mean I have flat feet, just a really awesome sense of style.


Visvim AW16 SENSE Magazine Preview

As usual, Japanese SENSE Magazine previews the upcoming collection from Visvim through a curated editorial, this time around featuring some flat shots highlights along with looks. Enjoy the small glimpse above and keep an eye out for the first drops at selected retailers.

Just two weeks until Steven Pinker’s The Sense of Style

Here’s Pinker’s full explanation on punctuation inside quotations: “The rule in American publications … is that when quoted material appears at the end of a phrase or sentence, the closing quotation mark goes outside the comma or period, like this,” rather than inside, like this”. The practice is patently illogical: the quotation marks enclose a part of the phrase or sentence, and the comma or period signals the end of that entire phrase or sentence, so putting the comma or period inside the quotation marks is like Superman’s famous wardrobe malfunction of wearing his underwear outside his pants. But long ago some American printer decided that the page looks prettier without all that unsightly white space above and to the left of a naked period or comma, and we have been living with the consequences ever since.”

♀ Venus In The Houses ♀

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Venus in the 1st House 

You are a likeable, magnetic, attractive, and charming person whose heart is often on your sleeve. Unless Venus is very challenged, you are easy to befriend, diplomatic, and warm in self-expression. You tend to attract others to you quite readily, and rarely come on too strong or aggressively. Negative expressions of this position include a superficial charm, a tendency to “play dumb” when challenged or in doubt, and two-faced, passive-aggressive behavior. The need to be liked by others, and/or to keep the peace, might lead to feelings of resentment or general unrest if you feel that you give up your own power to others. You might find it difficult to make solid decisions. Your personal sense of style and manner are things that others find fascinating, and you generally pay great attention to how these things benefit you in life.

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Venus in the 2nd House

Tangible expressions of love and affection are important to you. Your tastes are usually “simply extravagant”, well-defined, strong, and something you are proud of. Some might feel you have a talent for finding items of value and good taste. You are attracted to items of quality. You may use generosity for your own benefit–in other words, you might give gifts with expectation of reward. Some of you might be hedonistic and overly attached to winning admiration from a partner, at the expense of discovering true love. Your neck and upper chest are erogenous zones, and your voice is unusually attractive. You generally don’t jump into a new relationship. If you do, your feelings grow gradually. A partner who makes you feel safe and secure is ideal for you. Once committed, your love is long lasting and sincere. You have strong values and others will find it hard to sway you in this area. Sensual, the world of touch and smell is most appealing to you. Complex or mysterious partners are not as intriguing to you as simple and genuine ones.

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Venus in the 3rd House

You are verbally expressive, diplomatic, and aim to be tactful. You easily win others over with your words, whether it’s because of a likeable facility with language, a beautiful voice, or a diplomatic use of words. You readily give out compliments. Some of you might use flattery to your own benefit at the risk of being ingenuine. You are generally a very good mediator, aiming to settle arguments quickly and restoring at least temporary peace. You have a mischievous side, however, and your desire to be tactful and polite with others doesn’t always succeed. Some of you might engage in a lot of mind games, and others might eventually find out that you don’t always mean what you say or say what you mean! You value mental stimulation and frequent changes of scenery in your love relationships.

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Venus in the 4th House

You seek balance, beauty, harmony, and peace in your home and domestic life. You might be especially attracted to luxury or quality/comfort items in the home, and you likely have an eye for interior decorating. There is a loving, personal touch to the way you decorate your home. Your love is decidedly sentimental, and you show your affection through nurturing and displays of sympathy. You don’t give your heart out easily, but when you do, you do it with great emotion. It’s very easy for you to become attached to a partner, and possibly smothering or overly dependent if you are not careful. Your parents’ marriage affects your own partnering skills and style more than most. A parent may be especially charming, beautiful, or otherwise Venusian. On the negative side, this parent may have been especially indulgent or overprotective with you.

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Venus in the 5th House

!Interest in the opposite sex for you started young. Playful, sensual, and amorous, you are in love with love! You thrive on romantic attention, and it is easy and natural for you to always have a crush or romantic interest. There is a romantic, playful side to you that is unmistakable. It keeps you young at heart! You are sensuous and enjoy indulging in the pleasurable senses to the fullest possible extent. You enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful art and music, and these may play a role in your ideal date scenario. There is a touch of the dramatic in you when it comes to love and sex. You are generally quite loyal to your partner, and you are both charming and easily charmed. It’s also easy to turn your head. You are a warm, fun and playful date.

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Venus in the 6th House

Your expressions of love and affection are practical and helpful. Being of service to a partner is especially important to you. In fact, you might go to great lengths to be available at all costs to a loved one. While you may not be flowery or showy when it comes to expressing love, you show your love by your availability, rendering services, doing practical things for a loved one, and other thoughtful “little” things. Many of you are talented at design work, as you appreciate and pay much attention to all of the little parts that make up a whole, with the goal of finding order and harmony in these systems. If you are not careful, you might pass up on true love opportunities in favor of relationships that serve a practical purpose in your life, or out of fear that you might not find better. Selling yourself short may be something that keeps you from going after what and who you want.

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Venus in the 7th House

You live for relationships. It is hard for you to think about being alone. Harmony is most important to you, so it is unlikely you will attempt to dominate a lover. You are a peacemaker, sometimes going to great lengths to achieve a balanced, harmonious relationship. Be careful not to bend over backwards just to keep the peace–you may be taken advantage of. Your marriage partner may be especially attractive, charming, or well off. You are extremely attractive, agreeable, and charming, drawing others to you magnetically. You need an unusual amount of contact and exchange with a partner, and might find that you feel completely lost without one. Some of you might quickly enter into partnerships, perhaps too quickly and neither equipped nor prepared for the responsibilities that a long-term relationship demands. In some cases, there can be a shallow or materialistic interest in partners. Your hips and lower back may be special erogenous zones for you, or they may be especially attractive body parts.

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Venus in the 8th House

Intensity is what you seek in your love relationships, so that casual encounters are not necessarily your game. You are easily bored with mechanical interactions between partners, and might prefer drama in your relationships to anything mundane or superficial. However, you also fear being vulnerable in love, and, in youth, you may control your emotions in love. Fears of being betrayed may be at the heart of your somewhat jealous and possessive nature in love. When you give yourself over to love, you love wholeheartedly and expect all-consuming, total devotion and attention in return. You find passion a healing force in your life. Your charm runs deep–just below the surface. You are attracted to all that is taboo, hidden, forbidden, and find beauty in the broken, disenchanted, obsessed, and passionate. In some cases, people with this position might make a business out of love, romance, and eroticism. There is an intensity about you that others pick up readily. Either they run or they are completely intrigued!

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Venus in the 9th House

You are attracted to, or you tend to attract, people of different cultural backgrounds. You are attracted to a partner with a sense of adventure. You are not especially clingy, and you expect a certain amount of freedom in a partnership. You want to feel like you are growing as an individual, and you won’t be happy in a relationship that is restrictive or confining. In fact, you have a great love for the feeling of freedom or limitlessness. Your hips and thighs may be especially attractive! You appreciate a lover who is enthusiastic and not afraid to have a good time (with you!). You aspire to high ideals in love, but some of you might pursue sensations in love rather than true or deep feelings and attachment. Beware of a tendency for dissatisfaction with what you have, as the tendency to think that the “grass is greener” elsewhere can keep you from enjoying or developing what you have.

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Venus in the 10th House

Others tend to respect you for your charming manner, and you have many admirers, although some of these are admirers from afar, as there is an aura about you that is charming yet strangely (and intriguingly) distant. You have a great need to be recognized or admired for your charm, beauty, or loving manner, but should be careful not to become too wrapped up in what others think of you, as you might come across as phony or superficial. Some people with this position are “married” to their work or to their image. You are good at making contacts and organizing social events.

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Venus in the 11th House

The friendship level of your relationship needs to be genuine in order for you to sustain romantic interest. You tend to focus on a person’s unique qualities — those traits that make him or her stand out — as the most attractive. Your relationships must possess some kind of unconventional element in order to keep your interest levels high. Calves and ankles are either erogenous zones for you, or parts of your body that are particularly attractive! You may meet lovers through group activities. Although you value friendships and group affiliations highly, you might jump into friendships without considering the responsibilities they might entail.

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Venus in the 12th House

You are big on romance and you tend to live and breathe your partner once you’re hooked. Not the best at defining your boundaries — where your needs and your partner’s needs separate — you can get hurt in love rather easily. You can also feel used quite readily. You are attracted to people from all walks of life, finding a partner who has an unusual background or quirky personality most attractive. Partners who mistake your compassion for weakness can take advantage of you. Being openly affectionate and trusting often doesn’t seem safe to you. You may feel your love won’t be appreciated or reciprocated. You may get involved in secret love affairs or fall in love with a person who is quite unavailable to you at different points in your life. Although you are quite naturally drawn to relationships that are unusual, secret, challenging, and unequal, do take the time to examine why this may be the case. Be certain that you are not, in some way, punishing yourself because you don’t feel worthy of an equal and public relationship. Because Venus represents attraction, and the twelfth house is associated with the feet, your feet may be especially attractive and/or erogenous zones!


the AGT clusterfuck: applying logic (aka, Louis is NOT what they show him to be)

1. Do we have reason to believe Harry and Louis are together?

erm erm - the Harry Louis Treatise
If Larry isn’t real, my entire life is a lie.

2. Will Harry go out with a sexist asshole? Will Harry not dump such a person faster than you can say “poutine” ?

If the jury would direct their attention to the following exhibits: 

3. From our previous interactions with Louis, do we not know he is a precious little respectful smol soyabean?

absolutely. consider our louis -

who is usually the most aware of gender-norms, dynamics, and is the most respectful of people’s identities out of the five boys?

and the fandom has seen repeated evidence and receipts  and proof of how fucking amazing he is as a person?

who was raised by a strong woman?

and who grew up with FOUR sisters? (now five)

and one of them is an OUTSPOKEN feminist, educated, liberal minded and wise, eloquent beyond her years

and absolutely would call out behavior that Louis displayed on AGT? (but for some reason, didn’t?)

Conclusion: Louis on AGT is an OUTLIER IN THE DATA. It doesn’t fit the pattern of what we know Louis to be, what we know people surrounding him are like, and something was messed up about that staged, fake as fuck episode on Simon Cowell’s last fumbling venture.

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