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Mom Friend

Ok but imagine how the aliens would react to the idea of the “mom friend”. Like the crew is losing their mind over the fact their human is reckless, doing so many dangerous things that would have killed any other race but of course it’s fine because it’s a human and those things are so hard to kill anyway.

The only planet that is a danger to a human is the one it came from.

So when the human-Kat comes into the control room with that adorable hopeful face a lot of the crew members are instantly on guard. The last time Human-Kat had that expression they almost lost Xe'rex to the waves of that one planet that Human-Kat just had to “Surf”.

“Can my friend Lola come meet us for the 34-OJ mission? She’s right in our pathway to that new planet? Please?” Huamn-Kat says and though they want nothing more then to say no, the crew of 626- Launch can’t say anything else other then yes.  They know how humans react when left alone for too long. Humans claim that their greatest criminals are placed in “solitary confinement” as punishment which goes very far to show how much bonds affect their life spans.

Human-Kat needs human interaction to stay alive and sane (or as sane as humans can be)

So the crew  agrees to have Friend-Lola on the voyage, slightly terrified of having two humans. But when the new human arrives it is not what they expected.

“Kat, have you finished your paperwork? Come on man, you know it’s due in like a day. Get on it.”

“Whoa dude, I love you ok. But no. You are not going to go surfing down there. It’s for your own good.”

“Girl you got the promotion?! Yes! Ok Ok! We need to celebrate with girls night in!”

“Hey I have some tissues in my bag somewhere hold on. There ya go.”

“Look at this game I picked up on RE-vr’. It’s just like Cards against Humanity but space!”

“Go. To. Sleep. Kat.”

“Remember that pact we made in high school? The one where I would stop you from doing something that will get you arrested or killed? Yeah well I’m calling it into action and saying that you do not lick anything on a unknown planet!“ 

This Human…holds common sense? That is possible for that race?!

After Friend-Lola leaves they ask Human-Kat about this and she merely laughs while swiping through photographs she had taken with the other human.

"Well Lola is the mom friend.”

And the crew of 626-Luanch are so confused because they have already seen photos of Human-Kat’s birth givers and they look nothing alike not to mention Human-Kat already has a Mom. Do humans have more then one “Mom”?

“Oh you know a mom friend is the one friend in a group that keeps everyone else from dying.” Human-Kat jokes.

But the crew is amazed. They have learn the reason humanity haven’t killed itself off. They send a message to every out post in the area.

If xe have a human on-board make sure that they are accompanied by a Mom Friend. These are the humans in charge of keeping other humans alive and well-behaved. 

uhh… i know there are rumors that the repack date is september 4th but umm… there’s literally gonna be a full moon on september 6th (09/06) which is eerily the same numbers as when the teasers were released on the day of the eclipse at 09:06:43 AM PDT so uhhh… just… keep that in mind i guess



Two things:

1) the tattoo is real

2) he tagged it with “supernaturalfanart” and “supernaturaltattoo”

So is it actually show related, then???

And thus the theories about how Ging had empregnanted himself with Gon were born

But consider:

Alex being the one who hit Bethany That Night and it was her who Spencer saw. Spencer just assumed she was the one who did this because at this point it was the only reasonable explanation.

Alex being caught on NAT videos. That’s how they found out about her existence. That’s the reason why Melissa was acting so strange, why she was protecting Spencer from “before it even started” and why Ian and Garrett had to die.

It could have been what Maya knew.

Ian knowing about Alex and thinking it was actually her when he wanted to push Spencer off the Bell Tower.

Alex hiding in that creepy, haunted house and watching the girls.

Alex hiding in Jenna’s garage and getting hurt in the fire. Maybe not her face but her body so she still could impersonate Spencer.

Alex being the one we saw in the flashback from before Ali went missing that Spencer doesn’t remember.

Alex stealing the game from Mona because at this point she not only hated Spencer but all of them.

Mona asking Spencer to join A Team not only because Spencer was so smart. Mona noticed there were times when Spencer acted shady. She just didn’t know it was her twin.

Alex switching places with Spencer from the beginning.

Alex making Toby join the A Team and fake his death so she could mess up with Spencer’s head and send her to Radley.

All the British words or references during the show.

How A knew so many things about the girls and nobody never saw them.

Alex being Black Veil and that’s the reason why she needed to hide her face.

Alex dressing up as the masked man in the dollhouse and that’s why Spencer had a feeling she actually knew that person.

Seriously, the list could go on.

It’s all there. They could have used all of this and made it look like it was all planned even if it wasn’t. I’m not saying it would have tied up all the loose ends but it would make much more sense.

So many possibilities. Such a wasted potential.

I remember one morning getting up at dawn. There was such a sense of possibility. You know, that feeling. And I… I remember thinking to myself: So this is the beginning of happiness, this is where it starts. And of course there will always be more…never occurred to me it wasn’t the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment, right then.
—  Michael Cunningham, The Hours
Whenever anybody dies around Lena – and it happens quite a lot or people get hurt – she blames herself. “If I wasn’t a Luthor, this wouldn’t have happened.” She can’t help but feel responsible for things that aren’t her fault. She’s essentially Irish. She has a very healthy sense of guilt. Lena is possibly Lena McLuthor.
—  Katie McGrath (x)

So there’s a moment I’ve been wanting to talk about in Extra Game. There are five seconds left on the clock, Akashi is facing down Nash, and he doesn’t think he can make it.

When Kuroko pops out and steals the ball from behind Nash, thus saving the game:

This moment is interesting to me specifically because of Nash’s power, Demon Eye.

Demon Eye allows Nash to see the whole court and every player with the precision of Akashi’s Emperor Eye (it’s ridiculous and I love it). But what else do we know about Nash’s Demon Eye? Very little – Extra Game was very compressed, and didn’t waste much time explaining it. However, we do know about Akashi’s Emperor Eye.

Now, the showdowns between Akashi and Kuroko are little to none. Akashi doesn’t ankle break Kuroko, and Kuroko doesn’t attempt to use misdirection on him (personally, I always thought it was meant to imply their abilities didn’t work on each other, or weren’t useful). There is, however, one notable exception – the only time we ever see Kuroko steal a ball from Akashi. Kuroko’s Quasi Emperor Eye.

According to the rules established in-universe, the only way Kuroko can steal a ball from Akashi is using QEE; so, in order to do the same to Nash, he must use at least QEE to get the ball. And the only person he could have been using that ability with here was Akashi.

Hence: Kuroko has used Quasi Emperor Eye with two people only – once against Akashi, and once with Akashi. Kuroko is so in tune with Akashi in this moment he’s able to predict his movements faster than Akashi himself can. As the manga put it,

“It’s not something [Kuroko] can use on his opponents. He can only use this on his teammates, with whom he’s devoted so much time to building up trust with. However, it’s because he has that trust… that he can see into the future, an instant farther than even Akashi.”


I was chatting today about the coming season and all the exciting meta everyone’s going to write about it, and about how hard it is sometimes for your posts to get seen, especially when you’re a new blog with not so many followers yet, and since hardly anyone uses the main tags or just being anxious to put yourself out there.

So this is a post I hope others with a good number of followers reblog as well to agree, but if you have written any meta or observations or thoughts you think I’ll like, and want it to get seen, please feel free to @ me in the post or to use the airplane at the bottom of the post or even just drop an “anonymous tip” in my inbox to go look at it, and I will happily reblog and boost it to my followers, since I am often the first small part of a chain in a very large explosion of reblogs :D (Because I have the best followers with great taste.)

Meta isn’t an exclusive club, this is just a weird and terrible platform for getting heard on, and I don’t like the idea of it seeming like only the same few voices ever get any traction around here <3

Still previews of Episode 2 have arrived and the Season 2 wardrobe is still nowhere to be found.

I wonder if we’re going to get an in-universe episode where they actually get the new clothes. That would be pretty great, but I hope they haven’t done away with the idea.


BS:  I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond t h a t between two human beings.

for dills

Okay. So a couple weeks ago I promised a lovely anon that I would write about why Chowder is my favorite Check, Please! character. I have since discovered that all of the reasons Chris Chow is my favorite omgcp character really don’t fit into one post (I mean, I could make them fit, but it would be a very long post lacking any sort of organizing principle, and I just don’t need to go there). So this post is the story of how Christopher Franklin Chow *became* my favorite character. There’s more to why he’s important to me than this, but this is how it started.

It happened very quickly. In the space of one panel, in fact (the one above, in case you hadn’t guessed–it’s from Year One, Comic 17-“Tadpoles”).

About a year ago, I was reading my way through the main comic of OMGCP. It was probably nine or ten pm, and I was thinking about calling it a night. And then I saw this panel, and thought to myself “wow, that San Jose Sharks hoodie is *exactly* the right color. What sport do the Sharks play, anyway? Is it hockey? It might be hockey. hmm. Anyway.” This sequence of thoughts makes slightly more sense if you know that I grew up about 100 miles from San Jose.

After the enthusiastic new character in the Sharks hoodie, I registered a redhead looking either skeptical or uncomfortable (or both), and Lardo looking efficient.

I started to read, confirming that Lardo is in full-on manager mode, Sharks!Dude is indeed enthusiastic, and Redhead is definitely way outside his comfort zone. And then Sharks!Dude, clearly a prospective goalie, says “‘swawesome!” and earns himself a special place in my heart forevermore.

Why, you ask, should the fact that this enthusiastic probably-seventeen-year-old went to the trouble of learning campus slang before he’d even committed to attending Samwell make him special to me? Well, because the only reason for a person to do such a thing is that they have previously embarrassed themselves by either not using or mis-using local slang. And because the Sharks hoodie tells me that Sharks!Dude currently hails from the part of the country I went to high school in, which means that I know *exactly* what local slang he ran afoul of (it’s “hella.” I, someone who was not born in NorCal but basically grew up there, have a very complicated relationship with that word. To me, it is clear that Chowder’s relationship with it is different but equally complicated).

Let me expand for a moment. I get the sense that a lot of people just read Chowder as just straight-up over-the-top enthusiastic. I…don’t. Right from his first appearance, I see him trying to project enthusiasm (because that’s how you get Californians to engage with you–you display a lot of enthusiasm for *their thing,* whatever their thing happens to be. Not enthusiasm for them personally–that’s too much and comes across as sucking up–but there’s no such thing as too much enthusiasm for *their thing*), but I see it as coming from a place of deep anxiety. He really wants the SMH to like him, and at least in this panel he is deeply afraid of being rejected for being too different–so he overcompensates and goes way out of his way (if you think he did not read every Ask A Wellie that was posted during Bitty’s first year, you are wrong) to learn campus slang far too early (one of the major differences between campus slang and regional slang is that no one expects you to understand campus slang on your first day–it was new to everybody at some point. Regional slang is another story).

Basically, I see Chowder as someone who shares my experience of having been The New Kid somewhere in NorCal, and who is trying to apply the lessons he learned the hard way from that experience to getting off on the right foot at Samwell (he should not be doing this, because being The New Kid is a vastly different experience from being one of several hundred new freshmen, but try convincing any ex-New Kid of that while they’re preparing for college, and see how that goes). That makes him very important to me.

The panel that follows, in which Lardo calls out the fact that Chowder should not have known how to use ‘swawesome yet, Chowder gets anxious, and *nobody gives him any shit for any of it* is, for me, the one that makes the whole comic special.

When I finished reading “Tadpoles” that night a year or so ago, I was no longer thinking about going to bed. I had to keep reading, to make sure that Sharks!Dude did in fact become a major character in Year 2. Which of course he does.

Anyway. Chris Chow is hella ‘swawesome, folks.

celestial-ray  asked:

Okay this might be really weird but could you do klance like accidentally confessing to each other /but/ both of them just assumed they mean in a friendly way and it only hits them like /hours/ later that they both confessed. If that makes any possibly sense. I love your blog by the way.

they stayed up all night cuddling after this 💜