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What we learned about Spoon's new album from Jim Eno

We are in #Austin this weekend talking with people for our next #Sense Of Place that will run during #SXSW. First stop, Spoon drummer Jim Eno’s Public Hi-Fi studio. We sat on the couch in the control room opposite the giant vintage Neve console and had a fascinating conversation about albums he’s produced (Telekensis, !!!, Alejandro Escovedo and many others), drumming (at it since he was 7) and Spoon. The band was set up in the two story tracking studio and continues work on the new album.

Here’s what we learned: It is headed for a July release. It is produced,as usual, by Jim and Britt working first with Joe Chiccarelli as well as Dave Fridmann which is exciting. Maybe it’s because of the break but Jim says for the first time they have enough songs to pick and choose. What’s it sound like? We hear it’s cinemascopic in a #Spoon kind of way.


Today’s guest Patty Griffin plays a moving new song called “Winter’s Lullaby” at KUTX studios as our Sense of Place Austin series continues!


To finish off the special set of Final Vinyl picks this week- Willie Nelson.  He wasn’t born in Austin and he doesn’t live there now, but in the 70s he revived his career there.  In 2010 Austin renamed Second Street to Willie Nelson Boulevard. The city also unveiled a life-size statue to honor him, placed at the entrance of Austin City Limits’ new studio.  Check out this 1975 video of today’s Final Vinyl song.


Getting psyched for next week’s trip to SXSW.  Check out Rolling Stone’s take on the 25 acts you don’t want miss there.

Whether you are heading to Austin or not, tune into World Cafe next week for a special set of programs on Austin and SXSW.  Some highlights include interviews with Jim Eno of Spoon, up and coming band Wild Child, and Austin songwriter Patty Griffin.  Plus we talk with Roland Swenson, one of the SXSW founders, who shares memories of that first conference in 1987 when the organizers were surprised to have 700 people attend (their goal was to get 150 people there!).