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I totally get the sentiment going around that people don’t want Percy to be a god’s champion just because everybody’s doing it, particularly because he’s got such a rough relationship with gods.

But I think that’s because he sought out the Raven Queen first, and the Raven Queen and Percy don’t understand each other. The Raven Queen is fatalistic. In her eyes, humans begin their lives imperfect, march toward their fates, and perhaps they achieve greatness, but they all end the same way: they go to meet her. Percy just doesn’t think in those dimensions. He altered the course of humanity with his invention, and blaming that on fate would be to shirk responsibility. He has seen people defy and defile death time and again. When he pleads with the Raven Queen for a way to fix what he’s done to the world, he is thinking of redemption but also that he lives as long as Whitestone lives, and that the impact of his weakness will matter, will change lives and end them, long after he is gone. The Raven Queen comforts him by saying humanity can achieve great things, but that is no comfort to Percy, whose greatest achievement is arguably the very weapon that killed him.

If there is a god who would understand him it would be Ioun. She’s a goddess of knowledge, an inventor, and like Percy she was betrayed and wounded in the course of invention. Ioun is blinded; Percy’s soul is in tatters thanks to Orthax. She lives in a place of uncomfortable paradox, where all knowledge should be shared for the sake of progress, and secrets are blasphemous, even if that knowledge can hurt or break or kill - but even then, even she has secrets she can’t afford to share. We haven’t seen much of Ioun, but I think she would think like Percy. Not along the threads of fate, like the Raven Queen and her champion, but in an impersonal chemical chain of combination and creation, knowing well the unforeseen impacts of discovery. She despises the aspiring god who took Percy’s family. Her domain is profoundly controversial and unsure. Percy asked his questions of the Raven Queen, and she answered the wrong questions. Ioun has probably asked Percy’s questions a hundred times about herself.

And of course there’s something delightful about the fact that Percy could earn the favour of the goddess that Pelor is protecting. 

It’s likely that any number of entities will be fighting over my soul when I die, he says. I know, says the Champion of Pelor, I’ll be one of them.

Things that are interesting to think about: what is conventionally attractive for trolls, and why.

I see a lot of the usual hella curvy women and lankily buff anime dudes, which is fine, but: three different spheres of attraction! (And ash, but what the fuck is ash even?) Surely the same thing doesn’t appeal in every instance.

Just from a physical sense, are curves more appealing in the pale quadrant (insinuation of fat, lack of muscle, someone that is dangerous enough that they don’t need physical indicators of strength) or is scrawniness? Is bodybuilder buff vs powerlifter buff more appealing in pitch?

Does popular media romanticise scars in redrom (something to pity!) vs stigmatise them in pitch (a sign they can’t keep up!)? What kind of appearances are the ideals that kids grow up comparing themselves to? Condy probably represents some kind of physical ideal, considering she’s the cornerstone and figurehead of the empire, but how’s that affect the appeal of traits like long hair, curves, certain fashions, and what associations does that give them?

(I do love the idea of hyperfeminity being a danger indicator! Deimatic displays through extravagant glam yesss. WING YOUR EYELINER SHARP ENOUGH TO KILL A MAN.)

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Is it true that Isayama said that Eren must follow Levi's shadow in order to grow/develop? In an interview?

Hello anon! Yup, this is true.

It happened on an interview about Levi, in the August 2014 FRaU magazine. I’m sure you guys have seen this cover around many times!:

This is the same magazine that gave us a lot of important info about Levi (he has insomnia and only sleeps 2-3 hours on his chair, he has good resistance to alcohol and doesn’t get drunk, he fears mold, he takes 3 minute showers, etc.) and about his relationship with other characters (this is the interview where he said Eren is the best at cleaning, too!). Honestly that magazine was so good, it even had character horoscopes, haha.

I am quoting you the translation for the part you asked for:

Isayama: I have also sensed Levi’s appeal, and he is a character that makes me happy whenever I get the chance to draw him. He truly plays a role that helps the main character(s) preserve stability. If Eren has to march forward in pursuit of Levi’s shadow…the entire series could also progress in a similar manner.

(Eren can become shaky whenever he is angry/emotional, but Levi wouldn’t budge in the least). Levi probably can’t express himself like this any longer… Convulsing means that your anger has reached some type of limit, but Levi has probably already evolved past that stage.
Levi is a character who existed since I was conceptualizing everything. His personality was settled upon way back then.

The source of this translation is this post by fuku-shuu. Since Isayama was a bit vague, she also clarified on this post what the meaning of his words could be:

1. How I’m interpreting this part from the Chinese is that Eren needs to continue chasing Levi’s shadow in order for the series (And himself) to evolve.

2. Yes, it’s definitely possible that Levi also used to have such emotions/react in such a way - but the nuance here is not that he simply “grew out of it” but has become rather desensitized. It’s meant to incite sympathy towards him, as far as I can tell from the language used.

I love this because it shows how important Eren and Levi’s relationship is for the story. I know that many times, when we get a lot of Eren and Levi official art, merchandise, etc., when they’re featured side by side in magazines, advertisements, and all that stuff, our first reaction is to think: “well this is because ereri is popular and they’re thinking on profit”. 

And yes, that might be correct, but it’s not the only reason. Their relationship is essential for the story. There’s always been paralels between them in the manga, which have been analyzed and discussed again and again, but this is great because this info is coming from Isayama himself, he’s saying it with his own words, and he’s showing us a little bit of his view on them.

He already knew when he was creating the concept of the story, that Levi was going to exist and was going to be a huge influence on the protagonist. And for the ones who read the manga, we have seen how Eren has evolved a lot already. I am really eager to see him after the timeskip!

I know many of you are sad and dissapointed because the lack of interaction between Eren and Levi lately. But Isayama’s story is huge, and has been expanded even more in the latest chapters. On top of that, this is a monthly manga, so things move really slow. But this here, is a real confirmation that Eren and Levi are very important to each other and to the whole story. This honestly makes me really happy and gives me hope that there still will be meaningful moments between them in the future.

Teasing: A Beginner’s Guide

You may wish to read: Mastering the Art of Teasing: Incorporating the 5 Senses first

Remember: the more senses you appeal to, the more it will drive your cuckold insane, and the more fun it will be for everyone. Mainstream porn usually focuses on watching, but that is only one of the five senses.  If you can incorporate smells, sounds, light touching, even taste in some instances, it will add to the experience and make it incredibly erotic. 

  • Make your cuckold participate in helping you get ready for your dates. This may include picking out lingerie, your outfit, helping you shave or put lotion on so you’re all “perfect” for your boyfriend. 
  • Have your cuckold put lotion on, and massage, your feet while you and your boyfriend make-out on the couch, or even while you have sex. 
  • Be very verbal when your cuck sees you with your boyfriend. You don’t have to jabber, but letting him know how much bigger and better your boyfriend feels inside you will make your cuckold squirm. 
  • While you are preparing for your date, every so often grind your ass against your cuckold’s crotch to get him hard, reminding him of what he’ll be missing. 
  • Give your cuckold a handjob while your boyfriend is fucking you, making your cuckold wait to cum until your boyfriend is done. 
  • Have your boyfriend and cuckold stand naked on either side of you. Hold each of their cocks in your hand and talk aloud about the differences, comparing the size, girth, and how much better your boyfriend is. 
  • Have your cuck pleasure you orally while you kiss your boyfriend (or suck his cock). 
  • Hold his hand while your boyfriend fucks you.
  • Make him kneel next to you while you suck your boyfriend’s dick. Every so often turn and give him a long, french kiss and ask, “Can you taste him?”   
  • At the end of your date, give your boyfriend a blowjob and let him cum in your mouth. When you come home shortly thereafter, make out with your husband and, without explicitly telling him what you just did, ask him to describe to you what you taste like and if he likes it.   
  • Kiss your cuckold, or make out with him, while your boyfriend fucks you doggystyle. Lay your head on his shoulder and whisper things to him about how good your boyfriend is, how big it is, how much better he fucks you, and how he has never make you feel that way. 
  • Make him face away from you and watch in the mirror as your BF fucks you. 
  • The imagination can be a powerful tool. Lock him outside the bedroom and make him sit with his back against the door, listening to the sounds as you fuck your boyfriend. Have your boyfriend lift you up and fuck you with your back against the door. Your cuckold will be just on the other side, not only listening, but also feeling the power of the thrusting against the door.  
  • Kneel in front of your boyfriend and have your cuckold kneel behind you, holding your head and hair from behind while you give your boyfriend a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. 
  • Tie your husband to a chair in the bedroom, and make him watch you and your boyfriend have sex in your marital bed. After some intimate foreplay with french kissing, and caressing, beg your boyfriend out loud to fuck you. The more desperate you appear to look, the more it will drive your husband insane
  • Have hubby lean against the headboard on the bed. Then lean against him while your boyfriend fucks you so hubby can feel each thrust. Few things will drive him insane as feeling your body against his while you’re being fucked. Lean your head back on your husband’s shoulder so he can hear you breath and moan. 
  • Another idea is to have your husband lean against the headboard or kneel at the edge of the bed while you get on your hands and knees in front of him. Then look directly into his eyes, and have your boyfriend fuck you doggy style so that hubby can feel the power of his thrusts while looking in your eyes. Take it further and lay on your husband’s lap, right next to his penis, almost touching it, but not quite. (You could even breathe or blow on his penis every now and then for added torture.)
  • Tie hubby to a chair in the living room, and disappear into the bedroom to have sex with your boyfriend, denying hubby the privilege of watching. After some time, take a break from fucking. Go out into the living room where your husband is waiting and have a glass of water. Say hi to your hubby, walk over to him and give him a long french kiss (to get him hard). Let him think for a minute he’s going to get lucky, then, grin at him mischievously, go back to the bedroom, close the door and lock it.
  • Make your husband drive you and your boyfriend to your date and pick you up afterward. Sit in the back seat, and on the way home, make sure he can see you cuddling, making out, and maybe even giving your boyfriend a blowjob. 
  • Spend time socializing with your boyfriend for 10 to 15 minutes in the living room, before any action, and while everybody is still fully dressed. Perhaps put on a porn movie to set the tone a bit. While socializing, or watching the movie, sit next to your boyfriend, kissing, teasing, stroking, unbuttoning and treating him like a new boyfriend while hubby watches from the other couch or chair. (Alternatively you could make your husband sit right next to you while you do this with your boyfriend.)
  • Have hubby put his face inches away from your pussy while your boyfriend fucks you, then tell him to masturbate while doing so. If you’re feeling especially naughty, have your boyfriend cum in your pussy with hubby’s face right there to see the mess. 
  • Sit in front of hubby and get yourself wet with your fingers. Hold your fingers up to his nose and make him smell how wet you are. 
  • Have your cuckold lie down, put a pillow between him and you, and then have your boyfriend fuck you either doggystyle or missionary (see picture below.) If you’re feeling especially naughty, do away with the pillows. 

real talk about alicia clark in 3x05 for a second and how this arc of hers is actually a brilliant piece of storytelling like… 

if ftwd was a classic literature novel, your 11th grade english lit teacher would be lecturing on how alicia clark’s self-destructive spiral is an allegory for the millennial let down and apathy of the 21st century.

alicia clark grew up as an upper middle class millennial, in a nice suburb home, with a nice, seemingly well-rounded nuclear family. she and nick probably played little league soccer and have a box in the attic of old metallic plastic trophies.

she tuned out her world in favor of her ipod, lost herself in her studies because she was college would be the key to getting whatever she wanted out of life.

and now? all that pretty, painted ‘you can be whatever you want when you grow up! you can change the world!’ bullshit has been ripped away from her worldview and she sees the truth.

alicia clark could be a normal twenty-something going through her quarter crisis. useless college degree that put her tens of thousands of dollars in debt, dreams of saving the whales and ending world hunger crushed for the monotony of filing papers and learning microsoft excel.

english teacher’s lecture? all those zombies are corporate workers, dragging ass all day to get no where. lost in capitalism, in the draw of their cell phones. no recognition of the world around them, just consume, consume, consume…

alicia clark’s existential crisis is great television because it’s fucking relatable. all the pleasure has been sucked out her life in favor of survival. while she runs from zombies, we’ve got master’s-educated people working for minimum wage (or less). we’ve got brilliant young men and women who are always one mistake away from living on the streets or going without food this month. (or one congressman away from losing our health coverage for vital, lifesaving medications.)

it feels like it’ll never end. the struggle just brings more struggle. there’s little hope.

she tries drugs and sex and activities like cliff diving to feel something, to enjoy a moment in her miserable fucking existence. we… also do drugs and have sex and enjoy high-adrenaline activities lol, but additionally have the luxury of shit like enjoying our avocado toast and sending snapchat videos with silly dog filters and playing pokemon go for 8 hours a day, because if you can’t fucking get anywhere with the skills and degree that you worked on your whole life, at least you can smile for a moment when you finally evolve your bulbasaur.

idk, alicia clark’s existential crisis is brilliant and i’m loving it. rock on, my broken lil bean.

[A picture of a spider-man themed granola bar. The top reads ‘Become spider-man’ with a picture of him, while the flavor is ‘Sweet & Salty Nut’]

Wade giggled a little louder. Peter’s hands left where they were ghosting along the cans of soup and he turned around, eyes narrowing. Wade was awfully giggly. 

Peter was no stranger to merchandising. He’d seen his likeness used everywhere and anywhere, to promote anything. He’d contacted his lawyer to see if he could get a piece of that action like the broke college student he was, but turns out he had no claim to it unless he revealed his secret identity. No matter how much money it was, he couldn’t do that. 

“What’s got you worked up?” He asked Wade. Wade had been, throughout this trip, grabbing anything with a picture of him on it and making innuendos about the product. But this one must have been especially good. 

Wade turned to Peter, tears visible in his eyes. 

“Become spider-man.” He choked out, holding up a box of granola bars. “All you have to do is eat this sweet and salty nut.”

Peter looked down at the flavor, slightly confused. Oh, oh God. It was literally flavored ‘sweet and salty nut’. Who the hell approved this. He wanted answers. 

“Oh, God. Put that back.” He told Wade. But it was too late. Wade had already thrown it in the cart. He was going to have to endure the teasing until Wade had finished the entire box and it was no longer on the shelves. 

He might end up having to eat all the sweet and salty nut himself just to rid the world of it. 

Wade was still practically crying as he turned to Peter, every other word coming out in a wheeze. 

“S-S-So, Peter,” He started out, before breaking into a small fit of laughter, “Who has the magic sweet and salty nut? Who did you suck for your-” Another round of laughter, “who did you get this sweet and salty nut from? Did you suck the spider?”

Peter blinked. He blinked again. 

“This is why I can only take you to the grocery store past eleven PM.” He declared, grabbing the cart and pushing it away. He couldn’t help but grin, though. He turned back to Wade. “Now come on. If you don’t help me finish you’re not getting my sweet and salty nut for breakfast.”

Can we trust everything we see in Killing Stalking?

I think the reason why I find Sangwoo to be more likable compared to other serial killers would be the fact that he seems so human even in the depths of his insanity: he clothed and showered Yoonbum, he fed him porridge in the beginning, he gave him medicine because of his crying, and we’ve seen him take Yoonbum up to the room to take care of him even when Yoonbum tried to poison the food. We’ve seen Sangwoo panic, we’ve seen him pretend and lie, got to know his honest and dark humorous side, was shown an inch of his tragic childhood, we understood he’s just not right in the head. Rather than being downright terrified of this guy, there’s a sense of charm and appeal we’re drawn to with just a little hint of fear and this kind of stumped me. Is Koogi making this a known fact by purposely making sure Sangwoo seems to do a least a little bit of good? A serial killer is manipulative and I wonder if we, the readers, are being manipulated as well…

But how? Then I went into thinking - how much can we trust ANYTHING in this manhwa? I mean, two of these characters aren’t completely mentally sane after all.

Let’s take a look towards my baby Yoonbum - 

Koogi made sure right off the bat, at the VERY beginning (even when we didn’t know about his certain hobby) that he wasn’t normal as well. He had this obsession with Sangwoo that lead to stalking tendencies such as finding out Sangwoo’s house and his combination, and we’ve known he held this torch for a very long time. Right, now then I realized most the chapters we read is in Yoonbum’s perspective and since we understood that Yoonbum’s not completely right in the head, so why should we trust anything we see of Sangwoo? 


Yeah, you’re right. Even though Yoonbum isn’t normal, he’s also not as twisted as our muscle bunny, Sangwoo. However, Yoonbum’s imagination of Sangwoo had to be shattered mainly for the character development and plot drive and thus we can see how unreliable Yoonbum’s perspective can be because further along he shows hints of Stockholm syndrome and other characteristics of an abused victim - from Sangwoo’s image turning into something scary, to gentle, to loving, then vice versa. 

To further emphasize my point let’s bring in a supporting character that is no way involved with the relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo.


Why I find him to be more reliable in terms of perspective is that we got to know a bit more of his background as well and the most important one was that he used to be a detective. And as we know, detectives are usually keen to nonverbal cues such as face expressions and body language. Through Seungbae’s eyes, let’s see what Sangwoo looked like: 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Kind of creepy, right? In Seungbae’s mind, we are given a suspicious and less-desirable Sangwoo. Is it because Seungbae’s experience as a detective has honed his skills in detecting something we couldn’t see through Yoonbum’s eyes? However, Seungbae too cannot be trusted as much.

Why? Because we were also shown in his background that despite being a detective, he was demoted to a regular patrol cop. This can be like a double-edged sword - maybe Seungbae is trying to see the evil in people to redeem his worth back up, after all, we have seen an emotional scene with a picture of Seungbae and an older man (dad?) in a picture that was crumbled in Seungbae’s fist. His arc is directed towards being a hero and from my previous readings, heroes can turn towards a thorny path even with good intentions - think of Light from Death Note. 

So what can I tell you in summary? 

Take everything with a pinch of salt. We’ve seen unreliable narration with Lolita, The Great Gatsby, Othello, etc. so I’m not surprised that in a psychological manhwa like KS we are also being pushed and pulled in a direction that we do not have control of. There are also some truths embedded in KS but the best convincing lies always have a bit of truth in them. 

I guess we’ll see in further chapters but this was just my two cents.

Moon In Water

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Cancer Moon: 

Individuals with a moon in Cancer are deeply intervened with their feelings, opposite to detached they tend to become sensitive and nurturers. Moon Cancers enjoy safety and familiarity, that makes them feel like they’re in a home-like environment. Occasionally these individuals can become manipulative and prone to starting bad habits with out realizing. The Moon Cancerian’s protective nature make them very protective of their loved ones especially their family. However, they tend to cling on to old relationships and nostalgic memories for a long time enabling them to move on easily. Although these individuals have a moody nature, when happy they can be one of the most funny, outgoing, and generous people. Looking for something simple, peaceful and tender? a Cancer moon will fulfill you.

Scorpio Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Scorpio are emotionally intense, rather than finding comfort in materials they resort to emotional drama. Moon Scorpions often are interesting people, always finding themselves in high ups and low downs these individuals tend to have a very busy life. The ability to see situations in a new perspective is one specialty of the Scorpio moon. Sometimes Moon Scorpions may test their families, friends and loved ones subconsciously to avoid betrayal (a fear of theirs). The emotionally guarded Moon Scorpion can become a loyal, passionate and interesting lover once they are truly committed. Overall, these energetic, intelligent and emotionally driven individuals are interesting to have around and will protect you when things happen.

Pisces Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Pisces are self-less, constantly putting themselves into other people’s shoes to understand them better. Moon Pisceans are very empathetic and caring they always want to help out those in need, which can make them prone to being manipulated but over time they learn to dissociate between sincerity and manipulation. Many people love to think these individuals are doormats, but once taken advantage of a Moon Pisces will likely shut you down cold. Occasionally retreating from harsh realities, these people like to express their feelings through art forms which gives them inner peace-  whether it’s writing, poetry, paintings, photography, composing, acting and more. The Moon Piscean has a light hearted/dreamy nature they are always helpful and will offer a innocent sense of humor that appeals to all.

I think the appeal of Alice in Chains, and most grunge bands in general, is the polarity of their music and the band’s personalities. Their music and lyrics are so incredibly dark and moody, often brooding, and the photos shoots are equally moody or dramatic. Once you start to actually watch interviews and get to know the people behind the music though, it’s almost like a 180 from what you would assume them to be. They’re goofy, silly, loveable troublemakers who, more or less, just want to have fun and do what they love, and this makes them incredibly relatable and down to earth. They’re not these dramatic, larger than life rock gods. They’re normal, approachable, relatable human beings and that is what makes them so magnetic and appealing for fans.

hearthawk  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if I could poke you and see if you had any good ideas for bird of prey enrichment. In my new position, I wanted to make an enrichment calender with enrichment ideas for a collection of program owls, vultures, and hawks (and the poultry who share the holding areas). Do you give enrichment to your ambassador birds? What have you found they seem to interact with the most? Novel foods, novel items, textures, bathing options, and of course, training ideas?

Nice! Congrats on the new position, and good luck with the enrichment calendar. Raptors can be tricky to plan for, at least if you want a diverse set of enrichment. 

The following list is a variety of enrichment ideas I’ve either used or seen used on the raptors you are working with. It is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good start. This post won’t go into great detail on how to do each of them, but if one catches your eye but the description is confusing, let me know and I’ll try to clarify. 

Basic Training: These are the basics. When it comes to raptors, consistency and routine are the biggest factors. If you can work the following into your basic training regiment every day or every other day, then your raptors will be enriched and learn valuable commands and behavior for vet care, handling, and presentation.

Keel Score and Touch Training: These two practices are crucial in training raptors because it gets them used to people, hands, and situations where they need to be held. It also trains the handler to do a thorough inspection of the bird every time its on their glove. Start with the keel and the feet, move to the beak and head, then try gently pulling their wings out or maneuvering their tail by hand. They wont like it at first, but if they get used to it, this can be invaluable for vet visits. 

Putting on and Taking off Equipment: Get the birds used to the anklets, jesses, leashes, hoods, and other equipment. Try to put it all on at least once a day. (Hood Training a raptor typically takes a more involved approach and should only started if you can really commit to the practice multiple times a day.)

“Step Up” and “Step Back”: Use treat rewards and repetition to teach each bird to step up onto a glove or perch when asked and step back onto a glove, perch, or scales when asked. Once learned, keep a habit of using the commands when weighing each bird every day. 

Jump Ups: These exercises both teach the birds to come to a gloved fist when called and if done in the right distances and elevations can be excellent exercise for them. 

Creance Training: If your birds are fully flighted, this is excellent training and exercise. It also helps prepare for flighted programs. 

Take a Walk: My team and I take our birds on walks at least twice a week. This gets them out of the enclosure, seeing new sights, and getting comfortable with their handlers. 

Owl Enrichment: Owls are largely solitary creatures with little to no food motivation. Much of their enrichment will revolve around stimulating their senses and appealing to their more destructive nature. Each bird will be different of course, so you’ll just need to try until you find which enrichment is the best received. 

Shredded Phonebooks: Setting up a partially shredded phone book or similar paper product can be one of the most enriching objects for large owls like the Great Horned Owl.

Cardboard Egg Cartons: Very similar to the above. (Really anything cardboard and shaped odd will do)

Towel Wrapped Perch: Some owls love to pick the threads off of towels. Wrapping part of a perch in a small towel can be entertaining. 

Live Prey: If the bird is fit and able, live prey is good enrichment. Insects like captive bred roaches or meal worms can be good as well. Try spreading the meal worms through long leaf astroturf. 

Feather Bundle: If you have old body feathers from a prior moult, tie them together and hang them in various places throughout the enclosure. Bonus if you can get breezes to move them occasionally. 

Audio Samples: This depends on the bird, but more social owls like the screech owl will get largely intrigued if you start playing their calls from various places on occasion. Try to get them to call back (Keep note of the call used and the response. Some are territorial calls or alarm calls, try to avoid those.)

Vulture Enrichment: These birds are usually social creatures with a large propensity for destructive behavior. Their food drive is okay, but the more intriguing the situation, the better. 

Food Puzzles: Try creating various puzzles and challenges for the birds to reach a tidbit reward. If its something they can destroy, even better. Look up “Striated Caracara Enrichment”, you’ll find videos by Elite Falconry. While Caracara aren’t really vultures, the puzzles are excellent for vultures and intelligent, food motivated birds. 

Hide and Seek: If it’s turkey vultures you’re working with, hiding smelly food can be a great enrichment option. Try hiding it in cardboard egg cartons or safely destructible items. 

Eggs: the occasional egg can be a great treat. 

Un-stuffed Stuffed Animals: Like the owls this, can be a great thing for the birds to pick and pull apart. just be sure the materials are plastic free and there is no stuffing in it. 

Mist Sprayers: We’re located in Central Texas. If you are in a place with plenty of heat, mist sprayers can be great afternoon enrichment. Typically the birds will step in the mist then go sun themselves until they dry off. 

Hawk Enrichment: The most food motivated of the group, these birds are most enriched by the challenge and reward of obtaining food. 

Food Puzzles: Simple puzzles can be great, but a word of warning. Most hawks have a poor sense of object permanence, so be sure any treat reward is visible at all times.

Treat Foods: Eggs, Day old chick, chicken leg, insects, etc… These should be given sparingly, but can offer a great change up from the typical feeding schedule. If you can, try offering a rotating diet of core meats the bird would eat in the wild and then sprinkle the above options into the mix for rewards and lazy days. 

Frozen Food: This is another hot summer option. It takes the birds time to pick apart the food enough to eat and can actually help shape their beaks and talons in the process. (Word of Warning, make sure the food in question is large enough that the bird cannot swallow it whole. If it does, this can lead to sour crop. 

“Tirings”: This is a falconry term for food objects that really aren’t all that edible, but take the bird time to pick apart. These can be bird wings, rabbit ears or feet, an even handmade lures with tidbits attached. 

Audio Samples: This depends on the bird, but more social hawks like the Harris’ Hawk or even birds like the Caracara will get largely intrigued if you start playing their calls from various places on occasion. Try to get them to call back (Keep note of the call used and the response. Some are territorial calls or alarm calls, try to avoid those.)

Live Prey: If the bird is fit and able, live prey is good enrichment. Insects like captive bred roaches or meal worms can be good as well. Try spreading the meal worms through long leaf astroturf.

Feather Bundle: If you have old body feathers from a prior moult, tie them together and hang them in various places throughout the enclosure. Bonus if you can get breezes to move them occasionally.

Minnows in the Bath: Putting minnows into their bath pan will keep many hawks fascinated and watching for hours. Some will even try to catch them. 

Swinging Perches: Install a tree branch that hangs from the ceiling by a rope. Every hawk I’ve offered this to has made it their favorite perch. 

Poultry: These birds are largely foragers, giving them stuff to pick at or eat that is more interesting than seeds is usually a great bet. 

Treat Foods: Meal Worms, strawberries, plain yogurt, Tomatoes, etc…

Foraging space: Real grass, bushes and open area.

Dust Bath: Try giving them an area to lay and role in some finer dust.

Percussion Instruments: A small, brightly colored xylophone mounted safely to a surface is certain to attract and keep interest. 

Hope this helps!


you’ve been wearing a lot of dean’s clothes lately.

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warnings: suggestive content. i kept this pretty sfw though.

additional notes: ok i wrote another dean fic cuz i love him so much. female reader in this one, although tbh it’s pretty ambiguous. let me know if you want to read more dean/reader or sam/reader, cuz i would love to hear your guys’ ideas :)

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Dean didn’t think much of it at first. In fact, when he woke up Saturday morning and found you cooking breakfast in one of his button-down shirts, he found himself smiling. The day before, he had seen you wearing a pair of his drawstring pants while you researched in the library, and earlier that week he’d seen you napping on the couch in one of Sam’s sweatshirts. He figured you were just a clothing thief, or that his and Sam’s clothes were just particularly comfortable for you.

Then he noticed that it was usually just his clothes you were stealing. You would wear Dean’s T-shirts, Dean’s flannel, Dean’s jacket. One day, when it was your turn to fold laundry, he’d stopped by the laundry room to bring you a sandwich, and he’d caught you holding one of his shirts to your face, sniffing it deeply. You hadn’t even acted flustered about it, just boasted about how the fabric softener you were using was magical.

Even though you were nonchalant, Dean was still suspicious. And a little smug. You’d been living at the bunker for a few years now, had known the Winchesters for even longer and stuck around since teaming up with them to stop the apocalypse seven years prior. Dean had appreciated you from the start; you were feisty, an excellent shot, and fun to be around, always full of snark and well-timed derision. Your sass put Sam’s to shame, and Dean found himself worrying about keeping up with you, rather the other way around. Most of all he liked how you genuinely cared for them both, providing the much-needed companionship and loyalty they’d been deprived of for far too long.

So with your fiery personality and looks to match, it didn’t take long for Dean to fall for you, and he mentally kicked himself in the head every day for it. It didn’t help that, judging by the way you always found a reason to touch or cuddle up close to him, his feelings might be reciprocated. There was no room for relationships in the hunting business—not from what he’d previously seen, anyway—but even Sam saw how much Dean cared for you and you for him. The younger Winchester had taken up the role of love guru and was currently encouraging him to take the next step, make it official. Dean liked the idea of having that with you, but he’d held off, too scared of getting too close and losing you, just like everyone else. Now, he was worried that you might have lost interest over time, or that Sam was going to come to his senses, realize your appeal, and make a move before Dean could. Maybe that was why Dean felt mildly stung whenever it was Sam’s shirt you decided to wear, and why Dean felt a swell of pride whenever you did choose to steal Dean’s clothes instead. It was like each time you wore his clothes on your back, you were unofficially proclaiming that he was yours, and you were his.

So Dean made the decision to ask you about it, to at least figure out why you had started pilfering only his clothes. He went down to the kitchen Monday night and found you crouching on the floor, rummaging through the lower shelves of the fridge. You were wearing his navy Henley over flannel pajama pants, and there was that smug swell of pride again. He grinned, crossing his arms and (selfishly) watching you for a few moments, definitely not checking out the way your ass looked in those pants or the strip of bare skin just above your waistband where his Henley had ridden up.

“Any luck down there?” he asked.

You cast a glance over your shoulder at him and smiled before returning to your task. “Just looking for the peanut butter, s’all. I feel like we should start organizing this better. I keep losing my spreads.”

“Maybe we can get you your own little spread section.” Dean watched you tug the shirt down your back, effectively covering you. Damn.

“Would be nice, but I don’t think I deserve a whole section to myself,” you replied. “A-ha!” you crowed with delight, reaching far into the fridge and procuring the peanut butter jar. “God bless.” You straightened to your full height and shut the door, cradling the jar to your chest. “Want some?” you called over your shoulder, moving to the counter where you had laid out some toasted bread and sliced bananas.

Dean couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose as he stepped over to you and leaned against the fridge to watch you prepare your meal. “When have I ever eaten fruit?” You opened your mouth to protest and he cut you off, “When it’s not filling a warm crust.”

You clamped your mouth shut. “You got me there. I think you’d like this, though.”

“I’ll have a bite of yours, then,” Dean relented. You smiled, and he stood up straight, moving closer to you. “You know, sweetheart, I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit of a thief lately.”

“Oh, yeah? And what have I stolen now?”

Dean was so close his hip was almost brushing yours. He braced one hand on the counter as he watched you. “My clothes. Sam’s, too, but mostly mine. You wanna tell me why that is?” He was playing it cool, but truth be told, when you paused in your meal preparation and turned to face him, he was starting to lose his confidence.

Your smile had vanished. You were worrying your bottom lip between your teeth, and Dean didn’t miss the way your eyes traversed his frame, lingering at his neckline, his jaw, and finally his face. “Does it bother you?” you asked with legitimate concern in your eyes. He watched that concern morph into something warm and oozy, like molten flame. He was starting to burn up just looking at you. “I’ll stop if it does, but your clothes are real comfy, Dean. And they smell good, too.”

Dean swallowed hard. You were challenging him, daring him to make the first move. Fuck it. He reached out to your side and grasped the Henley where it fell against your waist, pinching the material and rubbing it between his fingers. The corner of your mouth twitched with the beginnings of a smirk. “Oh, I’m not mad. Not mad at all,” he replied. He stepped closer to you, so close he could detect the crisp apple scent of your conditioner, could see his own face reflecting in your eyes. He slid his hand down to your hip and your own hand traveled up his arm to grasp his bicep. “I mean, if you look so good in my clothes”—he licked his lips, shamelessly appraising you from head to toe—“I could just imagine how you’d look out of them.”

Dean felt you tremble under his touch, and you pressed closer against him, his hand moving to lie flat along the small of your back. You craned your neck forward, and your lips skimmed his ear as you spoke, “Why don’t we go up to my room and find out?”

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Fav venus signs?💞

I love all of them ;) but I definitely have an order to this!

Cancer | What can I say? I’m a sucker for individuals like myself! Individuals who are loyal through thick and thin. I love how nurturing we are. I think this is a Venus that gets better with age and experience. As we learn how far we should go, we also learn how deep our love goes. I do wish we wouldn’t give our love to individuals who don’t deserve it though. Plus I think there is something so comfy about Cancer beauty. It sneaks up on you and knocks you off your feet. My brother and I both have this placement. We’re a couple of sappy fuckers for sure. I also think people secretly love how clingy cancer placements can get. Who actually prefers being ignored to having attention? Apparently not the thousands of people in our generation who beg to have someone who pays attention to them after dealing with a plethora of individuals who couldn’t give two fucks about them. 

Libra | Such a cute and charming placement. I have a friend who has this placement and I believe she is one of the most beautiful and wholesome people I have ever met. She is Venus incarnate. My mom also has this placement and she’s a knockout. I think this venus is such a trendsetter sign. Individuals with this placement have been the epitome of cool in my eyes. 

Scorpio | Hot damn, now this is one sizzling hot placement. My scorpio rising loves scorpio venus’. Y’all are just the bees knees. Maybe I like you because your dark sense of sex appeal is enticing. Maybe I like you because you border on crazy and I love that. All I know is if I could find a man with scorpio venus I’d be set. In the meantime I’ll just fawn over @wizkhalibra

Sagittarius | I absolutely adore this placement. I think it’s so fun and lively. Really speaks to my sun/venus in the 9th. I just think they have a love for life that is contagious. The only girl I’ve ever had a crush on had this placement. She ended up ghosting me(long story but I kind of messed up). The friends I have with this placement always crack me up. Plus Sag is in my 2nd house so people with sag venus make me feel secure and strong in my values!

Gemini | It was a tie between Sag and Gem for who got 3rd place. I love gemini venus just as much. Soooo much fun with these individuals. They always crack me up. The guy I’m with now has this placement. You gotta move slow(I mean super slow. Keep your speed on the turtle sloth slug setting with these guys). When you do hook them, they’re hooked for a while. They want someone to love just as much as the next person so it’s super cute watching them open up.

Taurus | Sensual and suave. Taurus venus is like the cool older sister of Libra venus. They just have a cool sense of self. Haven’t identified any other Taurus venus besides my dad. 

Aquarius | Such a fun venus! They’re so independent and confident. It’s not in your face at all either. They just know what they want. Have a zany dressing style, but I enjoy it. My Pisces friend has this placement and I love hearing about her love life. 

Virgo | I love Virgo placements and this one is no different. I think it’s endearing that they want to help their significant other become the best version of themselves. That’s the person you should give your time to imo. I think the only reason why it’s ranked lower on the list is that the person I met with this placement was someone I had a one night stand with(as in he ate me out and then I ate the food he made me because I wasn’t about to do anything for him without knowing him longer). I didn’t like how timid he was being with me. Virgo venus have to realize that people do want them. It’s not fun having to initiate everything. 50/50 in terms of effort is phenomenal and virgo venus only do that if they’ve receved a thesis/dissertation/50+ slide long powerpoint to prove that you like them!

Capricorn | In theory this placement sounds so great to me. I would absolutely enjoy them because of how they interact with their loved one. Calm, cool, collected. Ultimate marriage material. 

Pisces | I don’t know too many with this placement, but when I have seen it I’ve found that the person is ethereal( looking at you @astrodickology ). I feel like they might become delusional in love which is a little frightening and makes me want to protect them, but pisces are stronger than they look so I think that pisces venus can be strong when needed. 

Aries | I feel like this is a fun venus but I don’t know much about them. Rihanna has this placement so honestly that’s good enough for me. Y’all are goddesses!

Leo | Another placement I haven’t run into that much. Out of all the signs I like Leo the least(and even then I love them a lot because they’re soooo funny and lovable and sweet) so I kind of just put them last. I feel like this placement would spoil their lovers. That sounds amazing to me tbh.

Thinking Out Loud

Summary: Phil is telepathic and who is this boy who is always thinking about what other’s think of him?

TW: cursing, unintended homophobia (like, its not really even that), um low self-esteem

Word Count: 2150

A/N: this is for the admin who prompted more telepathy fics!

p.s: this isn’t a song fic or anything i just thought the title worked nicely

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What if UT/UF Sans/US Paps crush had a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor and did not pun with him, but did smile at his puns? ... What if every once in a while the crush would outright snort at his puns only to cover their face in embarrassment? ... What if they eventually admitted that they do not pun because they can't think of puns on the spot like he does and thinks that his doing so is further proof of him being intelligent?


Sans shrugs off the fact that his crush doesn’t seem to enjoy his puns.  He’s not a fan of sarcasm, so he decides the two of them just have different styles of humor.  He doesn’t really think anything of it, but ever since the time he managed to tell a particularly craptastic pun and make them snort, he’s determined to see if he can do it again.  He lays it on thick over the next several weeks.  Whenever he gets them to snort and look away so embarrassed, well.. it makes him really happy.  Plus, his crush looks adorable when they’re embarrassed.

Eventually, when they break out the compliment, he’s shocked.  If anything, his brother’s the one that he’s used to directing compliments to, and his first impulse is to try to twist the remark somehow to apply to Papyrus.  But.. instead.. he blushes a light blue, chuckles, and keeps the puns coming.  Only now he’s switched to science puns to showcase his quantum physicist background.  

He’s also going to start encouraging his crush to come up with puns of their own.  He’ll laugh even if they suck.  In fact, terrible puns are definitely his brand of humor, so they’re in luck.


Unlike Classic!Sans, Red has a bit of a sarcastic streak himself, so he finds the dry sense of humor appealing.  He still makes puns, of course, but his tend to be darker and his sense of humor leans toward the more self-depreciating kind depending on his mood.  The first time he sees his crush snort over a pun and get embarrassed, he guffaws with gusto.. so much, in fact, that he falls off the couch and ends up wiping red-tinted tears away from his eyesockets.  

“stars, sweetheart!  ahahaha!  what kind of sound was that?!”

He teases them mercilessly and every time they laugh after that, he looks at them expectantly, a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.  It comes as a surprise sometime later, when they admit that they think his puns are a sign of intelligence.  What?  His shitty jokes actually make him intelligent?  They must be making fun of him; the boss always says his puns are a product of his stupidity!

Sans scoffs and waves it off with some dry remark, but his face turns red.
He starts to make more puns and less self-depreciating jokes after that day, however.


He’s so laid-back that he doesn’t even really notice the fact that his crush isn’t a pun-master like himself.  But he does purposely irritate them just to draw more sarcastic remarks.  He’s the type that enjoys picking at his crush just so he can tease them or watch them get riled up and sarcastically reply to him.  

The first time he watches his crush get embarrassed over that cute little snort, however, he ends up covering his face with a hand.  His shoulders shake while he tries not to laugh, but he can’t help it.  Yeah, he just has to tease them.  He tries to snort himself, but he ends up laughing so hard that it just comes out as a wheeze.  The next week is spent with him on a mission to make them laugh, and his puns are on-point.  

So, when they finally admit to him that they find his puns as a sign of intelligence, he laughs.  He ends up leaning over them, resting his weight on a palm pressed to the wall just past their head, while he rolls a sucker between his teeth.  "that’s really your o-pun-ion of me?“

They groan, and he chuckles, leaning in closer.  They press closer to the wall, and he notices with a lazy grin. “heh, here i thought my puns really drove you up a wall.”

He ends up stepping away, but he spends the rest of the day teasing them.  Any sarcastic remark toward him is met with a “nah, you don’t mean that.  you think i’m highly intelligent, after all.”  By the end of the night, he’s claiming that they called him a “bone-ified genius.”