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What's wrong with the Dodo? Legit question, I've barely ever heard of it (also if you can answer in private, I wouldn't mind, since I can't send on anon)

I’m going to answer publicly simply because I think a lot of new followers may have the same question and it’ll help them too, I hope that’s okay. No shame in not knowing.

The Dodo is a NYC startup that consistently misrepresents and sensationalizes animal media, with the intent to either make readers outraged at purported abuse or make them coo over cute rescue stories. They are blatantly anti-captivity and support animal rights (not welfare) and show a site-wide inability to fact check that is beyond appalling.

I’ve broken down a few of their articles that were egregiously bad, such as their “how to tell a good sanctuary from bad” - which had 23 citations, only two of which were to non-dodo articles (and those were to publications from organizations with known biases). Of those 21 other article citations, most of them also linked cyclically to other dodo articles and had obviously incorrect information. They don’t provide any author bios, so there’s no way to look at their educational or field-based backgrounds.

For further reading, check out Please, Let Trusting The Dodo As A Source Go Extinct. It’s an example of how bullshit their publication quality really is. 

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Would you say that something is definitely wrong with race relations? Are identity politics fueling the recent racial tensions? How do you think we move forward? And finally do you think social justice that is family led, not state driven, should be looked at?

Oh yeah; race relations have always been rocky since the beginning. They’ve obviously improved greatly over the past few decades, but with events like Trump’s presidency, police shootings/blm, or even the DAPL attention on race has come back to light. While there are some legit concerns, part of that could be attributed to the media trying to sensationalize everything.

I think honest and rational discussion without so much sweeping generalizations (that inevitably come from the obsession with I.D politics) would do us a lot of good.

“I am grateful to ABS-CBN but this is damn irresponsible. You do not go about propagating WAR. Especially if you can reach at least 80% of the population.”

“I condemn the ABS CBN TV Patrol POLL dated October 20, 2011 for irresponsibly asking a complex question: "Papayag ba kayo na itigil na peace talks at mag ALL OUT WAR na laban sa MILF?” While 97% voted for YES, does this follow that 97% want to stop the peace talks AND at the same time launch an ALL OUT WAR against the MILF? Let us not allow a question to compromise the peace talks. NO to sensationalizing of news and complex questions. YES to fairness and accuracy of news! MEDIA, KNOW YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! [Please post this in your status until this reaches the mainstream.“
- From Mr. Ping Medina, taken from FB


I have always hated the way we report news. It is vastly unfair to Muslims. As I said in a previous post: It pains my ear how they report such things on local news too, if a crime was committed by a Muslim, they are quick to point it out like “Isang Muslim ang nangholdap ng banko!” yet we never hear “isang Kristayano ang nang rape ng bata!”. It’s stupid & irresponsible.

For more insight on the matter, do this blog.

STOP THE AIRING OF EATEN ALIVE AND BOYCOTT THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL. The Discovery Channel is now commiting animal abuse for creating a show called…

I’m sure it’s going to be faked, but I don’t care.  The fact that they even made a show like this makes my blood boil.

1. It’s impossible for a green anaconda to swallow a full grown man.
2. Even if it were possible, in order to get him out, you’d have to cut the snake open or force a regurge, both would be very stressful to the snake and definite animal abuse.
3. This is SENSATIONALISM.  Complete and utter garbage.  Just perpetuating the idea that snakes are man-eaters.
4. The man calls himself an animal lover  but no self respecting animal lover would ever pull a stunt like this.  It’s sick.

“You’ll be hard pressed to find a Chicago native that doesn’t think Chicago has a problem. We don’t get in our feelings about hearing truths about our city, which is more than I can say about natives of certain other cities.

What most of us are mad about is that the violence in Chicago was double the current numbers ten years ago, but no one gave a damn– locally or nationally. No one cared about brown folks dying on the South and West Sides. Once Obama got elected, everybody decided to finally give a damn. But it’s all faux interest. It’s gawking. People are using Chief Keef and ‘black on black violence’ as strawmen, but not saying anything about Rahm over here closing 50 schools in brown neighborhoods. Or the history of structural racism in the city. Or that intense policing of brown neighborhoods isn’t a viable option. Or that fact that community organizations have been rallying around the issue of youth murders for at least ten years.

It’s personal. I’m related to people on these victim lists. I went to school with some of them. If you’re down to discuss the racism and classism that’s the root of this issue, cool. If not, grab a deep dish from Giordano’s and a mix bag from Garrett’s and get out.”

– the ever-astute Diamond Sharp

Look at Arya’s final scene in the House of Black and White, the one where she goes blind. In outline form, it works fine: Arya, unable to let go of her personal vendettas, killed someone she wasn’t supposed to kill, and the Faceless Men punish her by taking her vision.

The problem is in the details. Think about when the Waif turns into Jaqen H’ghar—since when can the Faceless Men grow their bodies? And how is fake Jaqen wearing an Arya mask under his other dozen or so faces? We were led to believe that the Faceless Men can only wear the faces of people they’d treated after their deaths. My bet is that the writers were focused on coming up with shocking moments (“Jaqen’ll have Arya’s face—that’ll be creepy!”) and didn’t stop to think if they made sense. The unintended consequence is that, instead of being floored, the audience is just confused.

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Is it just me, or does people saying 'omg megalodon could still be alive!' seem kind of disrespectful to scientists? I dunno, something rankles me about the assumption that scientists just 'guessed' that it was extinct.

It 100% is disrespectful to scientists. 

Disregarding the majority scientific opinion - aka the thing with the largest amount of data backing it up - is basically saying 

“Hey, we know you worked really hard and gathered up all these facts and stuff, but we don’t really care and we want to believe what we believe in anyway.” 

Does Cartoon Network Want You to Want to Bang the Powerpuff Girls?

Dennis Barger Jr. of Wonderworld Comics and Detroit Fanfare posted a photo on Facebook of a special variant cover for IDW’s Powerpuff Girls #6, which you should all take a moment and look at right now (above). Yeah. The big eyes, heavy makeup, thigh-high fetish boots, short, tight, latex mini-dresses on sexually developed adult bodies bodies… we’re pretty sure they’ve got the formula wrong here. Let’s see… sugar… spice… chemical X… nope, sex appeal isn’t on the ingredient list…

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Woman who spent 8 HOURS a day picking her skin is finally cured
Angela Hartlin, 29, from Nova Scotia, Canada, became a prisoner in her own home due to the constant picking of her face, arms and chest due to dermatillomania.

No! No! No!

Caters News, who misquoted me and twisted details of my story (along with being sensationalistic, lying about allowing me to proof it) turned me into clickbait. Not only is this article in the Daily Mail, but it’s on more than 10 other sites in at least 5 languages.

I’ll be updating my blog to address my concerns…. as soon as I cool off. In the meantime, my truth is here.