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I hate how hostile politics have become nowadays. It's gotten to the point where you can't even slightly agree with people you normally don't like. For example, I thought that Christopher Hitchens was sort of a bigoted asshole when he was alive, who used sensationalism to push his views (in fact, I kind of have a problem severe anti-Theism in general). However, there were times where I did agree with him (such as on Radical Islam being normalized), and I didn't wish anything bad on him.

I think it’s because we’re inundated with it. I’ve talked before about how political arguments are built on demonising the other side to make their own side look better in comparison, and because people want to be seen as Right, then they often feel the need to make their opponents Evil And Wrong.

But at the same time, you do come across people that are very clearly Wrong (by being openly bigoted) and then when you criticise that with open reasoning, they then get to demonise you by going, “Nope, not true, they’re just demonising me!” and refuse to take any criticism.

Politics is a horrible mess. Even away from the biggest parties.

I could reblog a post from a radfem that said nothing but, “Misogyny is bad” and I guarantee that there’d be someone that would jump in and go, “But that came from a radfem!” as though that simple sentiment that all decent people would agree with is somehow tainted because someone that they didn’t like agreed with it.

Same for literally any group. Everything’s polarised to the Nth degree and it’s utterly pointless.

this pride month, please remember that every corporation that puts rainbows on its logo or tweets a hashtag does not care about equal rights or our suffering, they care about profit and public image and the only reason they like rainbows is good PR

of course it is fine to feel validated or uplifted by it, and may help a tiny bit as far as ‘normalizing’ goes, but keep in mind that every one of these these multi-million or -billion dollar companies are using ‘equal rights’ and mainstream media’s delight in sensationalizing lgbt stories as free advertising for themselves

it is not progress so much as the wolf putting on sheep’s clothing as a marketing ploy. it is the same old capitalist state that has stepped on us for decades, and if it would benefit them more to publicly attack us, they would be doing it.

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The amount of negative feedback from the Netflix series that's coming out (Dear White People) is very alarming.

It’s hilarious to me! There’s so much coddling to white audiences when it comes to telling stories of the experiences of black people, it’s time they get to tell a very honest story. I watched the movie this show is based off of and could not BELIEVE one of the colleges showcased at the end of the movie that had a party where students wore blackface was the University of Florida, in MY OWN TOWN. Some people need to have these stories told, because sadly it isn’t really sensationalized, and a mirror needs to be held up to us to reveal our privilege and our internalized racism that we must continuously work to improve.

NASA calls Gwyneth Paltrow’s ridiculous bio-frequency healing stickers exactly what they are: ridiculous

  • Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Goop” lifestyle brand has no problem hawking products with sensationalized marketing claims.
  • In fact, a short list would probably include $66 jade eggs meant for shoving up vaginas or smoothie sex dust” made of “vanilla mushroom protein powder,” cordyceps caterpillar fungi and other odd ingredients.
  • But now, a NASA scientist is criticizing Paltrow’s “body vibes” stickers, which claim to use “NASA space suit material” to “rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies.”
  • Goop alleged that the stickers are made with “the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits.” That sounds really impressive, except for the fact that it’s probably not true.
  • A NASA representative told Gizmodo that they “do not have any conductive carbon material” lining their astronaut spacesuits, and if they did, such material wouldn’t be used to monitor human vital signs like Goop claims. Read more (6/23/17)

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Just something to keep in mind

The mention of Martin Singer (known as a legal guard dog to the stars)  as Louis’ lawyer in the official press release - which is now being carried in every media article -  is extremely strategic.

No one will mess with Martin Singer, and that means people will be careful to drag Louis further and sensationalize this mess with false details. As The New York Times has written, “Nothing gets Mr. Singer going like a whiff of defamation.” So tabloids watch out. Don’t try to spin this into anything else. Don’t aim for character assassination part 200.

Siyvester Stallone has said this about Singer: “If you rattle his cage, you’re in for a fight.”

So yes, having it widely known that Martin Singer is Louis Tomlinson’s lawyer is a massive “BACK THE FUCK OFF” and “DON’T MESS WITH US” and right now that works strongly in Louis’ favour.

  • heathers, both the movie and the musical: a black comedy, but still a commentary against the glamorization and sensationalization of suicide by media and fellow peers, the uselessness and apathy of adults in position of power to help children when their struggles in their most critical moments, the senselessness of violence in solving problems, and how environments like highschool can become so awful because of how people feel compelled to become a part of it instead of trying to change their world. but ultimately it is better to be alive than dead, to reject the idea of confronting your peers and problems with violence, and instead chose to change your world by being kind to one another
  • people who should get gold stars for missing the point: "yeah but how cool was it when JD murdered the cool kids?"
How to be a friend to someone with DID

Whether your friend has just told you they have DID, or you’ve known for a long time, there are right and wrong ways to approach situations with them. Talk to your friend for specifics about them, this absolutely won’t apply to everyone but is a good place to start!

-Treat them like a human, like a person worthy of respect. Never ridicule, sensationalize, or dehumanize them.

-Understand that severe early childhood trauma causes DID, and that it’s likely not appropriate to ask for any details. Don’t press your friend for information, but be available to listen if you can.

-Understand that switching alters is often difficult to detect and you may not be able to distinguish them. Talk to your friend for specifics on how you should react.

-Know that dissociation is at the core of DID, and your friend will likely experience confusion, memory issues, and other dissociative symptoms. These are also not okay to mock and it is never okay to take advantage of these symptoms.

-As with any friend, know that you are entitled to time to yourself and space. People with DID have suffered through far more than anyone should have to, and may come across as “negative.” Support and care for them! Know that you should also be supported and that it’s okay to have space when you need it.

-Anon pointed out also that you shouldn’t assume you have the same friendship with all members of the system. Your friend may seem very distant or not remember things about you; please do not take offense to this. You can definitely try to befriend the entire system, but recognize that they are all complex individuals and you will likely have very mixed results. 

Communication is the most important thing!

For anyone about to have a hospital visit or surgery:
  • If this is your first hospitalization–or even if it’s not!–remember that you are in good hands.  Doctors help thousands of patients every day, and you are no exception.  You are safe.

  • If you’re having surgery on any area of the torso (especially on an organ), bring a soft pillow or stuffed animal with you beforehand.  I know some hospitals provide this, but it’s always nice to have a backup.  Even with pain meds, you may cough or sneeze at any point, and gently hugging this cushion can work wonders in lessening pain!

  • Medical scars are not ugly.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for companionship.  You deserve company in a time that may be scary for you!  Some friends and family may be looking for your approval before they visit in the first place, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

  • And that goes for the reverse too!  If you’d rather have your own space, it’s not rude to say so at all.  You are under no obligation to entertain guests while you’re trying to recover!  If you need to be alone, you can.

  • If something hurts, say so.  I don’t know why the concept of the “hospital superhuman” is so sensationalized when pain medicine is literally there to help you! If the pain’s a 10, don’t downplay it as a 2. You are brave enough just for doing what you’re doing; forcing yourself to be in prolonged pain isn’t necessary. 

  • If a doctor approves it, popsicles are a good starting point for easy-to-stomach foods that also taste nice.

  • There is no shame in needing a bedpan, a catheter, or assistance showering or using the restroom.  You are not weak.  You are recovering.

  • You can do this.
“What A Ride” A. Andrews x Reader imagine

WARNING(S)  Okay I have only one thing to say… don’t drive and get’s fingered by your boyfriend at the same time! Reference of fingering. / not edited \

IMAGINE ABOUT: When you and your boi go on a interesting ride. 

Archie reached across the table and laced the fingers on our right hand together, igniting that familiar warmth. A half-smile bloomed on Achie’s lips as he glanced at my neck for a moment before he glanced at my neck for a moment before meeting my gaze. He did that a lot–stared at the hickey he gave me. And every time he did, this look would flash in his eyes just for a second, like he was overwhelmed with what it meant. 

“Have I ever told you just how much I like you?” 

My own lips tugged upwards. “Not nearly enogh.” 

He lifted our intertwined hands and pressed a kiss against my fingers, turning the flame that sizzled between us into a forest fire which burned pleasantly alond my veins. “I really, really like you, Y/N. Like, a lot.” 

“You’re not so bad yourself.” 

Archie chuckled, his dimple teasing me. “Your pride’s going tto end up killing you one day.” 

I stuck my tongue out in response. And then. “Are you finished your milkshake? Or do you want to sit here all day and discuss more of your deepest, darkest secrets? The lunch menu did look pretty tempting…” 

Every day this week we had gone out for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, but never two in one. Archie would stroll into whatever room or class I was in all casual, and tell me to get ready, or tell me we were leaving. It had become a thing. Having lunch here would definitely break some kind of rule, and I personally liked the little routine we had going. 

“Definitely finished.” 

After paying the bill, Archnie and I exited the dinner and climbed inside his car. It wasn’t until we were ten minutes into the ride, singing along to the radio that I noticed we weren’t taking the usual route home. 

“Where are we going?” I asked. 

“I’m pretty sure that’s not the line,” Archie replied, grinning. 

“Yeah, well, I’m free styling,” I dead-panned, turning down the radio. “And you’re deflecting.” 

He chuckled. “We’re going nowhere, babe.” 

Archie,” I groaned 

Y/N,” he mimicked 

“Come on, for all I know you could be taking me to a slaughterhouse where I finally meet my end.” 

The sound of Archie’s laughter filled the car. “A slaughterhouse? Seriously, where do you came up with this stuff? I’m going to start writting them down.” 

“Okay, so maybe I watch a lot of horror movies. Sue me.” 

“Yeah, don’t I know it.” 

Okay, and perhaps I had talked Archie into watching one or two horror movies with me, and it was very possible the he wasn’t the biggest fan of the genre. But in my defence, Veronica had forced Titanic on Betty and I three times in one week, and I fugured it was as good a way as any to replace the heartbreaking imagine of Leonardo DiCaprio sinking at the bottom of the ocea. 

There was totally enogh space on that door, contrary to Betty’s beliefs. 

“I take that a s no, then?” I said

Archie rolled his eyes. “You’re relentless. We relly are going nowhere, Y/N. I just feel like driving arond for a while.” 

“And why’s that?” I asked, not buying it. 

“Because I want you all to myself for a little longer before we have to go back home when privacy is a luxury the universe clearly doesn’t think we deserve.” 


A small smile toyed on the end of my mouth. “Okay,” I said, just like that. “You win. But if we’re just going to be driving around—” 


My mouth fell open at Archie’s abrupt interruption. “You don’t even know what I was going to say!” 

He rolled his eyes. “No, you can’t drive my car. Is that better?” 

So maybe I had asked Archie a few dozen times if he would let me drive, and maybe his answer was the same every time. And maybe I had stupidly told him about the incident with mymother’s car back in April. But I hadn’t sat behind the wheel of a car, much less driven one, since I’d got here. And with Riverdale territory, I was craving speed. 

Luckily for me, we reached a red light, so like the evil enchantress I was turning out to me, I leaned over and closer the gap between Archie and I. Resting one hand on his thigh, I whispered, “Please?” in his ear. 

Archie cleared his throat. “No.” 

Slowly, I dragged my fingers along the inside of his thigh, causing him o grip the steering wheel that little bit tighter. Then I pressed a kiss against the sensitive spot under his jaw, and when my tongue flicked out, tasting his warm skin, I knew I had him. 


“Mmm?” I hummed as I kissed along his neck, feeling his pulse vibrate against me. 

“You’re going to make me crash.” he said breathily, and I realised het the light must have turned green. When my tongue glided across his senstive spot again, Archie surrendered. “Fuck.Okay.” 

Just like that, I pulled away, settling back into my seat. “See, that wasn’t too hard, was it” I said, all casual, as if my pulse wasn’t fluttering out of control ass well. 

I was so going to Hell. 

Archie turned into an empty-one way street and pulled over on the side before pushing his seat as far as it was build to go, taking off his seatbelt and then taking off mine. 

“What are y—” 

Archie efforlessly lifted me from my seat, as if I was a feather, ignoring my surprised squeal. And then he placed me between his muscular thigs, my back pressed against him and his hands holding my waist. Luckily for him, his choice of transport today had been his spacious Range Rover, which had enogh room in the driver’s seat for us both, considering the fact that I was plastered all over him. 

I knew this was too good to be true. 

“Come on, you didn’t really think I was going to let you behind the wheel of my car all by yourself, did you, babe?” Archie said, his deep voice vibrating against me. I could feel his heart beating wildly, a sign that he was still flustered. 

I runed my head and glared at him, but his smut smirk only grew. “I’m not a child, Archie. This is ridiculous,” I huffed. 

“I prefer the term compromise.” And then “Well, what are you waiting for? I thought you wanted to drive.” 

“You’re such an ass.” 

Still, I turned on the ignition and started driving, realising that Archie had purposefully choosen a desolate area where there was only a plethora of trees on both sides of the street. I could go as fast or as slow as I desired, and there was no way we were going to get pulled over for our very illegal seating arrangment. 

I hadn’t really been paying much attention to the fact that I was sitting between Archie’s thigs with my ass and back pressed against him, or to the fact that his delicious scent was clinging to me, or even the fact that I could feel every breath he took. But when his hands moved from my waist to rest on top of my thighs, thanks to the mini denim skirt I was wearing, the realisation hit me like a ton of bricks and it became very hard to concentrate. 

Archie much have noticed my grip tighten on the steering wheel. “What’s wrong?” he asked,, all sweet and casual. 

Guess he was going to be joining me in Hell. 

“Nothing,” I answered, speeding up a little bit. Yes, I thought. This was good. Go faster. 

And then Archie spread my legs apart ever so slightly and pressed a soft kiss under my ear, and everything inside me liquified. Payback was a bitch. 

“What are you doing?” I asked breathily, thankful that there we no cars or pedistrains lurking around because this was deifnition of dangerous, times a thousand. 

Archie’s tongue and teeth glided sensationally across my neck, pausing only to kiss my hickey. “Concentrate on driving Y/N,” he said in a low voice, his fingers trailing like tiny snakes along my thigs, travelling higher and higher. Goosebumps scattered all over my skin. 

“I can’t,” I rasped, leaning further against his solid chest. When I did, I felt that Archie was just as turned on as I was, and I knew then that I was definitely going to wrap this car around a tree. 

“You can,” he whispered, continuing to rain kisess all over my neck and collarbone. When he pushed my skirt up, fingers brushing slowly–painfully fucking–slowly against my lace panties. I all but slammed my foot down on the brake. 

Concentrate on driving, my ass. 

Archie chuckled into my neck, the sound deep and husky, and doing my arousal absolutely no favours. “Park on the side of the street.” 

I had never been so happy to follow one of Archie Andrew’s orders. 

Once I had safely parked, Archie turned me around so that I was stradding him, my skirt now pushed all the way up to my hips. His lips immediately found mine in a surprisingly soft, slow kiss, turning my bones into honey. It was like Archie needed me to know that this was all him– that he was in complete control. 

With our lips fused, I tugged the bottom of Archie’s henley, wanting to feel his skin and muscles in all their glory. We broke away for only a moment as he pulled his shirt over his head, discarding it on the passenger seat. 

Thank God for tinted windows and empty streets. 

And the hell with giving a damn. 

My hands snaked across Archie’s chest–across his heart– over his broad shoulders and rested on his muscular back. When his hand went in between my legs and his fingertip instantly found the right spot, stroking slowly and gently, everything inside me imploded wonderfully. 

Archie..” I moaned his name like my favourite prayer, titling my head back in pleasure. 

“Look at me,” Archie said, his deep voice coated in desire. 

I did as told, meeting Archie’s beautiful eyes, and then I felt the urge to kiss the life out of him. His mouth curled upwards in a half-smirk and then his finger slipped inside me, causing me to cry out in euphoria. 

Oh, my God.” 

“That’s not my name,” Archie said and I cold hear the wolfish grin in his voice as his fingers continued to caress and explore, sending a series of tremors down my entire body. Then he slipped another finger inside me and my nails clawed at his back, cluthing on for a dear life whilst his touch incinerated me. 

“Open your eyes, love.” 

I menaged to shake my head in response, unable to do anything other than gasp and moan waiting agonisingly for my release. This was pure heaven. 

Archie used his other hand— the one that wasn’t totally destroying all my self-control– to gently pull my chin towards him so he could kiss me, and another tsunami of delight crashed oover me. “Please?” he asked softly, lips gazing mine. 

My eyes fluttered open but they were hooded and I was so damn close to my release, I could feel the anticipation spreading all through my limbs. My nerves crackled and sputtered like sparklers before electicity surged through every atom in my body. 

“You’re the prettiest fucking person I’ve ever seen,” Archie rasped, his expression one of awe and appreciation. 

And then he finally granted me my release, and I exploded like a supernova, inadvertently dragging my nails alond Archie’s spine and digging then into his lower back as I cried out in pure, unadulterated exstasy. My lungs felt positively destroyed and I was sure my ribcage was going to shatter and splinter my organs, the sensation was that intense. I was left panting and most likely sweating as I leaned my head against Archie’s shoulder. 

Holy fucking shit. Archie Andrews was a goddamn wizard. 

I felt Archie raise his hand to his mouth and I knew, without even looking, that he was licking his fingers tasting me. “Perfect,” he mumbled. Then he pressed a kiss into my hair and let his hands go under my t-shirt, resting his palms on my lower back. I wrapped my arms around his neck: sitting like this, it felt something close to home.

“Sorry about your back. Think I drew blood,” I mumbled into his warm skin, though I had a suspicion that he actually liked it when I clawed his back. 

I felt his laugh before I head it. “It’s okay. Sorry in advance about your sore throat,” he teased. It was his fault for being so damnn good with his hands/ 

I lifted my head from his shoulder to stick my tongue out but stopped short when I was the look of absolute, unwavering devotion in his eyes, and the lazy smile on his face. He was the picture of serenity. So, instead, I kissed his chest, then his collarbone, his neck and then his jaw, which I felt clench. 

“Y/N,” Archie said. “I really, really don’t want our first time to be in a car.” 

I smiled and pressed a final kiss against his cheek before looking at him. 

“That’s good,” I replied. Neither did I. 

“I’m not a saint, though.” 

This time I laughed. “No shit?” 

“You’re terrible,” Archie responded. “And I’m being serious. Any self-control I had left is hanging by a thread. 

“If I’m not mistaken, you were the one who hive me a nuclear orgasm. I was merely an innocent bystander.” 

Archie grinned, dimples and all. “Nuclear, huh?” 

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up.” 

He chuckled. “Y/N Y/L/N, if I didn’t know you any better I’d say I just rocked your world. And it’s barely even midday.: 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Next time. I’ll do the honours.” 

Archie shook his head and looked up, like he was hoping the roof would open and then the sky would split in half and God would hand him some of that self-control he wanted to bad. “Our first time is not going to be in a car,” he told himself. 

I tried not to laugh. “You said that already,” 

“It’s not,” he insisted, and then groaned when I kissed the senstive spot under his jaw. Purgatory was completely out in the question for me. 

“What were you saying again?” 

And then In a flash, I was off Archie’s lap and sitting in the passenger seat, and he was wearing his henley again. I was laghing so hard whilst I put on my seatbelt. I thought I was going to run out of the little oxygen I had left in my lungs. 

“You,” Archie sad, out of breath, as he turned the car on, “Babe, are you sorceress.” 

“Pot. Kettle. Black.” 

“I didn’t remember you complaning.” 

This time I did stuck my tongue out. 

Archie just laughed. “Best breakfast ever.” 

I really, really hope you like it!

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Computer scientist in the 70s:

With science and technology expanding at this rate, we might have communication on a global scale. Think of all the possibilities for the future!

Thought bubble:

Black trans kid on vlog: Today in school, I learned about how Stalin’s regime killed tens of millions of people. Hitler wasnt even that bad.

MSM: Nazi youtuber proclaims ‘Hitler wasnt bad’

Virtual hordes of sheeple: DOXX IMMEDIATELY! Any victim points they may have are now void. Make this follow them for the rest of their life! Tell their family and friends they are a NAZI and tell every employer they ever get! Put them on The List. HERETIC! HERETIC! HERETIC! Soon the great Revolution shall begin, But when it does, The weight of their heresy shall stay their feet, And they shall be left behind. HERETIC! HERETIC! HERETIC!

Here’s the thing: Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a poor. She isn’t a woman of color. To my knowledge she’s not LGBTQ. She’s not the target of police brutality. She doesn’t have to worry about her family’s gravesites being desecrated and destroyed for an oil company. She doesn’t have to worry about being deported. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on when she tells people to “not riot,” and to “love racists no matter who they voted for or what they believe in.” Who the fuck is she to tell anybody that? She hasn’t mentioned NoDAPL, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, or the fact that the country elected a fucking sexual predator into office. 

She’s made millions of dollars starring in a movie that promotes and sensationalized rioting and rebelling against an oppressive government to the point of violence and warfare if it means achieving equality and justice. Hell, when Mockingjay Part 1 was released in theaters, the riots in Ferguson were still happening. How the hell is she going to tell the people who are living with oppression, inequality, and injustice every goddamned day that they’re wrong for protesting and not “loving thy racist fucking neighbor?" 

I’m not here for this patronizing, white feminist bullshit. I don’t know who the fuck this broad thought she was empowering but she can sit the fuck down.

EDIT: This post has blown up and if you honestly read all of that and your first goddamned reaction is to turn it around and make it all about you and your hurt white feelings, you missed the point and are probably a gross, self-important racist no matter how “liberal” and “progressive” you think you are. You’re doing nobody any favors with this false sense of advocacy. Get lost.

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I know you're taking a bit of break, but I thought I'd ask my question anyway. Let's say Louis has to terrify about these charges, and questions come up where he would have to answer and break his NDA. Would negative consequences arise if he spoke the truth so as to not perjure himself, but in the process broke the NDA he is bound to re : closeting and/or stunts?

I would assume there is an exception to the NDA to respond to legal inquiries if necessary (later they might fight over whether it was necessary), but he’d have to take effort to keep that information limited to only those who would need to know, like investigating officers and the lawyers involved. When we have a case involving information subject to a protective order, for example, we have to designate sections of a deposition as highly confidential and they (and relevant documents) must be filed under seal with the court. (But only those parts; we file a redacted document in the court’s online filing system, which is publicly accessible, and send the unredacted version to judge’s chambers). During a trial, a similar thing happens, and if there’s anyone in the courtroom not already party to the protective order, they have to leave or agree to be bound to its terms. 

Louis is unlikely to ever say much of anything here, though. If he’s been advised at all by his team, the first thing he did upon being arrested was ask for his attorney. And then he kept his mouth shut until the attorney arrived. And his attorney would have handled things. This isn’t something where the police really need any more evidence than a basic explanation of what occurred. They don’t need to know the background or why or everyone’s relationships, other than superficially. All that’s irrelevant. Being released on 20,000 bail is nothing. No one thinks this is particularly a big deal, really, other that a press that wants to sensationalize everything. He has no prior record. No one really got hurt or it wouldn’t be this simple of a charge. His lawyer will deal with it. Good chance the charges are dropped before his next court date or they reach an easy plea where he has to apologize and do some public service. They could push forward to make an example of him, but that seems unlikely considering the sympathies here (man who just lost his mother pushed to brink defending his girlfriend – whether that’s what happened, that’s how you spin it) and that he has no priors.

Marx’s ‘demystification’ of commodity fetishism might seem to consist of pointing out that, because the commodity is merely an object, its sensational power is an illusion. It is more accurate, however, to say that Marx insists that the source of this power is not a natural or physical property of the commodity; it is because the commodity embodies labor that it has a sensational aura. The relation of embodiment that connects the processes that produce objects and the objects themselves is difficult to grasp because it deconstructs both empiricist and idealist epistemologies. Marx’s use of phrases such as ‘congealed labor’ and ‘crystallized labor’ to describe the commodity points to its double status as material object and sign, simultaneously concrete and abstract. As the tangible evidence of system of production and exchange, the commodity is not simply a material object but a social object. […] Marx insists that the commodity be understood as a social construct. Those social processes cannot be read independently of their material instantiation in the commodity or body, however, and the commodity is thus something more than the arbitrary sign of a referent that could be located elsewhere.
—  Cvetkovich, “Marx’s Capital and the Mystery of the Commodity” in Mixed Feelings, 192

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Whats wrong with that show

Albert Camus once wrote, “Good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.”

Numerous credible evidence-based organizations with a firm grasp of the suicide prevention world discourage graphic depictions or discussions of suicide, because, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and others, risk of additional suicides increases when a story explicitly describes the suicide method, uses dramatic or graphic headlines or images, and when repeated coverage of that story sensationalizes or glamorizes a death.According to a variety of expert sources, harmful portrayals of suicide may include some of the following features, many of which “13 Reasons Why” uses in its portrayals of Hannah and her community:

  • They may simplify suicide by suggesting that bullying alone is the cause.
  • They may make suicide seem romantic by putting it in the context of a Hollywood plot line. A simple, logical, and well-connected plotline may satisfy the story arc needs of a viewing audience, but it is rarely, if ever, the way that suicides really happen.
  • They may portray suicide as a viable option, one that can be an understandable outcome given a particular set of circumstances. In nearly all cases, people who die by suicide have a diagnosable (and therefore treatable) mental health problem at the time of their death.
  • They may display graphic representations of suicide which may be harmful to viewers, especially young ones and those who are highly sensitized to suicide imagery, as most attempt survivors and loss survivors are.
  • They may advance the false notion that suicides are a way to teach others a lesson, and that the deceased person will finally be understood and vindicated. They won’t. They’ll still be dead.

    Make sure to read this other great article:

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