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Dear PEEPS, I’m sorry I couldn’t get more out sooner. I’m working, plus working on commissions, but this one was fairly easy so I worked on it for three days to get it done for you guys! ENJOY!

insight into misty’s anger problem

IF you can call it an anger problem.

This is less of a headcanon and more of a thought I’ve been mulling for ages and ages. But yes, either way, it’s still long and rambly. Lol. Saddle up, kids, this post is gonna go on forever.

Misty was not very close with her sisters before leaving home. We see this in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City and The Misty Mermaid and even a bit in Gotta Catch Ya Later, as well as in flashbacks from Princess Vs Princess and Cerulean Blues, but yeah. It wasn’t like it was abuse or neglect or anything but… there was a bridge, a gap, a wall, that had clearly been placed there.

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anonymous asked:

How are your sisters? What are they up to these days?

“My sisters still run the gym, but they manage their own careers as well. Lily and Violet are gravure models, while Daisy (who’s a bit too old to pass for one any more but don’t you dare tell her I said it because I’ll never hear the end of it) uses her reputation as a Sensational Sister to appear as a guest actress on certain television shows. I think she’s trying to get into directing or something? Probably because she was so into that when she and our other sisters put together their water ballets when I was younger…”