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After coming across @allthingsmisty‘s old headcanon about Misty and Cilan, I felt compelled to imagine what that friendship might be like. And how Cilan might help along a certain romance…

(After a lot of digital color work, I decided to go back to markers this time, with the computer for tweaks. Interesting results, but not the fastest process.)


By day, she’s one half of the hit pop sensation “Squid Sisters.”  By later that same day, Marie is Agent 2 from the secretive New Squidbeak Splatoon! Stepping in for the out-of-office Cap'n Cuttlefish, she’s been keeping a watchful eye on the shady Octarians. As a side note, the newly recruited Agent 4 has apparently never heard of the Squid Sisters?! Agent 4 must be one of those newfangled cord cutters. Or a hermit crab. Or both…

Headcanon: Misty looks like her dad, and her sisters look like their mom.

Daisy’s and Misty’s hair/eye color is natural, while Violet and Lily dye their hair and one of them wears colored contacts.

Their mom definitely has a flower name like Rose! And yes, she likes the romantic/finer things in life and cares about her appearance… but she’s not as ditzy as the three older ones. She’s more likely the oblivious type that gives the benefit of the doubt to anyone with a serene smile on her face. She’ll offer you a glass of… ahem, grape juice (4kids à la mode) if she can. Since she has this air of elegance she probably has a Seaking!

I would think the dad would have a simple name like Jack (except the Titanic movie ruined that for me in middle school!) and FOR SOME REASON HIS VOICE SOUNDS LIKE A MORE REFINED NIGEL THORNBERRY lmao!  He can be quite the gentleman and generous, so he’s given his daughters a prime example of how they should be treated by their dates. Ooh, yes, and he has a Blastoise!

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Dear PEEPS, I’m sorry I couldn’t get more out sooner. I’m working, plus working on commissions, but this one was fairly easy so I worked on it for three days to get it done for you guys! ENJOY!

New Sensations

My Ivar one-shot that was requested yesterday will be out in about an hour! I hope you guys appreciate the amount of porn I had to watch amount of research I had to do to write this correctly. ;)

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Will & Kala

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  • When Will and Kala officially meet, we kinda get a glimpse of how their relationship is going to be
  • Will is like a big brother who always tries to protect his sister
  • Kala is a younger sister who’s learning what it means to become a woman – an adult, I would say. And gradually becoming one
  • I wouldn’t say they have much interactions, but they have trust in each other – that Will gets (mostly medical) help from Kala and sometimes Kala asks Will for advice
  • They’re both logical and compassionate at the same time. Will can fight, and so can Kala (she can make the bomb)
  • So basically they’re very much alike – which is why I kinda want to see them having some sort of conflict? I think it’ll be interesting to see our sensate brother/sister arguing over an important matter – like Wolfgang, for example? (I’ll explain it later)

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers)

2x02 Who Am I?

It’s not really an interaction, I would say, because Will is literally in sleep. Still I just like this scene cause we get to see more of Kala’s contribution to the cluster as a medic.

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet


– Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like this scene?! I love how Kala being all talkative while Will is just there…listening to her. The fact is as soon as she talks about the issue (of telling Rajan everything) along with her not-so-subtle-jealousy towards Lila, Will instantly knows the answer. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t really listening to her.

@lightgamble I mean look at him lol. He’s like “Hmm? you’re saying?”

– Anyway, still they’re able to give each other good advice…especially for Kala. I like that Will was very considerate with his response because as a member of same cluster, he definitely knows how Kala and Wolfgang feel for each other…and how Kala is still struggling with her feelings, with herself overall. So he’s very careful not to be too straightforward, but still be able to give advice that might help her realize what’s best for her, what she really wants, and who she truly loves.

– The reaction of Kala was like “oh shit…” then immediately changes subject. Not to mention giving the most (yeah I’m kinda exaggerating lol) straightforward advice “you need to eat properly, take your medicine, and focus!” after all, she is scientist.

2x11 You Want A War?


– I know I said earlier that Kala and Will have trust in each other (all 8 of them have trust in one another, but you know what I mean) but this was like the moment where they really seem like real brother and sister. Will is like “really, seriously? That’s the idea? You’re scientist for Christ sake. Come on. Now what.” and Kala doesn’t mind at all when Will and Wolfgang don’t seem to approve her idea.

OK, so about “the conflict over important matter” thing? I was just imagining what might happen in season 3 – I can say canon right? correct me if I’m wrong, but anyway – we know that throughout the season, Will was very determined to take down Whispers (and BPO). And Kala who confessed her love to Wolfgang would probably do anything to save him.

What if, what would happen if the cluster faces a situation in which they have make a choice, between Whisper’s life and Wolfgang’s life? As you know the chairman of BPO needs Whispers, so his life is quite valuable and if he dies, the damage will be severe to BPO. But they have Wolfgang as hostage.

So in one point, (assuming they can’t have both – taking down Whispers AND saving Wolfgang) the cluster may have to decide what is more important to them.

  1. Take down BPO…a sacrifice for greater good?
  2. Save Wolfgang (#SaveWolfie)…protect the one you love?

I know that Will is not just gonna abandon Wolfgang, but what I’m saying is there might be conflict of interest within the cluster – especially between Will and Kala. I mean we’ve already seen that kind of “conflict of interest” with Sun (how to do with her brother). So it’s possible to happen, but again it’s just me imagining things. However, if it happens, I’m pretty sure the cluster will find a way and do the right thing (Hopefully save Wolfgang and send him to Paris with Kala).

Still I want to see Will and Kala trying to persuade each other what’s best for the cluster. Will’s saying there’s bigger threat coming after them, and Kala’s fighting hard for her love.

`OITNB` Star Yael Stone Teaches Yoga To Former Inmates In Real Life

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You could understand her as the thoroughly coiffed hopeless romantic prisoner Lorna Morello on Orange Is the New Black, yet possibly exactly what you really did not know was starlet Yael Rock hangs out counter teaching yoga exercise as well as meditation to those that have been incarcerated in genuine life.

Stone, who is an experienced yoga exercise educator, volunteers with Freedom Jail Yoga exercise, a NYC-based company that brings trauma-conscious yoga programs to jails and also jails.

“I’m not a lawyer, which is most likely just what would certainly be most useful,” Rock told Buzzfeed. “Yet something I can offer is yoga.”

Because of the show’s shooting schedule Rock does not educate at prisons like the various other LPY instructors. Instead she leads a normal class at a NYC sanctuary for women who have actually been released from prison.

Yoga becomes part of her own everyday regimen, too. “Without yoga exercise, New York City would have definitely made me insane by now!” she informed Self in 2014. We recognize the sensation, sister.

“The physical technique can have a negative effects of offering you a strong body, yet I believe self-knowledge, patience, happiness as well as acceptance are at the heart of yoga exercise,” Stone said.

We have to ask yourself if she shows on the OITNB collection, also … or if Yoga Jones preserves that special honor.

(Fans of the show would recognize that Litchfield Penitentiary has their own in-house yoga exercise course, led by Yogi Jones.)

Interesting reality: Rock does not actually have that outstanding Brooklyn accent her character has on the program - she’s actually Australian!


  • Former Prisoner Becomes Chicago’s Urban Yoga Inspiration
  • Kids Yoga … In Juvenile Detention
  • Powerful Short Movie Shows Just how Meditation Can Help Prison Inmates
  • ‘Tension Goes Right to the Spinal column’– Yoga exercise Wisdom on 'Orange Is The Brand-new Black’

insight into misty’s anger problem

IF you can call it an anger problem.

This is less of a headcanon and more of a thought I’ve been mulling for ages and ages. But yes, either way, it’s still long and rambly. Lol. Saddle up, kids, this post is gonna go on forever.

Misty was not very close with her sisters before leaving home. We see this in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City and The Misty Mermaid and even a bit in Gotta Catch Ya Later, as well as in flashbacks from Princess Vs Princess and Cerulean Blues, but yeah. It wasn’t like it was abuse or neglect or anything but… there was a bridge, a gap, a wall, that had clearly been placed there.

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“Can we have ice cream later?” 

“Oh Misty darling, you know that sweet stuff makes you fat and is terrible for your teeth. And you’re so pretty, just like me when I was your age, do you want to be fat and ugly?”

“N-no mumma.”

“That’s my favorite girl. Now, honey do you remember the dance routine we practiced with your sisters?” 

“Yes mumma.” 

“Good. Now there’s your cue, baby—go out there and do your best for me.

Little Misty Morgan was born into a family of showbiz, with a mother Mitzi Morgan who was a popular Kantonese daytime actress in her prime and three stepsisters (Violet, Lily and Daisy) said mother managed  as a troupe of child-to-teenage dancers. (Their mother slept around with producers sometimes for better roles, and neither of the sisters have the same father, and Misty has no idea nor care who hers is). 

Misty was a very precocious toddler; smart, talented and confident, every moment captured on film and she out of all her siblings showed the best promise as a dancer and a singer and by god, did her mother make the most out of it, more so because she out of all her sisters most resembled their mother and was thus, the golden child. 
She was entered into child beauty pageants and was a part of the Sensational Sisters since she was five, dancing and performing when she wasn’t doing schoolwork and while she enjoyed it initially and loved working with Pokemon which was something which came naturally to her, it began to wear on her as she grew older and Mitzi wanted her to take a starring role which put her at odds with two of her older sisters Violet and Lily (who already resented her for being the favorite) and the practice workload and neverending shows took a toll on her grades. 
Mitzi micromanaging every aspect of her life and being emotionally (and as time went by, physically) abusive didn’t make the situation better and she battled with self-esteem and image issues as a teenager until she was fifteen at which point she got into a massive row with her mother (after hacking off most of her well-cultivate long hair which Mitzi was proud of), which resulted in a physical scuffle that was brought up in family court. 
Through emancipation of a minor, Misty was able to remove herself from Mitzi’s care  and Daisy, the one sister who was supportive of her (and was already 18 at that point) vouched to be her guardian.

Taking a sabbatical from showbusiness, she decided to focus on her studies as well as Pokemon training and gained both a stellar CGPA and extracurricular record, enough for her to be chosen to further her studies for Marine Biology in Unova which was attempting to mend its ties with Kanto at that time through a student exchange program. 
There, she met up with Marlon, the son of Humilau’s chief who was studying in her line and whom she grew close to. He struck up her interest in owning a gym, a desire which she took back with her to Kanto and after proving her worth as one of the nation’s top Pokemon trainers, was given the gym lease for Cerulean City. She’s steadfastly held on to it through criticisms lobbed her way from some members of the public who believed a ‘spoiled showbiz brat’ had no right to own a gym and her own mother who expounded constantly how doomed her venture was. 

Due to her time as a child celebrity, she’s become extremely good at faking niceties without even realizing it and comes off as a Stepford Smiler; While she loves dancing and performing and still puts on special shows with her sisters, she dislikes being reminded of her time performing as a child due to her memories of it versus what most people saw. 
Without her mask or for those who manage to get beyond it, she’s a headstrong, tempestuous, impatient and hotheaded spitfire who would step across broken glass for her passions and the people she loves, has an opinion for everything and will probably discourse you to death at three in the morning AND ANOTHER THING ASSHOLE

She doesn’t even know why she has a Togepi; DC (Dumb Cutie) is pretty much a useless pile of fluff she rescued during her travels that can’t battle yet, needs a lot of care and poops on her shoulders during inopportune times, but she dgaf, he cute. 

Other notes:
She’s partially based off Trish Walker from Jessica Jones! Also look, I wanted her to have a proper wetsuit don’t judge me.
It should be said at this point, that all headcanons including Misty’s story here, Old Gods and New Worlds and the Oak Family Saga are how these characters exist in Sins of the Father’s timeline, because I’m a sucker for stories. 

ISFJ vs. INFJ ask

Anon ask: If it’s not too much trouble, could you explain some possible reasons why an ISFJ might mistype as an INFJ and vice versa?


ISFJ: Si Fe Ti Ne

INFJ: Ni Fe Ti Se

The ISFJ’s first function is Si. This means they pull from experiences, memories, and past details and using these to compare to present experiences and obstacles. They are fairly conservative in their interactions with the outside world as compared to a Se user, and are more focused on details than material experiences and sensation. They are well attuned to their own physical state of wellbeing. They dislike change and prefer to preserve tradition and keep things the way they have always been. 

The INFJ’s primary function is Ni. This function looks for connections and meaning, looking to converge on a single truth. They seek out patterns in the world, picking up subconscious feelings and information and synthesizing them. They see the symbolism behind things and seek out deeper truth than what is present on the surface. Even when they don’t have sufficient proof to back up their claims, they may just “feel” like something is true or right. 

Both types then have Fe as their auxiliary function. They are interested in how other people are feeling, good at empathizing and caring when other people are hurt, and sometimes confused about how they feel unless they talk to other people about it. These two types are sometimes seen as “extroverted introverts” since their Fe makes them interested in cultivating their relationships with close friends. They are both very willing to help those around them and care about how they are doing. Although they may be more reserved about expressing their emotions than an extrovert, they like to discuss how they are feeling with others, and don’t like to process their emotions by themselves. 

Both types then have Ti as their tertiary function. They are interested in theories, information for the sake of learning, and playing with ideas inside their heads. In a situation, they can identify logical flaws, analyze, and play with ideas. It hones their judgements, bringing facts and logic to their beliefs about things. If underdeveloped, both types may not feel comfortable using their Ti when it conflicts with what they have already decided through their Si/Ni/Fe. 

The ISFJ’s inferior function is Ne. The inferior function can have unexpected influences on personality. Usually they will be uncomfortable with this function and may avoid using it as much as they can. However, especially in times of stress, we can become overly indulgent and obsessive with our inferior functions. Generally, ISFJ’s may have trouble seeing different possibilities than the beliefs and path they are focused on. During times of stress, ISFJ’s may reject their life of routine and be completely caught up in the idea of possibilities. 

The INFJ’s inferior function is Se. This means that in general, INFJ’s are uncomfortable interacting with the outer world. They may go through life in a dreamlike state, finding it difficult to feel that they are really existing in the here and now. When INFJ’s do employ their Se, it may be in an unhealthy way, overindulging in material sensations.

My sister is actually an ISFJ and I’m an INFJ so here are some of the observations I’ve noticed between us. We seem extremely similar on the outside in terms of personality, but we have some very clear distinctions. She’s much more cautious than I am and hates change; I’m more open to new ideas and experiences. She’s more realistic; while I live in my head and can get swayed by my feelings and ideas, she’s much better than me at pulling me down to earth and grounding me with realistic advice. One example where I think our Ni/Si manifests is when we watch movies together; I’m much more interested in the underlying symbolism and greater themes that the movie is discussing, while she’s very good at following the intricacies of plot and is extremely good at recognizing actors from other movies (like weirdly good). We both like helping our friends and making sure they feel good, but I usually do it in the form of listening and giving advice, while she likes to do it through material things (such as baking cookies for the other person, tending to the other person’s needs and wants, watching a movie with the person, etc.)


Well, this will probably be the last pokeshipping fic I will write. It’s kind of discouraging to write any more pokeshipping fics when you don’t get many readers or responses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This was original going to be an entry for pokeshipping week under the prompt “confessions” but I went with the other thing I wrote instead, so this was left in the back burner until I felt like finishing the rest.

Rated T+. Ash and Misty are 20. Karaoke, drinking, confessions, and accidentally falling on top of each other. All the quintessential tropes of a YA fic. Here you go (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Maybe it’s the mixture of adrenaline and peach chuhai pumping through her blood that is making her do this, or maybe it’s because time is running short, and Misty is tired of waiting, tired of wondering if the grinning idiot seated across the room sipping on a virgin cocktail feels the same way about her as she does for him.

It’s Ash’s last night in town, and in honor of that,  three of the four Sensational sisters (excluding Misty) decided to throw him a party at their gym, which just had to involve a karaoke machine and no shortage of alcoholic beverages, the latter of which was provided by local celebrity and quasi- narcissist, Gary Oak.

Two drinks in, Misty made up her slightly woozy mind to sing karaoke. She’s feeling slightly bolder than usual, not quite tipsy but just enough booze in her to give her that extra push.

A cacophony of drunken enthusiastic cheers- and a burp- erupts as Misty takes the floor, the loudest and most obnoxious being from her older sisters.

“Whoo, sis! Yeah! Slay them, girl.” She hears Daisy yell from behind her.

“You’re stepping on my foot,” mutters a voice that could only belong to Tracey.  

Misty grabs the microphone from the table with a clammy, wobbly hand, gripping the mic so tight she is almost strangling it. The only person not cheering, aside from the self-possessed Gary, is Ash. He gives her an unsuspicious, supportive grin and a thumbs up, and she almost retreats. Almost. She shakes her head and thinks, I’ve got this.

“I dedicate this song to someone in the audience,” she announces, looking at Ash, who blinks back at her. She pulls in air into her lungs and her voice amplifies in the speakers.  

It’s a stupid, sappy love song she sings. A generic tempo and lyrics so hackneyed they could be any top 40-hit, and yet the song fits perfectly.

The song is about a girl who fell in love with her best friend, and did not know how else to express it, except through song. The song is a confession, a declaration. She sings more with her heart than with her lungs. Her voice cracks in some parts, and she gets some lyrics wrong. Someone snickers, she’s not sure who, but if she finds out she might have to give them a jab in the ribs.  

Ash’s mocha-brown eyes shift down to his drink and he sips, taking a long pull of a drink as pure as he is. She knows for a fact he hasn’t been drinking anything laced with alcohol, because Ash said so himself, and even if he hadn’t, this is Ash. He might be wishing at this point that there was something heavier in that drink. Or maybe not, depending on the density of his stupid spiky head. She’s not exactly being subtle, but she’s not exactly being direct. This could well go swoosh over his ever-evolving hat.

Sometimes, she’s imagined herself wearing that hat.  Sometimes, she’s pictures herself wearing only that hat.

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The sensational sisters finally come back home

    A fic keeps the doctor away, or so they say. Oh, this has been something I thought about a lot I’ve even been working on multi-chapter fic while I love writing that I need a break and this was the perfect excuse to do a one shot.

This is the quick headcanon of this story Misty is finally freed from her gym leader position as her sister are finally back to take their spots and wise and better leaders than before. Misty has a gym set and her own personal battle team.  Warning their swearing character bashing and battling. And some fluff. This doesn’t follow the game’s logic have more than one move can happen. It was actually something that would happen early on the show, having more than one ability.

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