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with stars in our wake → 5

Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader.

Genre: Celestial!Yoongi and Fluff.

Prompt: Sometimes, being a fallen star is a heavy burden, especially when their sole purpose is to grant wishes. Such a thing is beyond his control now.

The hardest part about being a fallen star, a granter of wishes to the one person in the entire universe that he is completely and utterly infatuated with is watching her do precisely that when his feet are planted on the earth she once watched him from, a human being holding the remnants of what he once was, lacking what he was capable of doing. It is the worst, observing her lips purse in the way they would before she whispers a strong hope, a desire that trickles passion through her veins, a wish dancing on the tip of her tongue until the pinch in her brow defines a soft crease against her skin, her eyes flicking conspicuously across the room to where he sits, gazes, another thin blade of defeat gliding ice through his heart while she feebly attempts to pick up her falling expression.

“I am luckier having you here in my arms than watching you shine up there,” she would always murmur against the dip of his throat, or when the lobe of his ear was tucked between her teeth. “I am so, so lucky.”

Though that sight, the image of realisation arising like a sunless dawn upon her features, dark and desolate, banishes her comfort from his thoughts, makes her touch run bone cold across his skin.

She arrives home today with an envelope weighing lead in her palms, an expression of sick concern twirling about her irises as she approaches his relaxed posture upon the suede sofa. The insignia of her college is embellished in the top left corner, making his stomach stir with that urge, that obscene desire to press luck into her pores, between her teeth, underneath her nails, though he internally deflates yet again at the remembrance of knowing he cannot. All because of his selfish desire to live through to the end of his days with her.

“Yoongi. Kiss me.”

In spite of himself, Yoongi blinks in a slight daze of confusion, resting his chin upon her shoulder and drawing gentle fingers up her tensed spine. “Kiss you?”

Tilting her chin to look at him, he melts a little at the humour that replaces the hint of worry, her rosy lips a mere inch from his, and he is already running his tongue over the lower of his own.

“Kiss me,” she murmurs again, though she is the one to cross the short distance, dipping down to catch his mouth against her own in soft embrace. At that, Yoongi can feel the familiar prickle of gooseflesh rising up the nape of his neck that insinuates the dim glow of his hair and limbs, enticed by the taste of her as she parts her mouth just that little bit wider, encouraging him to deepen the indulgence of faint peppermint that laces her breath, cinnamon, laving over his tongue in a delight that has inauspicious nausea that wracked his frame just moments ago dispersing entirely. Rather, focusing on curling his fingers underneath the plush skin of her thighs, lifting her until she rests upon his lap.

The muffled tearing of paper goes unnoticed by his hearing, pinching his brow as he concentrates on the sensation of her satin lip between his teeth that draws a velvety moan from her lungs until she is placing a palm against his chest, separating them and ultimately leaving him with a dull frustration. There, as he sweeps his thumbs over the rose petals that bloom on her cheeks, tucking delicate flyaway strands behind her ears, her eyes skim the now open document, unfolded between their laps, the corners fluttering with the nervous shake of her fingers. But then, a gasp is stuck in her throat, a palm flying up to her lips and Yoongi swears to every entity in this universe that there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of her elation, wide-eyed and wondrous, lips pulling into a gorgeous smile behind her fingers.

“I-I got into the program,” she stammers in a breath, dropping her hand so she can cup his jaw, resting her forehead against his own. “Oh my god, I really got in!”

Speechless, all Yoongi can think to do is crush her against his chest, holding her so tight that neither of them can barely breathe but such a thing struggles to occur when they are within distance of each other anyhow, forever having their air taken away by love. His lips pull into a smile so wide it hurts, planting kisses among the roots of her hair, rocking their entwined bodies when her shoulders shake with quiet tears, drowning in her own euphoria.

“I’m so proud of you,” He whispers right against her ear, kissing there. “So, so proud.”

Untucking herself from beneath his chin, she hastily wipes at her teary eyes, pressing her mouth to his own for the briefest of moments. “You know, this is thanks to you know. Your kisses are full of luck.”

But Yoongi shakes his head. Because no, no, this was not his doing at all, not in the slightest. Taking her chin between his thumb and forefinger, he dusts his lips against her cheeks, nose, whispering words that settle on her flushed skin with the truth.

“No, baby. This one was all you.”

           Costume Delights

Character: Steve Rogers x Reader Insert
Word Count: 1,058
Warnings: None
Request: “ can you please write a steve roger x reader halloween fic? ”
Summery:  Tony’s throwing a Halloween party and you’re stumped on an outfit. Natasha insists on taking you shopping and puts you in a pretty little number that she claims will have Steve’s head spinning. You’re unsure, but the moment you see him at the party, you know that you’ve made the right decision. 

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