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Times are stressful as frak. I mean, we got the countdown to Iris’ impending doom, the risk of losing Caitlin to her evil alter-ego Killer Frost, and this weird dude with the touch of death running around making things decay. Can we please have a week where we are not tiptoeing on the brink of disaster?

You’re spiraling, Cisco. Take a deep breath and focus on the positives.  Every cloud has a silver lining, right? I guess ours would be Wally making serious progress in his speedster training. He mastered the whole phasing thing and is making Kid Flash a bonafide sensation. Seriously, Kid Flash is more popular than memes here in Central City! I figured it was high time for me and Wally to have a low-key bromance and hit up the town. I mean, we’re both coming into our own as superheroes, after all. It’s the Vibe / Kid Flash crossover event! Vibe and Kid Flash’s Excellent Adventure? Vibe Cassidy and the Flashdance Kid? I’ll work on it. Either way, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Since we’re both not-so-secretly pining for our other-Earth baes, Jesse Quick and Gypsy, we took ourselves off the market and decided to just have fun and not worry about the whole dating game. Wally didn’t strike me as a karaoke type, so I knew the perfect spot for our epic night – Central City’s brand new barcade! We got there and the joint was lit.  From vintage video games to a sick DJ pumping tunes, the entire place was one giant party. Wally was all giddy when he overheard a group of girls crushing on Kid Flash, so we totes photo-bombed their selfies. I tore up Skee Ball and Wally brought the moves on Dance Dance Revolution - safe to say that the Vibe and Kid Flash team up could be best described as a fire emoji.

That is until the temperature dropped about 50 degrees. Suddenly everything turned frigid.  We could see our breath! Wally and I were both freaking.  These days sudden chilly conditions always makes me worry about my homegirl Caitlin. I had to check over my shoulder and make sure she wasn’t lurking anywhere nearby! But we were in the clear – we overheard the manager on the phone complaining that the AC unit had gone haywire. The party was cooling off - people were shivering and sliding to the exit.  So I ran over to the AC unit gave it a touch and vibed to see what was wrong.  Turns out it needed a new part from a factory in Star City. I gave Wally the deets and he was there and back in a (kid) flash. We helped the manager install it and brought back the heat. The party was saved!

As the night ended, we used our last quarters on some classics arcade games.  I got hooked on Donkey Kong and Wally was blown away by my mad skills of taking down that crazy gorilla.  If only Grodd’s attacks were as easy to dodge as Donkey Kong’s barrels!  I gotta say I’m still stoked he’s out of our hair for good. Now, does any one have change for a dollar? Wally and I are ready for our next barcade team-up!

My Book List

* The Out-of-Sync Child

        By Carol Stock Kranowitz

        This book is a great start to understanding Sensory Processing Disorder. It explains the lingo of the disorder thoroughly.

* The Out-of-Sync Child has Fun

        Also by Carol Stock Kranowitz

        This book is full of suggestions to help children with Sensory Processing Disorder. Includes activities to encourage healthy sensory growth and to develop toleration. It puts power into the parent’s hands to help their child with SPD.

* Sensational Kids

        By Lucy Jane Miller

        This book, like The Out-of Sync Child, is full of explanations, goes further into why a child has this brain syndrome.

* Raising a Sensory Smart Child

        By Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske

        This goes way beyond the initial diagnosis and the first few stages of getting help and therapy. It uses research to back suggestions of raising a child with SPD even into the teenage years.

* The Highly Sensitive Child

        By Elaine N. Aron

        Although this book is not specifically targeted to parents of kids with SPD, it is for parents of sensitive kids. This is more of an emotional book, trying to teach parents to understand their kids’ feelings.    


Yvonne Strahovski and Tim Loden attend the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater - September 17, 2017.

Yvonne on their wedding day: “We ended up jumping in the lake in our suit and gown, just to cool down,” the actress added. “It was ridiculously hot. But we had a great time.” [x]

BTS Scenario: Finals Week

Hi cutie! Since being in love plays an aspect in this, I decided I wanted it to be a fluffy kind of smut where he’s more like making love to you than just having sex with you, I hope this is what you were looking for!

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 1.5 K

Summary: It wasn’t that you were terrible in school, it was that you just needed a little help, and for the longest time you refused to ask for it. That was until your math teacher introduced you to Kim Seokjin. Not only was he intelligent, he was breathtakingly beautiful. Now, an entire quarter of the school year has passed and you’re preparing for finals with him. Internal frustration is at an all time high. He knows you so well, can see the defeat in your eyes. It makes his heart ache. So he decides to take your mind off of it for a little while.

He was glowing in the early afternoon sunlight filtering in from the school’s windows and glinting his glasses. You knew that the stack of study guides scattered across the table in front of you should’ve been your first and only priority, but gazing fondly at Seokjin seemed to take precedence naturally. As if sensing the weight of your gaze on his shoulders, Jin cleared his throat, eyes still trained dutifully on his own papers. “It’s not polite to stare.”

Sitting up a little straighter in your seat, your grip tightened on your pen and a fire started burning in the apples of your cheeks. He lifted his head, eyes now settling on you as a serene smile nestled on his face. His light brown hair turned golden in the glimmering sun rays, crowning him holy. You were flabbergasted. “You’re very distracted today. Only twenty minutes ago you were telling me about how stressed you are for finals, and now you won’t even finish the practice problem I gave you.” The fondness that had painted his features was still evident though the corners of his lips turned down into a frown, concern etching wrinkles between his brows. “Is everything okay?”

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Death of a Bachelor

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m writing fic again so hi, have some Klaine AU happenings based on The Bachelor!

Rated PG… for now. Butts later.

Chapter 1

“You did what?”

“Come on, Blainey Squirt boy. It’ll be fun!”

Blaine grimaced as his older brother rambled into his ear over the phone. Every week they tried to set up at least one time and day to chat and stay in touch with each other’s lives, but Cooper, as always, had derailed that. It was six o’clock on a Thursday morning—Blaine’s one day off this week.

“Look, I had a blast when I was on The Bachelorette. Made a lot of friends, got to go all over the place on really fancy dates. It was great for my image, too. That’s how I got the recurring spot on The Young and the Restless. They’re talking about making me a regular!”

“Didn’t they kill you off last month?”

“That’s not the point. Everyone comes back to life on those shows.”

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Genetics, Not Choice

A/N: Okay but this was so much fun to write holy crap. Sorry for the Iong plot, but sometimes I enjoy plots instead of pointless fluff. Hope you like it!
Des: You were just kidding around, honestly! But now that the cat’s out of the bag about Papyrus’ famous laugh being a genetic thing. Sans isn’t happy, but you sure as hell are. (Reader Insert)

You had noticed several times, but had never brought it up. The fact that Sans never full-on laughed, loudly or from his stomach never bothered you or gave you much concern. You figured that was just how Sans was. 

It was hard to make him laugh, surprisingly. He enjoyed making other’s laugh, telling stupid jokes or casting out puns every chance he got. If you cracked a joke or one of your friends made a pun, he’d simply chuckle or grin in amusement. 

Sure, a few times he’d strain from bursting out in boisterous laughter, you could tell by the way he bit his non-existent lip. Maybe he was just hard to break. You didn’t know and had never thought about it. You couldn’t deny that it would be great if you could break him, hear him laugh until he was in tears-but you didn’t push.

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ADHD, Captain Underpants, and Rid-O-Kid 2000®.

The following post is more about ADHD than it is about Captain Underpants. Just saying XD (although I DO enjoy the Captain Underpants books very, VERY much, and the below information explains part of the reason why). =3

The new Captain Underpants book, Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot, dealt with a subject that is really close to my heart and the hearts of many other ADHD kids out there - the use of prescription medicine to try and keep ADHD “under control”.

While I have heard some sources say that Dav Pilkey had not actually intended to make a socio-politcal message about Ritalin and the affects it has on kids, the official website does say that this was his intention, and the book doesn’t exactly make the message “subtle”. I think that, if Dav Pilkey had just intended to write a story about mind control, some of his opinions about ADHD and Ritalin must have seeped in anyways, and I do really relate to Dav Pilkey on this level for so many reasons. I am a LOT like George and Harold (and their creator, Dav Pilkey - he’s one of my heroes) - I used to make comic books and write stories all the time as a kid, and I still do! The fact that George and Harold both have ADHD really connects to me, especially because they’re creative people (which I can consider myself to be ^^). Being hyperactive and inattentive, in all honesty, are really just part of the creative process for me. I guess you could say that ADHD “fuels” my creativity in this way - when I’m hyperactive, 90% of the time, it means that I’m simply creating, and having fun doing so! Although doctors say that ADHD medicine won’t “take away” the creativity, they do not realize that it can easily take away the fun in doing so, and therefore the motivation. I am VERY grateful that my friends have understood this, and even if my hyperactivity can bother them, they get it, and will defend me if ever I need help doing so. To any of them who may be reading this, I am super grateful for all of your support <3

Ritalin, and medicines like it, may seem wonderful to many adults (and probably NOT for the reasons Mr. Krupp and Mr. Meaner give above XD). To them, it seems like a way to keep ADHD children (and some adults!) “under control” -  a way to prevent them from being hyperactive, inattentive, and generally disruptive in a setting where it is inappropriate. I understand this full-well - it IS disruptive and annoying to many people for ADHD kids to act the way they do, under many circumstances - however, I cannot say that it is an ethical or even worthwhile trade-off, especially given the BENEFITS of ADHD (Creativity, Innovation, Motivation, etc). Every person I know who has ever taken Ritalin was very, very unhappy, to the point at which two of them tried being physically violent with me. While I, luckily, escaped the dreaded real-life counterpart to “Rid-O-Kid 2000″ (being given Concerta instead, which I understand to be “Ritalin Lite” although I could be mistaken), I did not enjoy the effects even then, and I can’t advocate for these kind of medicines. I DO understand the perspective of the opposing side of the argument, however - but other options (such as placing a desk at the front of the classroom, or giving space in the back of the room to pace) have worked very well for many of my teachers in the past. In addition, many of my “outbursts” in class have actually inspired my peers to do much better in school (to the point where I often receive given thanks and praise outside of class for making the subject more interesting for my classmates, and motivating them to do even better [in addition to making the learning environment far more interesting and fun! XD]. These things would probably not have happened were I on any kind of ADHD-supressing medicine. ADHD is NOT a disease, or even a disorder. It is more of a personality trait. ADHD people tend to feel the need to be active, and feel the drive to do things far more than other people (often manifesting as creative works and deeper thinking). Giving medicine to keep that kind of thing under control is unethical and I hope that anyone who reads this understands that. I deeply enjoy the Captain Underpants books because I relate very deeply and personally to George and Harold, and the author of the Captain Underpants books. 

Sorry for cluttering your dashes XD Someday, I promise to provide people with the fruits of my ADHD (hopefully on your dashes if they’re ever posted to tumblr XD). However, this is a subject very close to my heart that I feel needs to be adressed. =3

Met By Moonlight [One-Shot]

@daaialove Requested: Hello. I love your blog so much! It feels so good that I’m not alone in my akward adoration for these two. Dare I ask you to write something about them dating in a beach (swimming together in the sea at night maybe)? I read your stuff, you’re such an artist!

OOC: Thank you so much, it means a lot to us that you’re enjoying our work!!! This was SUPPOSED to be fluffy I don’t know what happened. If you want something a little lighter feel free to request again lol.

This fic is not NSFW but it does get intimate and has mild mentions of nudity so read at your own discretion

“C’mon, love. Keep up!” Harry grinned over his shoulder, pushing his sweat-soaked hair out of his eyes. Uma glared at him, clearly panting and equally sweaty under her typical layers of pirate garb. They’d been hiking for HOURS through what little untouched wildness remained on the Isle, upon Harry’s insistence.

He’d been planning this for years; a vague dream he never thought possible until two days ago when some wooden beams in the chip shop finally rotted through and threatened to tear the whole place down. They’d had to close for repairs, and Uma was free to trek across the Isle with him for at least one day.

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Rules: Using only the song titles of one Artist/Band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.
Artist/Band: Nightwish
What is your gender: Eva
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If you could go anywhere: Over the Hills and Far Away
Favorite mode of transportation: Walking In The Air
Your best friend: Wishmaster
Favorite time of day: Storytime
If your life was a TV show: Song of Myself
Relationship status: Ever Dream
Your fear: Slaying the Dreamer

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Wanna Bet?

PART 5/?

Pairing: John Murphy x Reader (College AU)
Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: mention of death and alcohol
Word Count: 2325
Tagging: @mogaruke, @johnmurphys-sass, @sugar-coated-reject, @lovelybadgirl01,@ohshitgoddamn, @3ii298
A/N: Uhm, yeah I managed, and I finished, and…sorry to keep you waiting! I hope you like it! P.S.: I saved that gif under “Richard Hairmon”. Sometimes I feel really clever.
Summary: I searched for songs with Flashbacks and found only Calvin Harris. I didn’t listen to it. Calvin Harris does not appear in this chapter. It’s basically Murphy and a cold cup of coffee. No Calvin Harris.

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Honey, I am drawn

To your sting.

You are

Antivenin to the plastic-haired

Plasma screen sensations.

These new wave kids

Wearing toxicology

Like a jaundiced galaxy,

Killing themselves for the chance

To be dead for a little while,

Vomiting bilious colour

Upon my living room floor.



I thrum beneath your wings.

Let me not be separate

From your August inhibition,

That delicate humanity of a god

Coats me in milk and cream.

Drench and devour

Until I become

Your dedicated heather,

The clover concoction

Of a seasonal dream.

Your past whore,

Your present virgin,

Totally obscene.

The only trouble is

I can’t decide

If the poison takes time

Or has my dissolution

Already begun?