sensational kids

Times are stressful as frak. I mean, we got the countdown to Iris’ impending doom, the risk of losing Caitlin to her evil alter-ego Killer Frost, and this weird dude with the touch of death running around making things decay. Can we please have a week where we are not tiptoeing on the brink of disaster?

You’re spiraling, Cisco. Take a deep breath and focus on the positives.  Every cloud has a silver lining, right? I guess ours would be Wally making serious progress in his speedster training. He mastered the whole phasing thing and is making Kid Flash a bonafide sensation. Seriously, Kid Flash is more popular than memes here in Central City! I figured it was high time for me and Wally to have a low-key bromance and hit up the town. I mean, we’re both coming into our own as superheroes, after all. It’s the Vibe / Kid Flash crossover event! Vibe and Kid Flash’s Excellent Adventure? Vibe Cassidy and the Flashdance Kid? I’ll work on it. Either way, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Since we’re both not-so-secretly pining for our other-Earth baes, Jesse Quick and Gypsy, we took ourselves off the market and decided to just have fun and not worry about the whole dating game. Wally didn’t strike me as a karaoke type, so I knew the perfect spot for our epic night – Central City’s brand new barcade! We got there and the joint was lit.  From vintage video games to a sick DJ pumping tunes, the entire place was one giant party. Wally was all giddy when he overheard a group of girls crushing on Kid Flash, so we totes photo-bombed their selfies. I tore up Skee Ball and Wally brought the moves on Dance Dance Revolution - safe to say that the Vibe and Kid Flash team up could be best described as a fire emoji.

That is until the temperature dropped about 50 degrees. Suddenly everything turned frigid.  We could see our breath! Wally and I were both freaking.  These days sudden chilly conditions always makes me worry about my homegirl Caitlin. I had to check over my shoulder and make sure she wasn’t lurking anywhere nearby! But we were in the clear – we overheard the manager on the phone complaining that the AC unit had gone haywire. The party was cooling off - people were shivering and sliding to the exit.  So I ran over to the AC unit gave it a touch and vibed to see what was wrong.  Turns out it needed a new part from a factory in Star City. I gave Wally the deets and he was there and back in a (kid) flash. We helped the manager install it and brought back the heat. The party was saved!

As the night ended, we used our last quarters on some classics arcade games.  I got hooked on Donkey Kong and Wally was blown away by my mad skills of taking down that crazy gorilla.  If only Grodd’s attacks were as easy to dodge as Donkey Kong’s barrels!  I gotta say I’m still stoked he’s out of our hair for good. Now, does any one have change for a dollar? Wally and I are ready for our next barcade team-up!

masterserris  asked:

28 and 29 for the otp prompts!!

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28: Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

This doesn’t really apply to any of them. The only ones who would ever own a pet is Doc and Teach, and there would be some pretty heavy discussion ahead of time before getting any sort of pet. If one was uncomfortable with it, it would be 100% a no-go.

29: Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

Goop & Kid: It would probably be Goop just because he’s taller. Also even though he won’t admit it he likes doing small things like that for him, just making sure he’s comfortable. He sorta likes to live the sensation of touch through Kid, if that makes sense? He knows that his friend feels a little too much so he finds enjoyment in being able to help him with that and make sure he’s comfortable.

Doc & Teach: Depends. Teach sometimes because he’s taller, but I feel like if Doc was given the chance he would hold it for him just because he wants to take the responsibility away from Teach and onto himself. Even if that means holding it up in a ridiculous way so it doesn’t bump his husband in the head.

Boa & Andorfus: Let’s be honest, someone else is holding the umbrella for both of them. Or holding one for Andorfus and Boa just clings to him to get under too.

My Book List

* The Out-of-Sync Child

        By Carol Stock Kranowitz

        This book is a great start to understanding Sensory Processing Disorder. It explains the lingo of the disorder thoroughly.

* The Out-of-Sync Child has Fun

        Also by Carol Stock Kranowitz

        This book is full of suggestions to help children with Sensory Processing Disorder. Includes activities to encourage healthy sensory growth and to develop toleration. It puts power into the parent’s hands to help their child with SPD.

* Sensational Kids

        By Lucy Jane Miller

        This book, like The Out-of Sync Child, is full of explanations, goes further into why a child has this brain syndrome.

* Raising a Sensory Smart Child

        By Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske

        This goes way beyond the initial diagnosis and the first few stages of getting help and therapy. It uses research to back suggestions of raising a child with SPD even into the teenage years.

* The Highly Sensitive Child

        By Elaine N. Aron

        Although this book is not specifically targeted to parents of kids with SPD, it is for parents of sensitive kids. This is more of an emotional book, trying to teach parents to understand their kids’ feelings.    


Sporting had this kid playing for them- a skinny, baby-faced 18-year-old with blonde highlights in his hair. He had everything: speed and athleticism, touch and vision. He danced over the ball, tormenting our defenders…the kid was sensational. [He] performed astonishing tricks with the ball, then shrugged, as if to say “Oh, that’s nothing.” It was a kind of look-at-me showmanship that bordered on arrogance, but it was impossible to take your eyes off him.

Later, in the locker room, I heard my teammates rave. Ronaldo, they exclaimed. Cristiano Ronaldo.

—  Tim Howard in his autobiography, “The Keeper”