sensational creation

the signs as børns lyrics

Aries: “And every night my mind is running around her // Thunder’s getting louder and louder // Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle // I can’t let you go now that I got it” - Electric Love

Taurus: “So save that heart for me // Cause girl you know that you’re my destiny // Swear to the moon, the stars, the sons, and the daughters // Our love is deeper than the oceans of water” - Past Lives

Gemini: “So take me to the paradise // In your eyes // Green like American money // You taste just right // Sweet like Tennessee honey” - American Money

Cancer: “Clouds are rolling by // I open my mouth and I breathe them right in // All my thoughts stoop away // but I can’t stop thinking ‘bout your face // I can’t stop thinking 'bout your face” - Clouds

Leo“Candy, she’s sweet like candy in my veins // Baby, I’m dying for another taste …. Rushing through me // Feel your energy rushing through me // Feel your energy rushing through me” - Electric Love

Virgo“I’ll make a living, trying to get away // 10,000 fathoms, under a tidal wave // It can never pull me away // No way! // Under water // Time is standing still” - 10,000 Emrald pools

Libra“Wanna feel that stream of dopamine // Wanna feel that stream of dopamine // You sip what the devil’s drinking // Hot as hell and I’m thinkin’ // Baby, baby, baby can you take away my pain // Baby, baby, baby can you take away my pain” - Dopamine

Scorpio: “Ooh, it’s raining, it’s pouring // I picture you in the morning // The hot water and the steam // Oh the way you feel between // Both my hands on your hourglass” - Holy Ghost

Sagittarius“Saw her walking on the side of the road, on the sidewalk chalk from my balcony window // First sight she made me look twice, cause I never seen someone walk as light as the wind blows” - Seeing Stars

Capricorn“Immaculate creation // Overnight sensation // God you really outdid yourself with this one // She’s an overnight sensation” - Overnight Sensation

Aquarius: “It’s inevitable ain’t it? // You left without saying // I hope the cracks in the pavement, // Lead back to you baby // Back to you baby” - Dug My Heart

Pisces: “Drive through the timezones // Escape out of my mind’s own home // I lost you not long ago // Heaven knows I’m miserable // Hell takes all the credit though // 'Til the day is done” - The Emotion