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But Jin stills said at the end of the vlive that maybe with filtrers and make up he'll look better? I don't know, is a confusing sensasion, i feel sad because he's not confident, but i also think he making himself more strong, and that's admirable

because he has choppy bangs //now//, that’s why his confidence drops a little bit. for easier understanding, here’s how it went:

jin lost a little bit of weight
➡ jin’s confidence in his looks is raised
➡ jin’s self-esteem is raised significantly
➡ jin got used to having high self-esteem
➡ jin thinks he can’t be like this (he thinks he shouldn’t have such overly high self-esteem)
➡ jin determines to lower his self-esteem a little bit
➡ jin cut his hair into choppy bangs (which made him lose his confidence before, during golden disk awards) to lower his self-esteem (quote: “i think that other than my face, isn’t my hair the source of my confidence too?”)

i don’t translate ch+ stuffs but the conversation jin made in the chatroom just few hours ago would explain it better:

↳ i have made my decision after thinking about it for a long time yesterday
↳ recently i lost weight so my confidence has been rapidly raising, and i now got used to
↳ my self-esteem raising up too much
↳ so
↳ to train myself
↳ i determined to cut my hair, which is my confidence
↳ i’m going for choppy bangs

he doesn’t cut his hair because he’s no longer confident now, it’s because his self-esteem is too high now, and he doesn’t think it’s right so he wants to train it, or you can say tame it. what jin means is that if he can even look good with a hairstyle like choppy bangs, then that means his appearance is upgraded, and so because his appearance is upgraded + he manages to look good in a hairstyle which made him lose confidence like choppy bangs ➡ his self-esteem is upgraded.

i would also like to address that jin used 2 difference words but it was all translated into “confidence”. 1st one is 자신감: confidence, when you’re sure that you can do sth ➡ “confidence”. 2nd one is 자존감: lit. respecting oneself, or having confidence in oneself ➡ “self-esteem”. jin used 2 words separately and hence they should be translated differently, but sadly v app converts all of them into just plain “confidence”.