ritcheyz has been invading in Sen’s Fortress, and shows off his skills. Be sure to wait for the hate mail at the end! Thanks for the video ritcheyz!

Made another character last night

Made it to Sen’s Fortress and stopped at SL 42. Thanks to so much time off, it seems as though I’ve completely forgotten just how frustrating this place is. I blazed through my least favorite area, Blighttown, only to be instantly confronted with this unsurmountable behemoth that is Sen’s Fortress. Time to strap down for a day or two and grind my way through. Not to mention, I still need to take care of Sif, but that won’t be a problem, just tedious. I just need the Covenant of Artorias and the Lordvessel so I can voyage to the abyss, have a brodown with Kaathe, become a Darkwraith, and give him all of my humanity. That way, my primary character will be fully equipped and ready to help and/or harm anyone willing. By then, I should have that recording equipment too and I’ll make a new character for you guys. Regardless, it’s good to be back.

In the mean time, if anyone needs help or feels like tagging along in any of those areas, just leave me a message or add me on PSN: six-hundred 

I’m not sure if I’ll be online tonight or for how long if I am, but I’ll keep everyone posted. Send me a message or friend request anyway, just to establish contact if you’re interested. 


It’s been a good morning, I deafeated Pinwheel (who was such a letdown he only even damaged once!) and recieved the rite of kindling, and that weird father mask!

Became a MO-FUCKING SUNBRO!!! =D Which has been one of my main goals for ages but I didnt have enough faith, so my soul grinding by the gate Artorias paid off!

AND I have just reached Anor Londo!

“Praise the Sun” mo-fukkas!

Also, I’m looking to co-op so i can earn me some sun medalions, I’m level 61, where is the best place to leave my summon sign? I liked versing Quaelaag but i think i might be too high a level due to my soul farming to become a Sunbro to be summoned there? And my summoning of other players kept failing in Sen’s fortress, so I think I may be over leveled for the moment… Can anyone shed some light?

Thanks heaps, Sunsister Kayla and Sunbro Josh!