The Iron Golem fight is super badass. The whole top area of Sens Fortress is epic in scope, making you truly feel like you’re earning whatever comes next. This is also a point where you feel pretty good about yourself in the game, your armor is starting to look cool, you can get some rad weapons, you have killed a good number of bosses already .. things are looking up!

Iron Golem Sues Black Iron Tarkus over knee injuries.

The famed hero of Sen’s Fortress has been sued for 20 million souls by the Iron Golem for reported injuries and damages to the Iron Golem’s Knees. The Iron Golem has been confined to a wheelchair after multiple fights with Tarkus has impaired his ability to walk.

“He just kept hitting my knees until they gave out!” said the Iron Golem. “Tarkus is going to pay for what he’s done to me.”

Tarkus has denied responsibility for the Iron Golem’s injuries stating it was the fault of the grenade throwing giant nearby. The Giant was asked to comment, but quickly bombed our field reporter. A nearby merchant across the broken bridge in Sen’s Fortress wants to be used as a witness for this case, but nobody knows or cares who he is. The merchant was left muttering gibberish to himself.

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“An ancient proving grounds, created by the gods to secure entry to Anor Londo.” -Sen’s Fortress

Took me about a couple hours, 14 colours. I know there’ll be a couple folks around here that will like it.