Norn9 Characters First And Last Appearance 


ノルン+ノネット act tune characters as RPG classes (3/3)

The support classes:

  • Esper - the princess who has magical abilities like kekkai.
  • Priest - staves ; healer and support but also light magic.
  • Astrologist - cards ; stars give them support and ruins power.
  • Summoner - books ; can invoke beast for support or attack.

What will Shitenhouji look like in 10 years time?

Gin: Runs his own temple

Koharu: A well-known and famous comedian that is currently travelling the world.

Yuuji: Television producer that has recently directed his own TV series.

Kenya: A doctor, currently working alongside Shiraishi.

Shiraishi: A pharmacist, currently working on developing a new drug.

Kenjiro: Currently runs the family’s florist business.

Chitose: Had spent a year playing tennis worldwide, but now works as a tennis coach.

Zaizen; IT specialist, working on the latest technological project.

Kin-chan: An extremely famous professional tennis player. 

NOTE: My Japanese isn’t exactly the best, so I apologise if my translation isn’t very good.