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This is Figure Skating Senpai, and his full name: Yuki-senpai! He is a national-title holder, achieving his claims to fame in high school. He aims to enter both the Olympics and the International Figure Skating scene before he turns 21. 

His birthday is January 12th, and his height is 165 cm/5′5″. You will often find Yuki-senpai practicing at Ikemen’s rink when the hockey team is not in session, but he enjoys coming to the café afterwards for a warm and revitalizing drink. 

You as the player are not aware of his talents in his 1st CG, where you meet him coming into the café and telling you about how hard he works and how he needs something you recommend. You offer it and he happily compliments it, saying he will have to come back more often.

In his 2nd CG, he invites you to the rink, saying that he’s done something for you. He skates a short program to a snippet of your favorite song, confessing his love to you moments after he’s done. 

Yuki is a little mischievous, the kind to suggest that you should tie a player’s shoelaces together or crack a joke when someone slips. But he is very loyal at heart and passionate about his work, not taking kindly to those who believe the art of figure skating to be a solely female/feminine sport. A better listener than talker, Yuki enjoys the company of close friends and will always invite you to his shows and performances. 

Contributors: Sky // Kashi

ask-artist-jin  asked:

((oml i died when jin came home from the jungle)) Uhm... so uh.. other me.. did you somehow clean up the mess they made when you were at the jungle?? Also, Hobi boi put your clothes back on! Yeesh

Seokjin: It took them a few weeks, but they managed to clean it all up.. I think(; ̄︶ ̄)The room still smells odd though,,

Hoseok: Sorry other Jin hyung(ง •̀ω•́)ง✧



The Senpai That Noticed You Is… Yuu! @the-land-of-k

How He Fell: To Yuu and his bunny, you were always dressed in a “crisp” sort of fashion. He loved being in the café after you worked hard to decorate it for holidays, but always thought you were worn out each time. So finally, he decided that he wanted to get involved. When it was close to Christmas time, he came to the café early to see you moving boxes out from the backroom. Instantly, he moved to help you, thinking it the polite and gentlemanly thing to do. However, you were used to working alone and being unable to overcome your shyness. Suddenly being confronted with both help and company was a hard idea, but you took it up anyway and even made it a small competition to see who could get more boxes into the backroom after taking down all the usual ones and putting up the Christmas ornaments and snowglobes. Through Yuu’s happy and helpful nature, you opened up to him slowly. He began to be a source of comfort in the café when things became overwhelming or when all was quiet, allowing you to hug his bunny or sit down for a conversation. He found out more and more about you through these little talks and comments, realizing that underneath all that shyness and pretty face was a wonderful personality that he found himself falling for. 

The Confession: He had no idea how to go about confessing to you. He wanted it to be personal to you, as that was the proper thing to do for a man. He was all about toughening up and shedding parts of his cute personality to be better in your eyes, and slowly began to cut back on those indulgences. First it was the sugar in his coffee. Then switching to decaf, of all things. The real concern that you reacted to was when his bunny didn’t come to school. He said that they shouldn’t mind waiting at home. Finally, you sat him down, asking if everything was all right and if he needed anything, were you too much? At that, he finally broke down, losing his stiff upper lip and hugging you tightly, saying about how he wanted to be something better and more manly for you, even if it meant giving up those cute things. You sighed and hugged him back, saying that you would still accept him as a man, even if he still loved all his stuffed animals and his hugs – especially since you liked hugs too. At that, he excitedly asked if you would want them more often, and your response was instant – “Yes.”

Life Together: The two of you fit very well together in your relationship. Yuu doesn’t mind you being clingy – finding it rather endearing as you take his arm or when he gives you kisses. A pastime for the two of you is sleeping together in his room on his piles of stuffed animals – one arm tucked around you as you sleep a weekend afternoon away. The two of you often show very casual affections for one another, through hugs, quick kisses, and little comments about how much you love the other. Yuu is well-aware of your shyness and knows to not go too far with his displays of love in public for your sake, and will always know to wait until later. He especially love playing with your hair, thinking it very beautiful. He’ll always think up a compliment for when he sees you again, be it something about your looks or your personality. He just wants to be the perfect man for you, and is happy that you accept him for all that he is, too.



GRATTIS FAM I know we talk like never but you’re super cool and I look up to you lots, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you’ll be able to spend it with people you love and enjoy being with~!! (*´꒳`*)

Thank you for being such a lively and lovely part of this community that I’ve lost otherwise track of sob sob, your posts keep me updated and your art is so refreshing and clean…. tell me the secrets to your lineart