[So I’m just gonna leave this here. I’ve been at CosDay this weekend and omg?! I’ve had such a good time there because I met nice people and ahhh. I kinda want to say thank you to so many people but I’m just going to dedicate this to my Cosplay partner for this weekend. She’s been cosplaying Haru and I did Rin and we actually had a pretty cool shooting but I don’t have the pictures yet.

I only recently started to do my costumes myself so I’m a bit too proud. But I had a great time and I loved it. I wish I could just go there every weekend! I love those people so much.]

@rin-matsuoka-senpaii there you go ;3

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hene~senpaii? ♡ *hugs* can i have the naked shuu please? he would look perfect on my bed :3

Mun: Heey~ *huggles* Yes, you sure can! No one else has claimed him, so here you go~ *pushes him to you*

Shuu: I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t toss me around like some object… but, a bed does sound inviting. So… this will do.

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Heyo there senpaii!~ hmm.. I see you've have improved ALOT AND MAY I JUST SAY THAT I REALLY LOVE YOU'RE ART!! ♥♥ and Keep up the amazing work! :D

Liar !! ❤❤❤ :’D My art is so bad YOUR art is beautiful good work !! But…Thank you !! TuT ❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘

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I NEED QUESTIONS TO MAKE A VIDEO. I have a good few in my inbox right now, but I need more to make a video! So, I THOUGHT SINCE MY FRIENDS HERE ARE SO NICEEEE….

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Name: Savanna
Nickname: Savvy
Gender: who the hell even knows
Star sign: Leo
Height: short as fuck
Fav color: is Dank memes a color?
Current time: bout to be 10pm
Hours of sleep: sleep is for the weak
Lucky number: 420
Last thing I googled: some harambe shit
Number of blankets: just a big ass Mario kart blanket
Fav band: last time I did a tagged thing I put like 30+ bands so lets just say I have a lot of favorites
Dream trip: to return back to my birthplace, HELL
Dream job: being payed to look at shit memes
When did I make this blog: when I felt I was ready to throw away my life for this horrid site, 8th grade
What do you post: gay shit and memes
What made you get a tumblr: dis bitch @anna-senpaii
Why did you choose your URL: this was also on the last tagged thing but its cuz my friends call my savvy and I just added the al for effect

Tagging deez gay children: @anna-senpaii @hannahoncewas and @whoeverthehellwantsto