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YOOOOOOOOOOOO that booty gave me hope I swear I was blessed from that moment on. Komaeda pls.

The moment when senpai noticed you: O////////O .. (thinking: OMG OMG OMG She liked one of my posts!! ok it’s not originally my post, but she liked it!! OMG she’s not on my blog right now, is she? I hope not.. *hides everything*) >////< *secretly happy af* please don’t look.. nothing’s finished here ;-; ..

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hnnnnn sENpai---! I need help! I want to draw Keith but i don't have the ability to see what the back os his head would look like hair wise. Can you sketch something out for me? like a really quick sketch would work.

I hope this helps out! I’m still practicing Keith myself but this is what I understand his hair shape is like! 

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If you are still doing the prompts, #2 Ereri please? "With a hoarse voice, under the blankets" (This Sunday feels like that.) Thank you! <3

“I don’t really know what I can do about it,” Eren said.

“Please?” Isabel begged him. “I’ll talk to him, okay? He’s really bad.”

Eren sighed, “Okay.” It wasn’t like he didn’t care, but it wasn’t really his place to chase down someone else’s kid, no matter how sick they were.

“Man, I hope his uncle’s not home,” Isabel said, as they drove over. Eren rather hoped he was home, because he had some things to say to Kenny, but his car wasn’t in the garage when they arrived.

Isabel hurried up the front path and banged on the door. “Levi! Levi it’s me!”

After some shuffling sounds the front door creaked open and Eren got a glimpse of Levi’s face, paler than usual, his eyes and nose red. He saw Eren and immediately tried to shut the door again. “Go away! I look like shit. I mean, I’m contagious.”

Unfortunately Isabel had stuck her foot in the door and eventually he was obliged to open it again.

“You do look awful,” Eren said.

“I’m fine,” Levi said, staring at his socked feet. He looked miserable.

“Uh-huh. Well, I can’t make you do anything, but our couch gets plenty of sun, and I could make you some soup.”

Levi lifted his head slight. “Homemade?”

“Of course.”

“Come ooon,” Isabel grabbed his arm. “This house is freezing.”

Levi let himself be herded into the back seat of Eren’s car, and he coughed all the way home. Eren was by now a quite used to looking after sick people, and he deputised Isabel to make tea and lemon while he piled blankets on the couch.

Levi kept offering to help and apologising, but eventually Eren got him installed. “Watch whatever you want, but you should probably try and sleep,” he advised, as Levi sipped at the tea, bundled up in the blankets. “The soup’s going to take a while. Can I get you anything?”

Levi shook his head and Eren left him to it. He and Isabel worked in the kitchen for a while, and when he stuck his head into the living room Levi was asleep. It was strange to see him so subdued; Levi was all bark and no bite, Eren understood his prickly, defensive shell, and never tried to coax him out of it. Underneath it all, Eren was sure he was a good kid.

He left the soup on the stove to keep warm, and let Levi sleep, while Isabel eventually found the enforced quiet of the house unbearable and said she was going out with her skateboard.

Eren liked to work from home during summer, so he could spend time with Isabel, so he was in his home office when he heard a soft knock.

Levi was awake.

“Want some soup?” he asked.

“Thank you.”

“You look a bit better. Sit back down and I’ll get you a bowl.”

Levi gave him one of his swift, rare smiles. Eren kept him company while he ate, and made sure he took some medicine afterwards. He tucked him in. Couldn’t help it; the parental instincts had kicked in, and oddly enough Levi didn’t object as Eren arranged the blankets over him and resisted the urge to ruffle his hair.

“There’s more soup if you want it later. You just rest,” Eren said. “The sun’s gone. Do you want the curtains closed?” Levi nodded and he got up to close them.

As he walked out of the darkened room he heard a soft, hoarse voice. “I love you.”

Such a good kid, he thought, and went back to work.

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oh god maggie plz

1. “ugugugugu hinata-senpai notice me” explicitly woobie komaeda 

2. stalker/sexual deviant komaeda who probably has stolen hinata’s underpants at some point

3. irredeemable abusive asshole ™ komaeda who has no feelings or reasons beyond “for teh lolz” whatsoever

4. “my hope obsession is literally all about sex and nothing else” komaeda. like i get it, if you’re gonna write porn, write porn, and i know he’s capable of having a sex drive yes i’ve listened to zettai kibou birthday but jfc why do people want him to fuck everything with a pulse

5. that one komaeda where he’s actually a smooth talking cool dude. he’s not. like, really. 

Undyne’s here, and she says you’re standing in the way of everyone’s hopes and dreams.

Here’s a little preview of casual normal UNDERTALE Undyne that Damenshi cooked-up for us. She’s far from finished, however.

Me and @its-captain-senpai spoke about the ask blog a little bit more, and how would you guys like it styled? I mean, would you like it as if you were asking the UNDERFELL crew while they were off-duty and not “acting” in the fangame? Or would you like it inside of the actual story? Both are pretty neat ideas, honestly, but we can only go with one theme.

If the ask blog doesn’t work out we either won’t go down that route or just delete it if we feel it isn’t very fun to run. We’ll see what happens!

I also wanted to add that the OST’s currently released tracks will be up on YouTube very soon in HD glory, I’ve just been very busy with all these new game releases.

As another reminder, you can find and follow our game here or at this link: as it’s updated and rearing towards release. I wanted to apologize for the comments section, another UF-themed game has been attacking us such as late (I won’t specify who) with spam and advertisements. Just report the posts from them (that break the rules) and move on. Don’t engage them - just act like a silent spectator, please. Game Jolt really needs to add some sort of comment moderation system, but I get why they didn’t.

Also, this Tumblr needs a more modern re-design - badly. Any theme ideas? Send me an ask or message.

Heavenfell Frisk ;v; I love that au so much and Castel senpai’s art is the best (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I couldn’t read the new chapter untill today cuz I was busy with a stupid comic I’m making … and holy shit  the same suicide thingy happend there too :0 anyways that chapter was the best I read it over and over again and I cry everytime I do so TT^TT

Anyways hope you like it senpai ;//////;

Heavenfell frisk belong to : @heavenfell-au

(For the Senpai OC submission, P.S I hope you can see him fine)


Name: Kiyoshi-senpai
Height: 5'9
Birthday: January 7

Very obsessed with kohai-san that he wants her to his only

Yandere-senpai often brings out a knife for threats and showing how very serious he is when it comes to kohai-san(Also getting scolded by Touro-senpai for bringing such a deadly weapon)

But Yandere-senpai doesn’t hurt anyone THAT painfully, except for Detective-senpai(my other OC, see him here->

Likes strawberries and chocolates, mostly his kohai-san

Has a step-brother, who is my other OC, Gardener-senpai
(I hope this description it acceptable :’) )

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Update (and important announcement)

Hey so about that ShiroPidge fic I was talking about - the one I’m dedicating to @littleblackchat, because she got me into it - I’ve decided that it’s a future fic, and that it’ll be aged up (so Pidge will be around 16-18, Shiro 19-21) buuut it will have a crap ton of angst, 120% guaranteed. I’m almost done it but I’m so lazy, I really don’t want to type it out…

(also, it’s very long. Like seriously long. And the angstiest angst I’ve ever angst since that old Shiyori fic I did years ago. Like, angst - no death, rest assured, but angst that made my eyes rain when I started writing it.)

My contribution to Zutara Week will be a really dumb fluffy fic with a bit of Sukka and Taang. It’s that one thing I said I’d write for @theadamantdaughter to ward off bitter anons. I am struggling so much over the ending but I hope I’ll get it done soon

Also, my piano exams were pretty okay, despite my mixed feelings about it (ONE examiner, not TWO, thank God for that) and I hope I’ll be getting a mark around the 80-90 (hey, I know my limits, I didn’t do that well)

Also!! Big announcement, I will be stopping writing and reading fanfiction starting September. I’m really sad about announcing this, since I have almost 120 followers that are wondering why the heck would I stop, but there’s an explanation, I promise. This year (or last school year, I should say) I was so into writing fanfiction that I got behind two terms of work for three courses, and I spent a crap ton of time trying to make up for it. I love the shows I write fanfics for, and I love all of you guys, but I’ll be graduating in three years, and with the amount of time I spend on writing fanfiction every week, there’s little time else for my studies. So I have to give it up, at least until I graduate.

This makes me very sad, since I just made a fantastic friend ( @mizulily) who inspired me to start getting back into writing for Bleach, but I’ve never really taken school seriously and since I’m starting grade 10 next year, I should be getting my priorities straight. Thank you guys for understanding, I know it’s a lot to take in!!

Of course, I’ll take a few moments to read friend fics on the weekends, like those of ame-senpai, Missy-senpai, Ry, and Rodella, among many others, but I will not be writing any fanfiction for the next three years. I will draw, write original fiction, write songs, write poetry, and make edits, but I will not write any fanfiction.

This means I will be wrapping up my fics, finished or unfinished, this summer. I am so sorry for not telling you guys sooner, I couldn’t decide how to break it to you. I really need to concentrate on my schoolwork and my novel, and I absolutely love the fandom (even more than my academics apparently, hehe) but I can’t graduate high school knowing that I could’ve done better.

That being said, I’m looking forward to introducing you guys to my OCs! I hope you all have a great day, and thank you so much for the encouragement and support you’ve given me these past few months!!