Hey guys,

I used to go by dirk-striderman on here, but switched to Zatchbiel.

I made this blog when I was 13 years old, so roughly 5 years ago now.

I am currently 18.

I pretty much took advantage of the cess pool that was the Homestuck fandom and created the diabolical cringey abomination known as Pilgrimstuck, with my shitty sprite edits I made using FireAlpaca, a free yet easy-to-use program that helped me out because I didn’t want to give my Windows Vista computer AIDS at the time.

Somehow everyone loved my edits and I gained, and am still gaining about 1000 notes a year on those posts from a very dark time of my life.

You see, during those times I was very mentally unstable. My mom had just walked out on me and my father, and decided to choose alcohol over her family.
I was pretty much exposed to a lot of traumatic experiences in a very short while. Constant battles over the phone, I essentially locked myself away, staying up til the late hours of the night, not going to sleep until 3am because I was scared of the nightmares my family was putting me through.

Did I forget to mention my ‘friends’ irl basically up and left during that time? They essentially acted as a catalyst to this downward spiral that could’ve ended up in my own death occurring.

A year after this, summer 2014, my mother died. This was the day innocence died. I was essentially thrown into the real world and I had to grow up from there. 15 years old and having to carry your own mother to her grave, it’s the hardest thing you’d ever have to go through. When I placed her in, my knees buckled and I just fell. I couldn’t believe the person who I once looked up to is dead.

The years went on and on, nothing really changed. I just figured what I wanted to do with my life and met some decent people along the way.
One person changed my life and gave me a new perspective on living, it’s a shame we had to go our separate ways a few months ago.

I am currently enrolled at the University of Guelph, studying a major in Physics. As of right now, I plan on going into either research, or a teaching career after getting my 4 year bachelor’s degree. I never really expected to make it this far, I thought I was going to wind up in an early grave at the age of 16.

I am no longer the cringey Homestuck fanboy who reads “Dorito Faced Senpai San” and voice acts. My voice is far too deep to even try that anymore lmao

To those who remember the old days, shoot me a message anytime to catch up! I want to know how everyone’s been these past 4 years. I thank you all for listening.

With love and thanks,
- Zach

shit he’s cute when he sleeps… 

dirk totes naps on him when he does weirdass emperor shit

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nsfw dirkjake under cut, contains exhibitionism and buttsex in a shopping mall ]

It was Christmas Eve and the only people left in the whole fucking place were you and Dirk and Mituna.

Horuss, Kurloz, Cronus, Kankri and Rufioh, all of them, gone back home for Christmas day, and the only reasons that the three of you were here was this:

Mituna was Jewish and already had his holiday so therefore had no reason to go home, but without Kurloz then there was no reason for him to be at the frat house and therefore was just avoiding it in general, you thought he was probably just hanging out with his twin.

Dirk, on the other hand, was from Texas. And he’d decided very early on in the month that he did not want to drive the fuck all the way back to Texas.

And you, well.

Your family is in a different country.

So that was why you and Dirk were at the shopping mall buying out the last of Hallmark’s wrapping paper.

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