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Multi fandom talk

When you are so goddamn deep in kpop fandom and the otp’s of them and you are just sitting there-

-Watching those laugh videos and laughing together. (Almost everyome of them have funny laugh and it makes me giggle. Kim seokjin and choi youngjae. No one can top you on this.)


-Sneeze (yes, you can actually find compliation of that.)

-Crack videos. (All those youtube video creators, i love and respect you ♡)

-The omgggg they kissed videos. (Dont get me started with fanservice gay moments. Still need a person to top heechul’s and the imfamous taemin-jonghyun moment. Gd and top..ok but that was parody movie but still.)

-The hip thrust video.

-The otp videos. I wish that, they would marry each other more than i have ever wished for me and my crush.

-The M/V (Latest hype: ko ko bop- 2 , drug restaurant- drink O2 in water[completely new concept loved it!], Shine forever- monstaX.)

-The acoustic vocal performances.

-The rapper line spitting fire performance.

-My goodness the choreography.

-Senpai fmv. Istg, i cannot even hear the word senpai and not be triggered.

-Daddy fmv. Fuck this shit because my goodness have you even seen wonho and jhope’s daddy fmv? If you havent you must.

-THE ONE AND ONLY Or nah fmvs!

-The ‘oohh look who is jelly!!’ Videos. (So fucking amusing.)

-The beat drop fmv. (Where they are derpy af and beat drops and boom! That was the sound of your ovaries bursting.)

-Derpy face complilations! Changsub, kim taehyung, baekhyun, Top and got7.

-Best one is the bitchy face complilations. Best of bitchy faces- sehun, IM and jungkook.

-And my goodness fanfictions. When i have free time i jump and start reading fanfictions. Thanks to creator of Ao3, wattpad and AFF.

Feel my pain.

The Kind of Bad Luck That Follows

Erm, Tanatsukki based off this post from otpprompts​.

Title: The Kind of Bad Luck That Follows [FFN]

Pairing/Characters: Tsukishima Kei/Tanaka Ryuunosuke (pre-Tanatsukki rly), Yamaguchi Tadashi, Ennoshita Chikara, Nishinoya Yuu, Kinoshita Hisashi, Narita Kazuhito

Rating: K+

Words: ~1,600

Summary: Oneshot, light slash. Tsukishima’s mediocre day gets worse. -—Or, Tsukishima is introduced to his friend’s volleyball senpai.

                Tsukishima Kei had had enough of Yamaguchi’s shenanigans. Humoring his best friend would have to be his last good deed for the day.

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Haikyuu!! Fic rec part 3/?


Conquering the Great King by SuggestiveScribe (105,716 words)
Iwaizumi blinked his gaze over to Oikawa, “Last time was supposed to be a one time thing,” he said, voice low, lacking some conviction. Oikawa’s lips twitched into a smirk and he brought them hovering just over Iwaizumi’s, “One time thing, Two time thing, what’s it matter as long as it’s not a Relationship thing?”
I know this one is on like every iwaoi fic rec on earth but it’s not for nothing, this fic is amazing

Love me like you do by crossbelladonna (100,596 words)
Iwaizumi’s family line is cursed to die a year after they fall in love. Admittedly, he knows falling for his childhood friend may be a mistake. But he did and he passed and Death got what he wants that is until Oikawa makes a trade—his memories for Iwaizumi’s life.

Loves me, loves me not by parasolghost (8,763 words)
Oikawa shook the magic 8-ball with furious desperation. “Does Iwa-chan like me back?” he chanted at it as if he had done this many times before. He stared at the ball’s window and waited for it to settle, holding his breath in painfully slow anticipation. 

Drawn to you by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (KnightOfRage) (16,248 words)
Iwaizumi is a shoujo manga author, Oikawa definitely isn’t stalking him and Hanamaki and Matsuwaka manage to make falling in love look easy. aka. the GSNK crossover that no one asked for


Close to the chest by darkmagicalgirl (61,185 words)
It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is. Yahaba’s journey ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.

Safe in your hands by shions_heart (8,915 words)
Kyoutani wears eyeliner.

It’s tradition by hicsvntdracones (5,577 words)
It’s tradition, it’s tradition, they all say as they gather up the second and first years. The second years have a look of hard determination, while the first years are simply confused. Oikawa claps his hands together.“Let’s begin this year’s annual training camp truth or dare!"Kunimi tries to run.
This is one of my favorite fic, I almost died of laughter


Rated m for by orphan_account (10,692 words)
He should have known that there was a Specific Reason™ why it was so absolutely vital that he and Matsukawa specifically meet for a reading of the script. He should have known that there had to be some evil catch beyond sitting in a tiny, cramped studio with his newly sworn enemy.

True Ending by SheenaChan (12,856 words)
He never really questioned the handsy nature of their friendship, it was just something that felt normal after falling asleep on a tiny couch while watching movies too many times. Who was Hanamaki to say no to cuddles with someone he considered his best friend? The fact that Matsukawa was always a bit cute in the wee hours of the morning was just something Hanamaki would have to file away in the back of his mind…

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Lev, where his head over heels for Kenma's best friend. But Kenma is very strict when it comes to it and keep saying no to Lev when he ask Kenma to help him out getting the girl to go out with him? Sorry if it's too weird

Nah gurl I getchu but it’s going to be gender neutral.

There’s never a time in which the Nekoma Boys’ Volleyball team could control the chaos that surrounds Haiba Lev. He was loud, ambitious and very clueless. Today was no exceptions. The clubroom was filled with whines and moans as Lev begged Kenma for a very peculiar favour.

“Just tell them how awesome I am, please!”


“Tell them how kind I am at least”


“Give me their number!”


“Give them MY number!”


“Senpai, PLEASE!”


Lev collapsed dramatically to the floor, feeling utterly defeated. He was getting into no headway into his love mission. It turns out, he has a huge crush on one of Kenma’s close friends. He had harboured the crush silently for about 2 days until he ended up telling his teammates how enthralled he was over this “amazing being” that has “graced” his life.

It was only until about a month and a half later did Lev find out that Kenma and (Name) were really close friends. So now Lev spent the past 3 days begging his senpai to put a good word in so he could at least have a chance.

This went on for weeks.

It was about nearly the end of the third week when Lev stopped, suddenly and abruptly.

The next day was as if he had never met (Name) or was infatuated with them. Kenma raised a brow but either way he didn’t mind. Practice went on as normal, with Lev trying to up his skills and practicing on his receives – but otherwise it was quiet.

As practice came to an end, Lev stood in front of Kenma, blocking his way to the door.


He said, his eyes narrowing on Lev.

Lev stood tall, back straight and his gaze rested on Kenma’s, a serious expression on his face.

“Why won’t you help me with (Name)? Is it because you think I’m ill suited for her? I think by now, senpai, I trust you and your judgement. If you think I’m not compatible or good enough for them, I would rather you tell me straight.

Headstrong and honest, the love struck Lev shook a little. He never thought he would ever confront his teammate like this, it’s just that he wanted answers. He respected and admired Kenma and even though he was hopelessly in love with (Name), he believed and understood if Kenma didn’t think they were right for each other.

When Kenma just blinked at Lev, there was a little bit of tension in the air. Beginning to realise how embarrassing this must be, Lev began to go back to normal. Sweat began to drip as an uneasy smile graced Lev’s lips.

“I uh ah uhm, I mean like. I just think that if anyone would know (Name) and understand what they need and what’s good for them is uh you… If you think that I’m not good for them, I will stop hounding you and going after them… I… I don’t know…”

Still with stunned silence, Kenma continued to be wide eyed. Shifting and beginning to get flustered, a light blush tinted Lev’s face.

“I-I really like (Name). They’re amazing. They always make me smile and feel better, they’re so… so special to me. Sometimes I think (Name) feels the same way and that’s what makes me happiest. I just want to make them happy and spend more time with them…”

He said, beginning to flail his arms, his face beet red at this point.

The silence continued as Kenma just blinked at him.

“… (Name) is important to me. I don’t like it when they get hurt”

Lev stopped in his tracks, midway flailing his arms, he stayed still and silent as he waited for his senior to continue.

“I don’t think you’re not compatible or anything… It’s just that you’re also… Slightly important to me too. I don’t want either of you getting hurt. If you want to try to be with (Name), it’s none of my real business…”

Lev’s face brightened, a huge smile spread across his face. Twinkles and stars could be seen in his eyes.


“… No.”



“Let us just say that the concept of time does not apply to me.

But as you go back and forth into the windings of time, does not that make you younger that you claim to be ?

Maybe you are not even born with all these travellings. Interesting.

Take a sit "old man”, your existence intrigues me !“


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I want to do something to celebrate me hitting 3k and because the only thing i am “talented” at is making shitty edits, guess what i will be doing??

From now until February 26th, 6pm GMT +2 i will be taking suggestions. Anything and Everything!!! Send in the ask box, submit or message me any crazy, bizarre or absolutely terrible idea you have. I will do it!

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Love, Eury ;3

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On the roof of Toriel-sensei’s school, Chara gazed out across the city’s skyline. Their green and yellow sailor fuku fluttered in the breeze of the cool autumn afternoon. During lunch, this is where they would go when they wanted to be alone. Suddenly, a vibrant red rose blocked their view.

“Good afternoon, Chara-san.” It was Frisk-senpai, sporting their dark blue gakuran. It was just like Frisk to avoid wearing the school’s official colors, the goofball. They often did silly things like this at school. How they managed to do this under Toriel-sensei’s nose escaped Chara.

“Good afternoon…Senpai.” Chara practically spat the last word. Frisk flinched.

“I know what you’re trying to do Senpai,” Chara said. “I heard all about you. How you flirt with anything that moves.”

Frisk smirked. “What can I say Chara-san? I like to get Frisky…” Frisk lifted their hands and wiggled their fingers in demonstration.

Chara scoffed in disgust. “You sound more like Sans-san every day! I expected better from someone raised by Toriel-sensei!” They spun around to leave, but Frisk grabbed Chara’s wrist.

Chara looked back, ready to tell them off when they froze. Frisk looked more serious than Chara has ever seen them be before. It was nerve-racking.

“Chara-san…I know what people say about me. It’s true…I…often flirt to get out of awkward situations…” Frisk stroke one of their cheeks in an attempt to hide their embarrassment. “I wish I could be more like you, Chara-san.”

“Senpai!?” Chara said, their voice squeaking of embarrassment.

Frisk smiled. “You always seem so confident, Chara-san. You treat everyone with the same indifference, as though you don’t have to put up an act to deal with anyone. It doesn’t make you popular, but at least it makes you real. More real than I can ever be.”

Frisk lowered their gaze. “I act differently with every person. I act the way I think they want me to act. I use to think I did it to spare them any social anxiety they might have felt around me, but lately I realized I did it for me. I wanted them to like me. I needed them to like me. I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone.”

Chara was caught off guard as the watched Frisk wiped a lone tear from their eye. Frisk smiled up at Chara. “I tried doing that with you too, you know? I tried everything I could think of. I tried complimenting you. I tried taunting you. I even tried flirting with you! But nothing I did worked! Then I realized, it wasn’t working because you were being yourself with me, while I was being a chara-ature of myself around you.”

Frisk gave a sympathetic smile as Chara groaned loudly. “Sorry, spending years with Sans does things to your pun instincts. It’s a force of habit at this point.” Their serious demeanor returned. “But it doesn’t make it any less true. I want to be me around you Chara-san, if you let me.”

“Sen…pai…” Chara managed, their face a deep red. They looked deeply in each other’s eyes letting everything sink in. They both knew what would come next. Chara closed their eyes in anticipation as Frisk pulled them in close.

And then they smooched!


Kiss Kiss!!!



Alphys yelped and spun around from her notepad to see two children in her lab: one that looked disinterested and the other that looked apologetic.

“Frisk! Chara! What are you two doing here!?” Alphys said as she laughed nervously.

Frisk gave her a patient smile. “…You asked us to come. Remember? To make sure Chara’s temporary body was functioning properly?”

“Oh. Oh! Yes! Of course!” Alphys said as she started to sweat a little.

Chara raised an eyebrow. “What could the good doctor be writing down so frantically that she forgot we were coming over?” They asked.

“Just…some…notes!” Alphys said babbling. “About how you two are functioning as two separate entities!”

She observed that she could have phrased that last part better as Chara narrowed their eyes. “May we read these observations?”

Alphys quickly hid notebook in her desk’s file storage compartment and locked it. “Look at the time! We have to start the tests, NOW!” Alphys shouted as she rushed the two kids into the next room.

She really hoped that she didn’t die today.

Here’s that fluffy ending I told you about, inspired by the anime post you made about Chara’s expectations vs. reality. I modified it to be more of a fanfic shipping by Alphys! I figure this takes place the following day, when the news spreads like wildfire!

10/10 would friend-fiction again