senpai's not a good word


“Let us just say that the concept of time does not apply to me.

But as you go back and forth into the windings of time, does not that make you younger that you claim to be ?

Maybe you are not even born with all these travellings. Interesting.

Take a sit "old man”, your existence intrigues me !“


i just cannot … i dont know what to say… there are so many of you

i want to say thank you to all my old followers that have been here for so long

thank you to all my new followers that somehow saw all the bullshit that has been happening recently and decided to follow

//totally turned this into an oscar speech ;dd

i met so many amazing people, even became friends with some. //and idk how that happened since i’m really unsocial, i dont know how to talk with people without stupid coming out of my mouth

SO MANY AMAZING ASKS like god dammit people you were making me cry here.


I want to do something to celebrate me hitting 3k and because the only thing i am “talented” at is making shitty edits, guess what i will be doing??

From now until February 26th, 6pm GMT +2 i will be taking suggestions. Anything and Everything!!! Send in the ask box, submit or message me any crazy, bizarre or absolutely terrible idea you have. I will do it!

I will be mainly making and posting them on friday, saturday and sunday, after the deadline. I will be making some during the time i am taking suggestions but i get incredibly tired after school and i am not often in the mood to do anything.


Love, Eury ;3

//dont click//