senpai tachi

—–Mirai-san, do you want to ask something to your senpai-tachi?

Mirai: “Eeto, eeto… I think in Seramyu, everyone is quickly understanding their own roles. Of course, I think it’s the same with the other stageplays, but I want to know how to pour yourself that much into the role.”

Fujioka (Sayaka): “That’s, the first thing you need to do is to love your character.”

Mirai: “Ah..!”

Ishii (Mikako): “I’m agree. And, surprisingly, everyone has something close to the characters. Sometimes I think "it’s really like their characters” like their balance to each other, their roles. Like Sayaka-chan, when Shuu-chan gets lovey-dovey with the other girls, she always gets jealous. It looks like Michiru confided in Setsuna “Ne, ne, Mikako, Shuu-san…”“.

Shiotsuki (Shuu): "Like it’s already a usual thing, she complains about it right on my face.” (lol)

Everyone: (laughing)

Shiotsuki: “Even though I’m spoiling you that much~”

Ishii: “I said it too to Sayaka-chan "Doesn’t she already love you that much?” (lol)

Shiotsuki: “Yes, yes. But this person here told me that it’s not enough.”

Fujioka: “This time, since my rivals are increasing again… Mou, I am so busy watching you!”

(From the Enter Stage Interview)

(I’m sorry if there are mistakes because both of the languages are not my mother tongue. Feel free to correct me!)

Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta
Shimazaki Nobunaga, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru, Hosoya Yoshimasa
Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta

“Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta”-Hosoya Yoshimasa

The conversation started with an email from listener asking if there is anything they imitate from the series. Then they started talking about fist bump between Hosoya and Mamo and how Zakki always plays game in Tatsun’s house. (the content of the audio starts from here) Zakki then said that there are similarities between the casts and the characters, including the sitting positions in studio. Then Mamo interrupted saying that, but Hosoya sat far away from them. The conversation continued with Zakki trying to point out that there were also times when Hosoya sat close with them. Tatsun then interrupted saying that the way Zakki puts it made it sounds like they are not getting along well with each other. Mamo was somehow lost in the conversation and was asking what they were talking about actually. Hosoya answered by saying “Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta (Nobunaga san looked like a homo)”. Of course, Tatsun and Mamo (and of course me too) burst out laughing while Zakki just received his fate, being played by his senpai-tachi