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Seiyuu Event @ AFASG16 Day 2

I attended AFA 2016 Day 2 in Singapore with my friend for its Main Stage featured anime showcases. Now I’m here to report back to you all~ For convenience sake, I’ll be combining all events into one post.

Seiyuu & Featured Anime

  • Yamashita Daiki (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Shokugeki no Souma 2)
  • Okamoto Nobuhiko (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)
  • Matsuoka Yoshitsugu & Itou Kanae (Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale)

The emcees for all events are Yoshida Hisanori (Yoppi) and Reiko.

I’ll mention in advance that I don’t watch Shokugeki no Souma nor SAO so I don’t know much about them. By the time SAO’s stage started, it was already 4.15pm and I was already feeling exhausted and couldn’t really focus on what was going on. Therefore I’ll only be doing a brief summary of what I actually managed to catch in my woozy state. I’m really sorry! I was at the venue from around 10.30am till about 5.15pm and I sat in the hall for 5hrs without eating, standing or going anywhere because the segments were almost back to back (excluding two seiyuu-unrelated segments in between) and if we decided to leave the hall, our seats would be taken. ;__;

Sincere apologies in advance for any mistakes or things that I missed out! It really was a long, tiring day full of excitement and both my fangirling and physical stamina has its limits too. (TwT)

My personal thoughts will be in italics.

AND PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY REPORT ANYWHERE ELSE!! The reblog button is there for a purpose.

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Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta
Shimazaki Nobunaga, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru, Hosoya Yoshimasa
Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta

“Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta”-Hosoya Yoshimasa

The conversation started with an email from listener asking if there is anything they imitate from the series. Then they started talking about fist bump between Hosoya and Mamo and how Zakki always plays game in Tatsun’s house. (the content of the audio starts from here) Zakki then said that there are similarities between the casts and the characters, including the sitting positions in studio. Then Mamo interrupted saying that, but Hosoya sat far away from them. The conversation continued with Zakki trying to point out that there were also times when Hosoya sat close with them. Tatsun then interrupted saying that the way Zakki puts it made it sounds like they are not getting along well with each other. Mamo was somehow lost in the conversation and was asking what they were talking about actually. Hosoya answered by saying “Nobunaga san ga homo ni mirareteta (Nobunaga san looked like a homo)”. Of course, Tatsun and Mamo (and of course me too) burst out laughing while Zakki just received his fate, being played by his senpai-tachi

I’m so sorry I suck so much at making graphic edits ;;;;;;


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As 2014 finally draws to a close, many things, both good and bad, have happened in the past year. Along the way, I’ve learnt a lot of things, met many people and made new friends.

Thank you all for being a part of my experiences in 2014. Wishing you a blessed, happy and smooth-sailing 2015!

Kepada para pengikut saya yang memahami bahasa Melayu/Indo, saya ingin mengucapkan kepada anda, Selamat Tahun Baru 2015! Semoga tahun baru ini dipenuhi dengan kebahagiaan dan kemeriahan! (Hehe…tak biasa gunakan bahasa di tumblr ^_^; *malu*)


And may this new year also bring more animes, sports animes, otome games, drama CDs and seiyuu, etc etc etc to fangirl and cry about hoho 8’D

(ж^□^ж)ノ Happy new year☆*゚*★

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Hanamaki and Matsukawa decide to take Kindaichi in hand and buy him some decent clothes.

I thought I’d go genderfluid Kindaichi with this, and their meme-loving senpai-tachi are helping Kindaichi find some femme attire that suits them after seeing them in a dress their collective grandmas would wrinkle her nose at.

on AO3

A hand grips Kindaichi’s shoulder as they finish changing after practice. The first years have all scattered, leaving only Kindaichi, Kunimi, and the captains, who are raucously shouting at each other through the shower stall walls. Something about meatbuns … whatever.

Kindaichi is grateful that Kunimi stays late after practice to accommodate Kindaichi’s growing discomfort with changing in front of the entire team. So they both stay late in the gym while the rest of the team heads to the locker room, under the guise of Kunimi practicing setting to Kindaichi. Their captain approves because the new first year setter hasn’t proven to hold a lot of promise in terms of development and the team does have a reputation to uphold.

Jumping at the unexpected touch, Kindaichi wheels around to see who else is lurking despite the room being previously empty. A wide smile spreads across their lips when they see a couple of familiar — if a little out of place — faces.

“Hanamaki-san! Matsukawa-san!” Kindaichi squeaks, darting to their feet for a bow. “What are you doing here?”

Hanamaki and Matsukawa share twin grins that Kindaichi knows spells out mischief of the highest order, but their heart confusion is obvious when the pair chime in unison, “Shopping!”

Beside them, Kunimi elbows Kindaichi and says, “They’re here to tell you what I’ve been telling you for months.”

Kindaichi frowns. “Huh?”

Matsukawa ruffles Kindaichi’s hair before reaching into their bag and plucking out the rather rumpled garment they had planned on wearing home, shaking his head as it unfurls. The dress is black and long, almost floor length, with a pattern of tiny pink carnations. “Oh, Yuu-chan, this won’t do at all. Why don’t you let your senpai show you how it’s done?”

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