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when senpais strikes again


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Seventeen Performance Unit Ideal Type?

SO SEVENTEEN IS COMING BACK IN APRIL OML. In celebration of this I’ve decided to make a Seventeen performance unit ideal type. After sitting back and watching like 500 seventeen videos I’ve come up with what their ideal types MIGHT BE.


Hoshi: Dating Hosh would be so fun omg. He’d want someone who’s not too serious and can take prank & jokes. Outgoing, smiles brightly and a funny personality like him. As far as style goes I’m thinking he’s more of a simple and cute. High-top shoes, (like vans, converse etc.) High waisted shorts and a cropped sweater. Also just going to throw it out there, I think that he’d like her to be the ‘lady in the streets, freak in the streets’ type. Only because I’m sure when it comes time to get down to business he’ll want someone who can uh… handle him… Damn I need an atonement.

The8: His girl has gotta be a CUTIE. Someone who looks like they’ll be very friendly when you meet them. Pink skater skirt with a white top, denim jacket (my love rn) and white sandals. I think he’d want someone with a seemingly ‘angel vibe’ but is also not afraid to be her nerdy/ dorky self. PLS be interested in learning about his B’boying because he’ll surely want to talk to you about it. He would want someone who treats him like she’s his biggest fan and supports him in whatever he goes for, BUT will also tell him gently when he’s being irrational.

Dino: Oh sweet maknae of mine Dino would probably be into an average but charming girl. I don’t think he’d be looking for the girl (or guy fam I’m looking out for y’all too ♥ ) that has every guy swooning. He’d just want a girl that’s unique to him. Long sleeve shirt, leggings and black combat boots and you’re good to go, I just really get the vibe from Dino that he doesn’t care too much about extravagant qualities, but more about the connection you two have. HOWEVER COMA will say that I think he’d want someone with a bit of body/curves to her, because even at his fetus age I can tell he’d like a little more booty to hold at night.

JUN: You guys who follow me already know that my Jun feels are real so this shall be a process for me. *takes deep breathe* So Jun would want a girl who is more on the sexy side of the spectrum. A person with a mature and seductive vibe to them. Form fitting *wink wink* dress, leather jacket or simple trench coat and either a pair of heels for a sophisticated vibe or just a pair of black converse (would be me). Also, he’d want her to be subtle sexy and not just throw it out for the dogs. I feel like he’d be really into red lipstick. Someone who can walk past him, glance over at him and wink SUGGESTIVELY. He’d be soo turned by winking and lip bites and he’d probably follow you, push you against the nearest wall and… Well, I’ll leave the rest to you.


Dammit senpai Jun strikes again. No shame if I were in that situation I’d be like yes daddy I do… Anyways who did you fit in the performance unit y’all? Talk to me and let me know even though I’m quit possibly the SLOWEST to respond on Tumblr. But no worries, I always get there eventually ♥