senpai notice him

is he okay 

this is my favorite yoi screenshot

i mean there are so many things about it i love

minami is so happy that his hot piece of ass senpai noticed him (and a little more than noticed him)

yuuri is determined but you can still see a hint of the squish we got in episode one

these bystanders are just so confused as to what they do and the guy on the left is looking like “wow maybe i should’ve taken a picture”

and the best one of all and also my favorite anime character

his profile is the straightest thing in this anime

Seeing fanart of your favorite character like

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His suit finally came a few days ago but I’ve only just found some time to put him all together.

Saeyoung dressed up like @promiscuous-jalapeno’s Mafia AU Seven! Go check out her Songbird fanfic if you haven’t already - it’s really fantastic!

((….I legit hate the shadows those stupid glasses cast on his face. >.>))