senpai is happy

‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell

Kiss him not me chapter 46, AKA the chapter that sent me to the grave...

(I think he saw it coming which hurts a gazillion times more)

I am satisfied, i am more than satisfied, I don’t know whats next for these two and what Junko plans to do for the future, but for know i am more than happy that Mutsumi and Kae are together now, both are balls of sunshine and deserve nothing but eternal happiness…But enough sappy talk LETS CELEBRATE FOR SENPAI AND SERINUMA BECOMING OFFICIALLY CANON

Happy Father's Day!

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It’s done!!! Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, my tablet and computer were both being stupid with the batteries dying but they’re working again. Yay!

THE BLUE SHIRT WAS CHOSEN (RIP 1999, 2017. Loved by many (no one on tumblr (besides me))(RIPx2). you got no votes you poor soul (shirt))

Anyway, this is a gift for @kiekyun because your art gives me so much life. I really love everything you draw, you really are a very wonderful artist and I hope to be as good as you some day! (I’m sorry about no background, I really suck at those) I don’t know if you’ll actually see this but if you do then please let me know what you think! :D

Miyuki & Koushuu

I love the stark contrast between Koushuu and Miyuki.

  • their hair colour
  • their facial expressions
  • their attitude toward Eijun (Miyuki is quite tolerant towards Eijun and often teases him, while Koushuu is often annoyed by Eijun’s noisiness)
  • their perception of baseball (Miyuki enjoys playing baseball from the bottom of his heart, while Koushuu can’t enjoy it anymore because of that jackass coach)
  • and then, this:

Koushuu: comes from a rich family (I bet his dad is a banker, doctor or lawyer), lives in a *big, modern house, his mom is there and prepares breakfast/lunch/dinner for him (*note: this is quite a big house if you consider the fact they live in Tokyo.)

and Miyuki: has no mom, his father owns a small factory, lives in a narrow, typically Japanese house and he used to have to cook his own food when he was a child… (ノД`)・゜・。

Ahhhhhhh, they are so different, yet I love them both so much…!! (´;ω;`)


As for the cuteness of little!Miyuki and little!Koushuu…

I’d say it’s a draw.


A Japanese fan just pointed out another contrast between them and I’m laughing so hard at it XD

Koushuu: is very direct and straight when he praises Eijun

Miyuki: uses poems to praise Eijun (lol)


SO @red-x-bacon and I have a small little thing going on with one of her characters where they are roommates in a F.O.E style Vault and here is the scenario! Koko can’t eat pizza because his body doesn’t like to digest anything that does not have blood in it…So Lilly decides to use her special cooking talent to treat him to the wonders of blood pizza!
#Best Roomies 2017
Also, I legit got a nosebleed from excitement of the drawing (she know’s this) and it was really weird but all in all, Thank you death for spoiling me way too much ashhhsnshsbva ;//u//;