senpai finally noticed you

Undertale Hugs

Toriel:  Biggest, bestest, and warmest hugs ever. You’ll never want to stop hugging the goat mom. Feels like safety and home. She’ll add in a kiss on the head for that instant K.O.

Papyrus:  Big, tight hugs filled with laughs and NYEHEHEHEHs. Seconded only to Toriels on warmness despite him being a skeleton. You can hear Undyne telling him to suplex you in the distance. Thankfully he ignores it.

Sans:  Not much for hugging, but he will sling an arm over your shoulder when making puns. If you can actually get a hug outta him, he’ll probably end up crying. Don’t make poor sans cry, he has enough to deal with.

Undyne:  Don’t let her give you a hug. She’ll suplex you. She’ll suplex your family. She’ll suplex that dog. She’ll suplex herself. Just let her noogie you and be done with it.

Alphys:  A quick, tentative hug that leaves her blushing and stuttering. Then she has to go update her status that she ‘finally got senpai to notice her~! LOL’

Napstablook:  Unfortunately, you can’t hug the ghost, you’ll go right through them. But you can smile and sit on the floor feeling like garbage together which is just as good.

Mettaton:  He’ll scoop you up and spin you around yelling about how he’s missed you like it’s the first time you’ve seen each other months, except it was only just yesterday. He might also have broken your spine in the process.

Asgore:  Big hugs that completely envelop you and make you feel calm and protected, but there’s a trepidation to them. Like he’s afraid of hurting you. It’s okay flufflybuns goat dad.

The notice me senpai project by pcy:
1- senpai isn’t noticing me.. gotta do smth
2- found that scary af mask.. hmm maybe it’ll help..
3- put on the mask.. now gotta go to senpai
4-crazily -yet tenderly- jumped and hit senpai…
5- ran like a madman cuz fvvvvck senpai finally noticed me you hoes!!!

So now that you have all this delicious fucking rice, what the fuck are you gonna do with you? 

Are you gonna be a basic bitch eat it plain as a side, or are you gonna spice shit up and do cool recipes with it?

Don’t answer that, of course you’re gonna do cool shit, because you’re not a dumb dumb.

So we’re gonna give you two examples of shit you can do with rice. This first one is pretty easy, it’s called onigiri and it’s the shit cool anime kids eat when they’re sitting on rooftops and talking about their feelings. 

We’re gonna make this shit, we’re gonna make allllll kinds of this shit, it’s gonna be fucking beautiful, like a magical rainbow maid of rice and various fillings. 


(servings: your mother)

1) So first off, we need to discuss the fillings you can use, here’s a pretty basic list of shit that people use as a filling for their balls of rice:

  • tuna and mayo
  • chicken
  • leftover curry
  • Umeboshi (dried japanese plum)
  • egg and mayo
  • egg and ketchup
  • salted salmon roe
  • salted cod roe
  • cheese
  • eel
  • salmon

So yeah, those are your fillings. Pick some shit that you wanna stuff in your rice and then we’ll get to decide whether you want your onigiri rice plain, or turned into sushi rice.

2) If you want your rice plain, THEN SKIP THIS STEP AND GO STRAIGHT TO  to number 3. Get that shit done so we can get to work on the assembly, if you DO want your rice sushified, you’re gonna have to follow the steps here:

Ingredients for Sushi Rice*:

  • 1 Tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • ½ Tbsp salt

*depending on how much rice you’re using, you may have to change the measurements of these ingredients. If you cooked 1 cup of rice, then this amount will be fine, but any more will require more and any less will require you reduce the measurements.


  • Put rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a bowl and whisk until they’re fully combined. Microwave for about 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Assuming you’re using the entire pot of rice you made in this recipe, take that entire pot of rice and put it in a large wooden or glass mixing bowl.
  • Add the vinegar mixture and fold thoroughly to ensure that almost all of the rice is fully coated with the mixture. 
  • Before using this rice for the onigiri, allow it to cool to room temperature.

Dang, that was easy, now for assembling this shit.

3) Assembling the Onigiri


  • the filling(s) you chose
  • rice
  • dried seaweed


  • fill a small bowl with water so you can wet your hands while using the rice (the rice will stick to your hands otherwise and that’s gross) ((((like real talk you’re gonna be reading some random ass online doujinshi of those two character who should be together but aren’t because I don’t even know why (coughs Shun and Yuuta from Kimi to Boku coughs) and all of a sudden bam there’s rice on the keyboard, and your computer just explodes because idk it’s allergic to rice whatever. And who do you have to blame? only yourself you sick, sick, human being.)))))
  • Scoop some rice with a spoon or a scooper and place it on a cutting board or a sheet of wax paper. 
  • Mold the rice into whatever shape you want. Make a crater in that shape, deep enough for you to put your filling in. 
  • Once you added your filling, place some rice on top and make sure that the onigiri is compact enough for none of the filling to fall out.
  • Proceed to wrap the onigiri with the seaweed. People get creative with how much they choose to wrap it, so like, idk have fun i guess. It’s your life, I don’t own you.





Now that you can actually make a rice dish that isn’t just a plain fucking bowl of rice, maybe senpai will finally notice you!!!!

lmao but nah i doubt it senpai notices no one

have fun making bentos for you and your Levi body pillow, nerds


anonymous asked:

hi! i love your blog! can you do a high school AU with Yoosung, Saeran, and Saeyoung and do like how they meet MC and fall in love with her? sorry if this isn't specific enough or if it's weird, my brain isn't doing anything else but thinking "high school au high school au" lol :) thank you <3

hahah you love my blog? 

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hhehehe I love you


I already have made one for him


  • So you two are like the bad students on the school
  • And always get in trouble
  • You two don't search for it and you relly don´t want to fight but your classmates always find excuses to get on your nerves.
  • Because you are not social, because you are poor , because your differents or anything they can find (Not all but most)
  • The thing is that the situation gets physical sometimes (most of the time) and that´s how the teacher notice.
  • And you get call to the principal office
  • But not separately.
  • You two are very confuse because you don´t know each other and don´t make any efforts to get to know when the principal was not in his office yet.

-But when he gets he tells you two: “Saeran and MC.You are a pain in the ass. You get us in a lot of trouble…So we are going to do an experiment”

-“Experiment ” the two say at the same time and then look at each other.

-“Yes! The first thing I thought was putting you two with two other students, students with a perfect record BUT you now what they say ´Don´t put  the Rotten apples with the Good apples or else they will get Rotten too.”


-“So I will put you two together.This are your new schedules and like you can see you have every single class together, I will tell your teachers to put you two on teams/works/projects together and you two will sit on each other's side.Plus! you will have to eat together Too”

 “That´s bullshit ” searan says 


-“Sir. with all my respect but I don´t think that will work.Don´t you think that Two of your ´Worst stubents´ and putting us together will make it worst?” you ask

-”oh no, darling that’s impossible! Look at this web page says that I have to put my worst to students together and make them be better or else expelled them” The principal points at the screen and smiles.

- “What?! You expelled us because of a stupid web page?!” Saeran yell

- “Can you be a little bit less explosive?”

- “Explosive?! And who the fuck are you to tell me that?”

- “Somebody with common sense, I big idiot!”

-”Oh perfect! you are already becoming good friends “ the principal clap “Now you can go”

You two got out of the office and walk to your classes

- Saeran turn around and said, “why are you following me?”

- “I´m not following you idiot, Remeber that the principal put us in the same classes”

-”Ohhh” Saeran turns around put he had to turn around again when he heard a loud thump and when he turns he sees you on the floor

- “Wach out you whore” a girl says to you

- “Hey!” Saeran yells at them and scared them away.Looks at you and say “Let´s go” he sees that you don´t move and he knees down “Hey” he pokes you and you just make a little sound “Hey the class is about to start”

- “I can´t” you say still on the grown


- “I said I CAN´T ANYMORE” you get up with a face of anger and blood in your nose “WHAT-WHAT I have done to deserve this!” tears start to fall down your cheeks “I-I just can´t anymore I want to end it  all” and you start to have a breakdown

- Saeran hugs you “I know”



  • Believe it or not, Seven is the student president.
  • and you are the vice president
  • You alway had admired him fro his perfect score on the exams, perfect grades in general, charming, good looking, fast learner and Kind.
  • And yeah you stock him on social media and at the school.
  • One day Seven didn´t come to school so you took the perfect opportunity to go to his house and give him the homework.
  • And finally, Senpai can notice you! .

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  • But when you got closer to his house you saw that he wasn´t living in a good neighborhood 
  • When you were almost at his house
  • You saw Seven with a bag of groceries
  •  You plan to wave at him but before you could do that, a woman came out of his house and run to seven, then she slaps him that made Seven drop the bags and when he try to grab them again she took him by the hair and drag him into the house.
  • You were shocked and didn´t know what to do put little after Seven got out again from his house to grab the bags.

-*Smack* was the noise that made when a man spanks you “Hey beautiful! Do you want to a special place with me?”

-he grabs you by the waist and slowly moves his hand to your butt and with the others grabs your other hand that is trying to hit him.The most you move the tighter he grabs you “No! get off of me!”

-“We know that You want it” he grabs your butt

-“Hey!  She said stop!” Seven yells at the man

-“And what are you gonna do? Call your brother? Hah hah”

- Seven take a gun out “Move”

- “Are you going to kill me?”

- “No.I will just shoot one of your balls …You know That I´m allowed to!”

- “tsk” the man lets you go by tossing you to the grown. And walks across Seven and says “You were less of a trouble when you were a kid”

-“Keep walking, marcus”

-You can see how the man enters to Seven´s house “He is in your house!”

- “Yeah…He is the boyfriend of my mom…Are you ok?” he knee down and tries to grab you

- but you back of “No! …please…”


- “I will go…”

- “It´s getting late.So please, let me give you a ride…”

-“Okay…” You grab sevens hand

- “You are shaking!”


- “Do-Do you want to vomit?”

- you nob

Seven takes you on the closest dumpster and grabs your hair while you vomit

-“Do you feel better?”

- You clean yourself and you start to cry

-“I can´t come near me or you will get hurt…”


I have made one of him too…

All of them has a second part so anon, please tell me if your satisfied or want a second part or want another member of RFA <3

P.s sorry if the Seven and Saeran was a little bit sad and with triggers but IDK my brain just made the story and I couldn´t stop.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

  • Bokuto: hey hEY HEYYY AKAASHI!
  • Bokuto: OHO? OHO HO HO HO?
  • Bokuto: OHO? OYA OYA?
  • Bokuto: HOO HOOOT??
  • Akaashi: *sigh* What the hell do you want bokuto.
  • Bokuto: ... *crying*
  • Bokuto: ... s-senpai finally noticed me...