senpai complimented me

Jin: From one dancer to another, lets have some fun

Jungkook - I’m excited, it’ll be fun!


this was such a strange pairing so honestly i had no idea what to do with it, BUT has anyone else noticed that the cousins (soujiro and the twins) all have the same goddamn Bedroom Eyes™ on their sprites? honestly. how does makoto, whose gayness is reflected in the fact that he is the actual personification of every sports anime, even look any of them in the eye

‘‘I shouldn’t say this myself…But it turned out pretty good! It wasn’t too complex…It was just steak with sauce…I was pretty worried about the sauce though…But senpai complimented me for both!!!


Oh…I played FFXV alone…Because when it came out, senpai was in Australia still. It helped me a lot to feel a bit better…YOU KNOW WHAT…ACTUALLY, NO. SOMETIMES IT MADE ME FEEL WORSE. 

My heart…

I’m still not over it…’’