Feather-set’s “Notice Me, Senpai” Spell

This spell is designed to get Senpai to notice you. This works best when performed at a shrine dedicated to Senpai.


  • A poppet to represent yourself
  • Kawaii glitter or sparkles—the more, the better!
  • A lucky charm (such as a rabbit’s foot, clovers, cat whiskers, etc.)
  • Super cute panties—the cuter, the better!
  • Something that belongs to Senpai or a photo of Senpai (mine is me because I am my Senpai shut up)
  • A big jar to fit it all in, preferably covered so you cannot see inside of it


  1. Wrap and tie the super cute panties around your personal poppet and shove it into the bottom of the jar.
  2. Take the item that represents Senpai and put in in the jar on top of your poppet, nice and snug.
  3. Top the pile with the good luck charm and plenty of glitter and sparkles.
  4. Seal the jar and burn a candle on top of it to guide Senpai’s gaze towards you. Leave the jar on Senpai’s shrine or under your bed/pillow until Senpai notices you!