GAMINGMAS video day 2! you kept asking for it so suffer the consequences.. Dan and Phil play YANDERE SIMULATOR  👩🏻🔪


“Adrien behaves different from Chat Noir cause he represents his father’s business. When he’s Chat he can do what he wants for the first time in his life. Is like being anonymous on the internet, where he can say things he normally,face to face, wouldn’t. Being Chat is the only chance he gets to see Ladybug, so he tries to seduce her but he doesn’t know how. His contact with girls has only been Chloe (who’s not even a normal person) so he imitates characters he has seen on TV, movies, and anime. That’s why he’s so exaggerated when flirting.”

Thomas Astruc at Japan Weekend (via Miraculous Ladybug on Twitter)

So I read this hilarious post by @fuckingchatnoir and @kwamikwami and I JUST HAD to do a quick comic about it because if not I’m sure I’d regret it for the rest of my life.  XD