@afterglowingassassin - This is the man we’ve given our hearts to, eh? 🤣

A definite gem from yesterday’s livestream - Troy Edward Baker being an adorable goofball.

When I uploaded my first Star vs the Forces of Evil fan art here, I made a vow that if Daron Nefcy, the creator of the show, ever liked even one of my pictures I would start to draw myself with cheek emblems shaped like lily-of-the-valley flower. 

                                        !!!!THE DAY HAS COME!!!!

                                         S-betatti the Cartoon lover

                         Art noticed by Nefcy, she got marks shaped like flowers,

                      How did that happen? FAN GIRL POWER!!!!


I love Gloomverse and my favorite character is Petunia! She’s so sweet and so kind and I love her design! She’s my WAIFU!!!

My fan made character and maybe soon to be Oc.


I love the way her bionic legs looks. She doesn’t have a hat or a wand because of a little event and I want to do a fan made comic about her and a few other characters in Gloomverse!

Gloomverse and Petunia- @loverofpiggies Senpai!!