i’ve just thought of the most random au like. okay. bts in community au. vmin as troy and abed and jeongguk as random annie who starts living with them and understands what a bunch of dipshit nerds they really are. namjoon’s gonna be britta with his social justice speeches and seokjin’s jeff because jesus if he ain’t loving himself more than the real jeff. hoseok gotta be shirley who actually takes care of everyone and yoongi holy god - the most perfect pierce! like random jokes, doing some weird shit, g r a n d p a  and secretly adoring the group he’s in. i think i’m going crazy

I just really like the little easter eggs with Señor Bunny in the background of Bitty’s videos

In Linemates he’s reading Bitty’s notes

In Playoffs Pt. 1 he’s cheering on the team

In Goodbye For the Summer he’s hiding behind Bitty’s laundry, ready to go back to Georgia

In Tadpoles he’s ready for Bitty’s Samwell tour in his festive Samwell red ribbon

In Meet the Frogs he’s holding a hockey puck

In Hazeapalooza he’s ready to haze the frogs in his little bandana

In Providence Falconers he’s reading Bitty’s Women, Food, and American Culture textbook, foreshadowing Bitty joining Jack’s class in the next update

In Shinny he’s dressed up warm for the winter and outdoor skating

In Graduation he’s laying on Bitty’s stripped bed, ready for Georgia again

And finally, in Meet the Falconers he’s studying Bitty’s French notecards

I just love these little touches that make him seem alive!

What “Kim Possible” taught me about people...

This popular cheerleader…

is not only a straight A student, she’s outgoing, friendly, helpful, and best friends with the most unpopular kid in school. She has skills that most Olympians can only dream of and saves the world on a regular basis. All she asks for is a ride in the future.

She also suffers with social anxiety, gets nervous around her crush, worries about popularity, obsesses over clothing labels, tends to be over competitive and bossy, and overextends herself with activities.

This Jersey Rat Mullet Man…

calls everybody by annoying nicknames, left his job because they wanted him to cut his hair, and breaks into random air guitar solos.

He’s also a genius mechanical engineer. Seriously.

This dowdy looking woman…

Collects stuffed animals, bakes cookies, and is “all about cute and cuddly.”

She’s also a bio-geneticist able to genetically engineer monsters.

This distinguished looking gentleman…

pretty much became a Bond villain because he was bored and had too much money. He views villainy as a hobby and is soft spoken, affable, and polite.

He’s also an X-Games level athlete.

This freckle faced dork…

has been rejected by almost every girl in school. He loses his pants daily, struggles with grades, is an accident prone klutz, is terrified of monkeys, frequently has juvenile interests, and may smell like overripe fruit.

He’s also…

a sidekick…

a culinary whiz…

a performer…

an athlete…

someone who bucks trends…

a superhero…

a super villain… 

the answer to a prophecy…


a best friend…

a big brother…

a warrior…

the savior of the planet…

and the guy who gets the girl.

i just wanna gather a large following on the internet because a latino with a large fanbase online eventually reaches the pinnacle of getting invited to the latin grammys as a red carpet host/interviewer which means ill be one step closer to meeting daddy yankee and asking him the question that every latinx needs an answer for: ¿que tipo de gasolina compra daddy yankee, regular o diesel? 

((I just couldn’t get Bitty introducing Jack to Senor Bunny off my mind ever since the Hi, Honey notes. So have a short thing. I also haven’t written any kind of fanfic in forever btw.))

“I want to introduce you to someone.”

Jack is confused, because he and Bitty are currently in his apartment, watching a rerun of the 1997 Falcons v. Sharks Playoff game, and there didn’t seem to be anything that prompted Bitty to bring this up now.

But he reckons that maybe it’s something Bitty was working himself up to say for a little while, which means it’s something important to him, so Jack sits up a little straighter and says, “Okay.”

Bitty nods and gets off the couch, and Jack watches as he goes over to the duffel he’d brought for the weekend and starts rifling through it. Eric gets something from the bag and turns around, quickly hiding it behind his back before striding back to the couch.

“Jack,” Bitty says, “I’d like you to meet Señor Bunny.” From behind his back Bitty brings out a well-loved stuffed bunny.

Jack just looks at the stuffed animal for a minute, not quite sure how to react.

“Hi… Señor Bunny,” he eventually says, hoping that he’s doing this right, as he’s never introduced himself to a stuffed animal before. It’s clear this is important to Bitty, though, so Jack has to try. “Nice to meet you.”

Bitty smiles, and then laughs and plops down on the couch next to Jack, putting Señor Bunny in his lap. “Gosh, you’re so formal,” he teases. Jack can see how relieved he is that he’s not getting chirped for this - but Jack’s gotten pretty good at figuring out what’s okay to tease Bitty about and what’s off-limits.

“I got Señor Bunny here when I was still in diapers,” Bitty tells Jack. “And he’s been with me ever since. I can’t sleep unless I know he’s nearby.”

“But you sleep just fine when you stay over here,” Jack points out.

“That’s ‘cause I bring him and keep him in my bag,” Bitty admits.

Jack can’t help but chuckle a little at that. “Bits…” he says.

“I know, I know,” Bitty says. “I just never wanted to deal with all the chirping from the guys if they found out about him.”

“Well,” Jack says, reaching out and petting Señor Bunny’s ear. “Thanks for introducing us.”

That night, as Jack and Bitty curl up together to sleep, Bitty has Señor Bunny squished between them, and they’re all right where they belong.

A Señor Bun Drabble

Jack’s free weekends are rare, so he’d come up to Samwell even though Bitty has a test on Monday. It’s a quiet togetherness, Jack bringing him food and reminding him to take stretch breaks while he studies, but it’s nice. It’s well past Jack’s freakishly early bedtime now though, and a quiet snore pulls Bitty’s attention away from his book.

He looks over his shoulder and has to clap his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing, because there, curled up on his side on the bed, is his giant, NHL-player boyfriend clutching Bitty’s stuffed bunny to his chest.

This was a tattoo design requested from me, and it was a pure joy to draw. We had a lot of fun in the stream, too :)  The commission was for the linework, but after jokingly coloring pride tape on the stick, we saw that it NEEDED to be colored because Senor Bun supports LGBT+ players. And pie. 

The client will get this little guy tattooed on her wrist and I can’t wait to see it! I’m super nervous! 

I’m still not over this line. Little Bittle who is always so careful to pronounce his G’s (not even to mention hiding SB from the rest of his team) dropping a “watchin’ it rain” so casually??
And the quiet little “hahaha” before it? Like how dare he be so pure and full of sunshine? This is just the sweetest line ever, and he says it in front of his boyfriend about something his boyfriend has done for his childhood toy?
His way of speaking (specifically his accent) and Señor Bunny have been two things that Bitty has been especially guarded about even since being welcomed at Samwell and yet here in one little bubble we see how open and comfortable he is sharing his life with Jack. Jack who is “so easy to talk to”…
Anyway, this line just warms my heart every time I read it. It’s just the sweetest most pure thing ever. ❤❤❤

Talking with @white-rainbowff about Kallus surviving. The only reasonable response is that if he gets injured, an eye path will be involved. Zeb and Ezra get him a lothcat as a parrot..LMAO…i lost all creditable….never take me serious as an artist please ;v; <3

Okay okay okay but imagine this

Jack and Alicia walking around the store, Jack let’s his mom have fun picking out decorations for his apartment bc he doesn’t really care about this stuff. The only thing he picks is this lil bunny decoration thing, and Alicia is like?? Why¿ but Jack just responds “i gotta” so she’s like ok honey
She’s also v confused when Jack names the bunny Monsieur Lapin and won’t stop laughing to himself but like jack bby as long as it makes u happy