Leah, theatre kid extraordinaire, is dating David, the mathematically minded exchange student from England. She and Audrey star in a performance of Wicked with Matthew as Fiyero, and the three of them strike up an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile, she gets to know the shy chorus member Kendra through anime club, who is starstruck by Matthew’s dashing good looks and adorkable charm. However, he barely even notices that she’s there. One night, Leah hosts a small get-together to watch Stardust, and when Kendra and Matthew are the only two who show up, Kendra, embarrassed, makes her excuses and leaves quickly. However, Matthew gets to know Kendra better through random interactions and conversations with Leah, and the two quickly become fast friends. But when they start a relationship, will it put too much strain on their friendship with Leah??

Spoilers: No. They’ll just be platonically bro married.