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Hello! Have you seen the short animated film Prologue? It's only 6 minutes! It's one of the most beautifully animated things I have seen. You would love it

oh man is this the guy who did the thief and the cobbler?? :0


Defeater by Senny Mau
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Oakland Metro Oakland, CA April 18, 2015


Balance and Composure by Senny Mau
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Slims San Francisco, CA


Tigers Jaw by Senny Mau
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Oakland Metro Oakland, CA


Evian Christ’s Trance Party Tour

W/ Dark0, Total Freedom, Venus X, Lorenzo Senni, Kablam, Kamixlo

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Can you do 16 & 17 with Benny, please? ((And, if possible, make it sambenny-ish? If you don't mind, maybe?))

SamBenny is my fave, anon. You don’t even have to ask.

Anger headcanon: Benny doesn’t get angry very easily at all. He was laid back as a human, and once he became a vampire, he trained himself to keep his anger in check even more because getting angry made him more likely to do something rash like hurting someone. When he does get angry, though, he doesn’t yell or lash out. He just gets really quiet and isolates himself until he cools down. The first time he and Sam got in a fight, Benny just turned and walked out, and Sam just about lost his mind thinking that Benny was gone and wasn’t gonna come back. Of course, he did, and when he found Sam in tears, he quickly apologized and promised Sam “I’m never gonna leave you, cher. I just needed to cool down so I didn’t say somethin’ I regretted.” They forgave each other quickly, and since then, they almost never fight.

Soft spot headcanon: Benny has a soft spot for pretty much anything Sam does, to be honest. But the thing that makes his heart melt in 0.2 seconds flat is when Sam blushes. He loves doing things to make Sam blush–kissing his nose, playing footsie with him under the table, calling him pet names like ‘cher’ and ‘darlin.’ It never fails to make Sam duck his head, smiling softly as his cheeks redden, and it makes Benny fall further in love with him every time.