senna and tonraq

Okay but imagine...

Katara is a great healer, right? The best healer in the world. So she’s often helping the women of the Southern Water Tribe through their birthing processes. But she gets a call late one night, saying that Aang is dying and she needs to be there. She apologizes to the family she was going to help, before leaving.

Tonraq and Senna understand completely.


The second they appeared at the top of the stairs Tonraq leaned down to Senna and whispered, “Wedding pictures in six years. Right out of college.”

“Ten years. And Asami’ll be the one in the suit,” Senna whispered back.

From @kittymannequin & @falselordzalzabar‘s A Long Time Ago We Used To Be Friends 

There were so many highlights in this chapter but lordy Tonraq and Senna are absolute gems.