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What moves are exclusive to EX Characters?

Depends on what version of the game you’re discussing.

Generally, EX Characters don’t always have exclusive Specials, just the same ones they had before with different properties.

Only a few rare cases might be considered “exclusive”.

A few noteable ones might be: 

Flame Dipper/Savage Fang

Ray Divider/Impala Hunt

Hurricane Mist Finer (May’s GG1 version)

Living Lancer/Hungry Bee

Dototsu (Angry Thrust, Axl’s GG1 move)

Nitro Hook

Dimension Scythe

Shuupo Senken

Mugyou/Hitori Mikoshi


Tactic Arch

Necro Install

Chemical Homeostasis

Graceful Body-moving System

Tragedy During Maintenance 

A lot of them are just older moves that got phased out or were just scrapped mechanic ideas.

I wrote this a long time ago, so it’s outdated, but it is still useful in part.

Still, I recommend reading these tags: