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:o will you share your list of bnha characters and their daemons? i'd love to know what you have for everyone!

I feel like I’ve posted this before, but what the hell.

One note to clear up: in my mind, daemons do have quirks, but their quirks don’t manifest until they settle. That way, quirks that affect the physical body do appear on their settled forms; for example, Iida’s daemon has engines on her hind legs. Hagakure’s daemon is visible until he settles, at which point he vanishes and no one actually knows what he is.

Izuku: Gray wolf (Haru)

Todoroki: Mid-content wolfdog (Yuna)

Bakugou: Tasmanian devil (Senkaki)

Uraraka: Crow (Hikai)

Iida: Border collie (Kazeki)

Kirishima: Male pit bull (Shouyuu)

Yaoyorozu: Tufted capuchin monkey (Seizou)

Kaminari: Harris’s hawk (Keiko)

Tsuyu: Platypus (Kayaku)

Jirou: Northern bat

Hagakure: ??? we just don’t know

Ashido: Otter

Mineta: Rabbit or mouse

Ojiro: Eastern gray kangaroo

Kouda: Sheepdog (Old English)

Satou: Honeybee

Shouji: Octopus

Tokoyami: Panda bat

Sero: Garden spider

Aoyama: Bird of paradise


Mirio: Golden eagle

Amajiki: Cheetah

Nejire: Blue jay


All-Might: Osprey (Isana)

Endeavor: Male African lion (Yuukan)

Aizawa: Clouded leopard (Merina)

Recovery Girl: Some kind of snake

Present Mic: Scarlet macaw

Nedzu: Small monkey of some kind

Naomasa: Belgian Malinois

Inko: Female sea otter (Tsurume)


Shigaraki: Jackal

All For One: Tiger

Dabi: Panther

Toga: Golden orb weaver spider

Stain: Jaguar

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Any thoughts on a Daemon AU for BnHA?


In this AU, daemons have the same quirks as their humans, but said quirks don’t manifest until they settle. That way, daemons can settle with mutant-class quirk features and whatnot. But as long as they’re in their shifting stage, they are basically quirkless. Daemons are usually the opposite gender of their human unless otherwise stated.

Most of Class 1A’s daemons are still shifting at the start. The only ones who come in with their daemons already settled are Iida (border collie, Kazeki), Bakugou (Tasmanian devil, Senkaki), Tsuyu (platypus, Kayaku) and Kirishima (male pit bull, Shouyuu).

Hagakure actually has a slight disadvantage since her daemon doesn’t share her quirk at first, and is therefore fully visible. Then one day said daemon vanishes, and that’s how they know he’s settled. No one’s actually sure what he is.

As for teachers and adults: All-Might’s daemon is an osprey (Isana), Aizawa’s is a clouded leopard (Merina), Recovery Girl has a snake, and Present Mic has a scarlet macaw. Endeavor’s daemon is a male African lion (Yuukan), Inko has a female sea otter (Tsurume), and Shouto’s mom has a snowshoe hare. Naomasa has a Belgian Malinois, and I’m not sure whether or not to give Nedzu a daemon. Either he has some kind of small monkey, or he doesn’t have one at all (much like the panserbjorn).

All For One has a tiger and Shigaraki has a jackal, because I am not subtle.

Izuku’s daemon, Haru, gets extremely nervous around daemons in the form of big predators. In fact, for the most part (at least at first) it takes her a while to get comfortable enough to engage with other daemons at all. So while Izuku is outgoing with his classmates, Haru usually keeps to herself or hides somewhere on his person in the form of an insect or small rodent. The two of them are separated; after one too many bullies tormented them by pulling them apart, Inko and Izuku talked and decided to have it done. (In my version of things, hospitals can do the procedure painlessly.) They don’t go apart from each other if they don’t have to, though, so most people don’t realize they can.

Shouto and his daemon Yuna have the opposite dynamic. While Shouto keeps to himself and doesn’t engage with his classmates (again, at first), Yuna is constantly watching other people and other daemons. She rarely speaks to them, but she’s always on the lookout. They’re also separated; part of Endeavor’s hellish training was forcing them to separate the hard way. Along with refusing to use his left side, Shouto and Yuna refuse to take advantage of their separation; partly out of spite for their father’s wishes, but mostly because they can’t stand to be apart anyway. Their worst fear is Yuna settling as a lion, and in general she tends to avoid feline forms altogether.

She does settle eventually, at the Sports Festival when Izuku and Haru remind them that their quirk belongs to them and no one else. She’s not a lion, or a cat of any kind; she’s a mid-content wolfdog. In this world, part of the reason why Izuku and Haru lose is that, by settling, Yuna gains the same quirk as Shouto, so that’s twice the fire and ice flying at them.

One of my headcanons is that when kids are around people they admire and look up to, their daemons take similar forms to those people. So whenever Izuku and Haru are around All-Might and Isana, Haru’s usually some kind of bird of prey. I’m thinking she settles when Izuku develops Shoot Style and fully commits himself to being a separate hero from All-Might, at which point she settles not as a bird of prey, but as a wolf. Not a half-wolf like Yuna; she’s all wolf.

Those are… most of my thoughts. I have a fuller list of every daemon’s settled forms that I might post later. I haven’t named all of them, though.