After The Show

After The Show
Requested by a dear friend of mine, she knows who she is.♥

“That was an awesome show babe!” You exclaimed, when you saw your boyfriend, Andy enter the dressing room with a towel draped around his shoulders. He smiled as he walked towards you, pecking your lips gently.
“Thank you hon.” He said. “I’m gonna grab a shower, care to join me?” He asked with a devilish grin. You smiled and agreed. The other boys had left for the evening, so it was just you and Andy in the dressing room. Once you were both in the bathroom he started to gently unclothe you. He nuzzled his nose into your shoulder and kissed your neck gently, finding your sweet spot and honing in on it. A small whimper escaped from your lips.
“Shhh,” Andy said putting a finger to your lips, “save that for when I’m deep inside you.” He unhooked your bra and your breasts fell. He cupped both of them gently in his soft hands.
“Why are you being so gentle?” You teased, knowing that he was never gentle, you usually had to restrain him from ripping your clothes off.
“Because I want tonight to be special.” He cooed. He walked over and started the shower, making sure the temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold and got undressed. You undressed yourself the rest of the way and stepped in the shower, behind Andy who was facing the water.
“You’re so beautiful.” He said, cupping your chin. He bent forward slightly and kissed you. You moved your lips so you could deepen the kiss, pulling his bottom lip into your mouth and sucking on it gently. Andy slightly whimpered into the kiss, his breath hot and smelling of mint gum mixed with cigarettes. He tangled his fingers in your hair as he kissed you passionately. You wrapped your arms around his neck. There was something about the skin to skin contact that sent a electric current through your body. Your chest was pressed into his chest as you made out under the warm spray of the shower. He slid his hands down your body and gripped your ass cheeks, pulling you in even closer to him. You tilted your head back again, and Andy zoomed in on your sweet spot, kissing and sucking it gently. You could feel him growing hard, and it pressed against your tummy. Andy reached down in front of you and started touch your most sensitive area as he continued to kiss your neck, being careful not to leave any marks.
“Already so eager for me.” He mumbled, as he felt your wetness. You blush. “You’re cute when your cheeks turn pink.” He giggled, pressing his forehead to yours. You blush even harder. He found your lips again, this time he pulled your bottom lip into his mouth and nibbled on it slightly, making you yearn for him.
“Enough teasing, I’m gonna wash up real quick and then I’m going to fuck you, right up against that sink.” He hissed, which made you feel hot down to your core. You watched him as he shampooed and conditioned his hair. You put some body wash on a rag and scrubbed the paint off of his sides and back. He squirted some shampoo in his hands and ran it through your hair, massaging it into your scalp, then he switched places with you so you could rinse it out. Once you were done conditioning and rinsing your hair, you shut the shower off. Andy grabbed the towels off the rack, one for you and one for him. You dried off quickly, but by the develish grin on Andy’s face, you knew he wasn’t quite done with you yet. He zeroed in on you and closed the gap between your bodies quickly, attacking your lips with his, fighting for dominance. This was the Andy you knew, the Andy that just couldn’t wait to rip your clothes off and have his way with you.
“What happened to tonight being special?” You breathed heavily, in between kisses.
“Fuck it, I want you now. Hard.” He growled, kissing your neck not caring now if he left marks or not. He lifted your butt up onto the sink and buried his face in between your thighs, finding that senistive nub and swirling his tongue around it, practically making you convulse. You put your hands back on the sink to steady yourself. He looked up at your face from his place in between your legs, and your eyes locked with his, making you roll your head back and whimper as he sucked gently on the most sensitive part of your body. You could feel a climax starting to build.
“Andy…” You gasp. He tightened his grip on your hips to keep you from squirming. Your climax exploded, sending intense, pleasurable waves through your entire body. Once you were done riding out your orgasm, he stood up quickly and guided himself into you, he thrusted a few times before he decided that this position didn’t work.
“Get down.” He comanded, and you did. He turned you around bent you over the sink and entered you again, gripping your hips tightly as he pounded into you, bouncing you off his hipbones and up against the bathroom counter.
“God damn, (y/n). You’re so fucking tight.” He mumbled. His thrusts got quicker and harder.
“Come for me, baby.” He said breathlessly. You could start to feel a climax starting to build deep with in your belly. “I have to slow down, or I’m going to beat you to it.” He said breathlessly. He slowed his pace a bit, and you got used to the new rythym and the climax started to build again.
“Mmm right there.” You moaned softly, as Andy started to hit you in the right place. Your climax was building, and you were a little closer.
“Come for me (y/n)” He growled. “I can feel you tightening around me.” His words sent you over the edge. You called out his name, as the waves washed over you. You could feel your forehead, break out in a tiny sweat.
“Good girl.” He mumbled, quickening his pace yet again. It wasn’t long before his thrusts became a little sloppier.
“I’m gonna come.” He warned, he pulled out and pumped himself a few times before finishing on your back, mumbling profanities.
“Holy shit! That was great.” He exclaimed as he wiped your back off with a damp rag. You turned around and faced him. He pecked your lips softly.
“I love you Andy.” You say. It catches him off guard. It was the first time you said it. He smiled and looked directly into your eyes.
“I love you too.” He said, sealing it with a kiss.