Shoma Uno is my Yuuri Katsuki and I will fight you on this.

Okay, first of all, I know Shoma is not the real inspiration for Yuuri. I mean, he could be part of him, too, since all that we know is Yuuri is a mix of different skaters. We do know that Yuuri’s style is very much inspired by Daisuke Takahashi, but while I adore Takahashi’s performances, he was also very much a skater who seemed in tune with his style. He is sexy and confident even off the ice. I think this is part of why people have been slow in associating Yuuri with Takahashi.

Enter Shoma Uno. Shoma, 19, joined the seniors division in 2013, won bronze in the last two Grand Prix Final, and his overall best score is currently ranked sixth in the world. Not bad for a kid who recently debuted, considering that he is up against Patrick Chan and even the scores of his idol Takahashi, and of course Yuzuru Hanyu (the most popular Yuuri Katsuki “real figure skater”, though really I see no resemblance other than they are both so cute you want to protect them) and Javier Fernandez. (I’d cite the greats of Plushenko era, too, since that really is the era when I followed figure skating, but scoring is different these days so maybe we should stick with recent skaters.) Shoma’s most thrilling achievement to date though is that he was the first to land a quad flip - yes, Viktor’s quad flip! - in international competition, and this record will be his forever. (My son, I am so proud!)

(The historic quad flip is the one in that video up there, by the way; it is the first jump he does. Listen to crowd cheering! This is still my favourite Shoma Uno performance, hands down. ♡)

See, Shoma has the ability to provide electrifying performances like he had done in the video up there. But! Look at him at the beginning of the video. Chin down, eyes like a puppy, the shy/nervous/anxious lip-biting - he does not really get into it until his program starts. Oh, but when he does! I was a wreck the first time I saw this skate, and I kid you not I watched it five times straight - and three… maybe seven more times later in the day. Off the ice, Shoma is also adorably shy and awkward. There are several funny videos of him, mostly involving Yuzuru Hanyu and his affectionate guidance/bullying, like in these videos below (idk why YouTube gives me weird videos):

- 2015 GPF awarding ceremony (Hanyu can’t take his kouhai who holds him like they’re about to get married, and Shoma keeps walking out of photo shoots)
- Shoma is too shy to touch fellow skaters

I don’t really ship real people, but I am starting to low-key ship Yuzuru/Shoma. I am happy to report that it is all Hanyu’s fault.

However, despite all these, Shoma does seem to be an ambitious kid. He looked up to Daisuke Takahashi and seems to be set on going down the same path as he did. Already their styles are very similar. Shoma is passionate about skating beautifully; despite already making a name for his artistry, he still says that that is still the area he wants to focus and improve on. I really respect this, because artistry seems to be suffering in recent competitions. There’s a lot of discussion about how skating nowadays has turned into this sport where people just try to wrack up as much technical points as they can get, at the expense of artistry. That Shoma wants to work on his style tells us that it is not all about just winning for him; he will win, but he will do it with the best skating he knows.

(Bonus video of Shoma skating with Takahashi! I was so happy for him, skating with his idol, lol. I would just die.)

Shoma also expressed that he hoped to beat his monster genius sempai, Yuzuru Hanyu, in competition someday. Now have you SEEN Hanyu’s records? Have you seen him skate? The guy is insane, but nope, Shoma intends to beat him. I am totally rooting for him, too! Already Shoma dances better than Hanyu, even though Hanyu is still the technical powerhouse.

While Shoma’s record is impressive, you can also see the areas where he could still improve. Shoma rocks the step sequences and the spins, but his jumps could still improve (sounds familiar?). He could also still work on the consistency of his performances, because even though he gives great performances, there are still times when he falls and suffers a dent in his scores, like in the recent Marseilles GPF, where he arguably gave the best FS performance but did poorly in the short program (sounds familiar??). He did land the bronze, so good for him!

TL;DR - Shoma Uno skates like Yuuri Katsuki on the ice, and is about as shy and awkward and adorable as our boy off the ice. He is ambitious and intends to win gold by skating the best way he knows, which is to skate beautifully. His signature jump is the fucking quad flip. Please love and support and protect this baby.


this is still my favorite solo ever


you can’t really see me but this was me singing American Honey by Lady Antebellum my senior year in 2013 ❤


Rio 2016: Remember the Name

SIMONE BILES, 19 (Coach: Aimee Boorman)

3-Time World All Around Champion; 10-Time World Champion; 14-Time World Medalist; 3-Time US National All Around Champion; 2016 Pacific Rim All Around Champion; 2015 American Cup Champion

Strengths: vault, floor, beam, difficulty, execution, consistency, charisma

Weaknesses: [footage not found]

How does one even begin to explain Simone Biles? Former champions from Mary Lou Retton to Nadia Comaneci to Nastia Liukin have called her various iterations of the best, most talented, most powerful gymnast they’ve ever seen. Her international competitors admire her as both an athlete and, thanks to her charming, uninhibited personality, a friend. Her teammates and their coaches openly joke that with Simone in the sport second is the new first for everyone else. NBC commentator Tim Dagget likes to call her “the most dominant female athlete in any sport in the world.” Her record speaks for itself. Most decorated US gymnast in World Championships history. Winningest woman in World Championships history. First three-time consecutive World All Around Champion in history. The list goes on. Normal Simone stuff.

Simone flew under the radar as a junior gymnast, never touted by anyone as the Next Big Thing or even expected to be a huge player in the Rio quad. When she was noticed at all, it was for her uncommon power on floor and vault that could, people said, potentially be useful to the team down the line. Upon her senior debut at the 2013 American Cup, she finished second to a much more celebrated new senior, Katelyn Ohashi. By Nationals, it was clear that Simone would definitely be part of the picture of the Rio quad. However, the meet was expected to be the coronation of Kyla Ross, youngest member of the Fierce Five and the only one who had taken no time off from gymnastics after the Olympics. Simone upset Ross for the US national all around title and put her foot forward as the favorite for the all around title at the 2013 World Championships. At those championships, she qualified to every final, medaled in all but one, and took home her first two World golds: all around and floor exercise.

It was an incredible showing, as good or better, than any gymnast had done in recent memory, but gymnasts who start out on top at the beginning of a quad rarely maintain that position by the time the Olympics roll around. It’s a long, hard slog that favors those whose birthdays mean they’ll have to endure fewer years of senior competition before the big show. As a testament to that, Simone was sidelined for the first half of 2014 by a nagging shoulder injury. She withdrew from multiple spring competitions, the injury forcing her not to compete until late summer. Once late summer came, it was immediately clear that, despite her dominant performance the year before, Simone had gotten better.

She took her second US National All Around Championship by an enormous margin. At World Championships she qualified in first place to four out of the five individual finals. Normal Simone stuff. She was only just pipped for vault gold despite a huge difficulty disadvantage, repeated as all around and floor champion, and won beam as well. In 2015, once more impossibly better, she did it all again, this time despite the return to competition of Olympic Champions, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman.

This year, Simone started her season late, given special dispensation to do so by Martha Karolyi. A nigh unheard of privilege, but one that only makes sense. I’ve given an abbreviated summary of Simone’s accomplishments this quad, but that can’t really capture the magnitude of her ability. Simone hasn’t lost a competition since the beginning of her first senior season. In a sport that is still decided by tenths and hundredths she routinely wins by full integers. At 2015 World Championships, the score of the gymnast who qualified in second place was closer to that of the gymnast who was in 42nd place than it was to Simone in first. She has more difficulty than anyone else in the world and she consistently tops everyone in execution as well. She does it all so effortlessly that it’s clear she’s not even pushing herself to her limit. She is quite simply on a completely different level than everyone else.

Later entries in this series will discuss chances to make the Rio team, potential contributions, etc. With Simone that isn’t necessary. She’s on the team. The team is built around her. She will do every event in team finals with the possible exception of uneven bars, not because her uneven bars aren’t team finals worthy, they certainly are, but just to give her a break. The only thing she needs to do is stay healthy and every single person in the gymnastics world knows it. Once Rio actually comes around? Well, she’s the outstanding favorite for five out of the six gold medals on offer and she doesn’t even have to be great, for her, to get them. What does she need to do to take them home? Just normal Simone stuff.





Most videos listed are ones where Ciara is featured speaking, singing, and/or on-stage dying. Several other videos could be found (outside of this master post) with Ciara singing along with large cast ensembles.

Many vlogs from Baldwin Wallace and all Pippin vlogs (Fresh Prince) are missing.

(last update: September 13, 2014)


Gimme Gimme (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

As Long As You’re Mine (Wicked)

If I Never Knew You (Pocahontas)

Put Your Records On (originally sung by Corinne Bailey Rae)


Light My Candle

Out Tonight

Another Day

La Vie Boheme A

I Should Tell You

Happy New Year A

Happy New Year B

Without You

I’ll Cover You Reprise

Goodbye Love

Finale A

Your Eyes

Finale B

Today 4 U “documentary”/montage


Light My Candle

Out Tonight


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Stages: Stories from the BW Musical Theatre Program Pt. 3 (Lippa’s The Wild Party Auditions; Ciara performs Look At Me Now, starting at 1:26)

The Wild Party Swings 54 Below Preview (Ciara performs Life of the Party, starting at 3:09)



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Pippin Cast Google Livestream (performance of Simple Joys starts at 8:52)

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That Girl (54 Below)

That Girl (Broadway Sings Justin Timberlake; le Poisson Rouge)

Happy Days/Get Happy (duet with Hannah Rose; Sidewalk Cafe)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Les Mis Bway, It’s Your Turn!


Reclaiming Fitspo: Shoni Schimmel

Schimmel is an American basketball player. 

As a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Mission, Oregon, Schimmel was the subject of the 2011  documentary “Off the Rez, by Jonathan Hock. This film chronicled her efforts to earn an NCAA scholarship. Playing as point guard for her high school teams, she was successful: Not only was she able to attend the University of Louisville, her work got her named a first team All-American by Parade magazine, selected for the 2010 Women’s Basketball Coaches Association High School Coaches’ All-America Team, and named as a WBCA All-American (which made her eligible to play in the all-star game).  

As a four-year starter for the Louisville Cardinals, Schimmel has carved out a place of honor on the team. As a senior in the 2013-2014 season, she averaged 17.1 points per game, leading the team in scoring. For her career, she finished second on the Louisville scoring list with 2,174 total points. Her skill rightfully got her named an All-American by the USBWA and Associated Press.

In April 2014, Schimmel was selected during the first round of the WNBA draft and will be playing for the Atlanta Dream. 

Click here to see all #Reclaiming-Fitspo profiles.

I was listening to a high school playlist on 8tracks and I just started typing this up. I have major Gilinsky feels, that freaking jawline is killing me. I kinda want to make this into a fanfic but I don't know yet. Anyways enjoy this and I hope you have major feels. Also give me feedback, should I make this into a fanfic or no?

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Sandra Bland Wasn't The Only Woman Abused By Male Cops In Texas
WASHINGTON -- The death of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old woman believed to have taken her own life after being subject to a forceful arrest, is drawing attention to one Texas county's troubling legacy of racial disparities. But Waller County is hardly the only place where women have been mistreated by male police officers.

Bland was pulled over in Waller County for failing to signal when changing lanes after an officer allegedly sped up behind her. The dashcam video shows the officer attempting to drag Bland out of her car and threatening her with a Taser, leading to a physical confrontation.

To get a sense of how common such encounters are, The Huffington Post analyzed over 100 pages of complaints made by women against cops in Dallas, which is about three hours away from Waller County. The documents, which cover a two-year period, include only those reports for which at least one allegation was sustained – or judged as valid – by authorities. Some of the complaints describe officers smashing a woman’s car with a baseball bat, stalking a former girlfriend and being arrested for domestic violence. Other cases sound like Bland’s: male cops resorting to violence on the job.

Below is a sample of these cases along with the disciplinary penalties the officers received. (The dates listed are when the incident occurred.) None of the reports showed the cops losing their jobs.

Dec. 28, 2013: A woman alleged that two male officers used unnecessary force and made inappropriate comments during her arrest. She further alleged that one officer took a picture of the X-ray of her broken arm at the hospital with his personal cell phone. (It’s unclear from the documents how her arm was broken.) One officer was found to have used inappropriate force, the other “improper action.” Both cases were still awaiting review.

Oct. 3, 2013: Two senior corporals went undercover to investigate prostitution activity. A woman arrested for prostitution said the officers threw her down and kicked her in the eyes. Both officers were exonerated from the use-of-force allegations, but multiple officers involved in the incident were found to have violated the procedures for using body recorders (microphones). They all received “advice & counseling.”

June 16, 2013: A woman was having a party in her backyard when officers arrived to discuss parking violations. They returned later to address a complaint of loud music. The woman turned the music down. She said a cop yelled at her guests to “get out,” pointed his finger in her face and told her to “shut” her “mouth.” When her son began to videotape the incident, the officer allegedly grabbed the phone out of his hand and said, “You don’t record nothing.” The officer received “advice & counseling” for “discourtesy/unprofessionalism.”  

April 19, 2013: A woman pulled over for traffic violations said that a male senior corporal made inappropriate comments and searched her body and vehicle. The complaint about inappropriate comments was sustained, as well as one of illegal or improper search. The officer was written up.

March 1, 2013: A woman said that a male officer, who had been dispatched to the residence, bumped into her twice and used profanity. She also said that two cops threw her down and dragged her across the ground. Both officers were exonerated from the use-of-force allegations. One was written up for using “profane or indecent language.”

Dec. 17, 2012: A woman alleged that after she was arrested and handcuffed, a male officer put his hands around her neck, pushed her against a wall and choked her. The officer was initially suspended. After an appeal to the chief of police, the officer received “documented counseling.”

Nov. 25, 2012: A woman alleged that a male officer tried to bully and intimidate her. The officer was written up for “discourtesy/unprofessionalism.”

Nov. 1, 2012: A woman alleged that a male police officer pointed his gun at her. The officer was written up for “improper display of weapon.”

The Dallas Police Department did not respond to a request for comment.