our class stole the school’s blue ribbon banner (some fancy award for being a great school) and held it for ransom. this was one of their tasks to get it back.

So, every year, I create a playlist to define my year in school. As I go through the year and add music to my library, I add songs in a certain order to it. Without further ado, here is A Very Senior Year Playlist

  1. Final Countdown - Europe
  2. This is the End - A Very Potter Senior Year
  3. Live While We’re Young - One Direction
  4. Up All Night - One Direction
  5. Goin’ Back to Hogwarts - A Very Potter Musical
  6. Senior Year - A Very Potter Senior Year
  7. Tonight - West Side Story
  8. One Thing - One Direction
  9. Sky’s Still Blue - Andrew Belle
  10. Changes - David Bowie
  11. Somewhere - West Side Story
  12. Greatest Song Ever Written - youtuber bethj007
  13. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
  14. Some Nights - Fun.
  15. Last Call - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
  16. Everything Ends - A Very Potter Senior Year
  17. Days of Summer/Goin’ Back to Hogwarts - A Very Potter Sequel
  18. End of an Era (acoustic) - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
  19. For Good - Wicked Original Broadway Cast
  20. Pomp and Circumstance

The senior prank went really well today for half of it… Haha getting up at 4:30 was soo worth it! So first we decided to drive through the bus loop into the faculty parking lot who’s gate was locked at the time.. Everyone double parked and parallel parked in all the teachers and the honors lot taking up the whooollllee thing! I myself triple parked, with the big minivan that I drive, in the assistan principals spot, the sheriffs spot, and a teacher spot. Then everyone hopped the gates to get to the downstairs bathroom, to water fountains, to hoses any water source we could find and filled up about 1000 cups of water and put them at the beginning of every stairwell so no one could go up or downstairs without spilling a lot of water (btw our school is an outside school so we did all this in the courtyard where everyone saw it) after this was completed we took about 1200 plastic forks spoons and knives and forked all the grass spots in the courtyard!! When we had gotten into the school people had been there before us so there was the outside lunch area was completely cling wrapped like all the tables were stuck inside a bubble of cling wrap then some idiot poured pancake batter alllll over the stairs and it got all wet and later in the day a teacher slipped on it and fell and we all got blamed for it but whatever haha… And for our last prank against the admins we blew up around 400 balloons and got a key to our principals office and threw them all in there… I’m talking all over the floor his desk everything! We kinda got caught in the act and two teachers walked in and screamed their wads off at us haha they were so mad they couldn’t park in their spot and that there were balloons everywhere haha we were even threatened with a couple of law suits because of this. And when everyone showed up at school we cheered when our principal saw the balloons and he even laughed and said it was pretty good! And during 3rd period we all wanted to have a party in the courtyard with burgers and hotdogs and music the whole thing! But that got shutdown the second it started the principal flipped a tit and was screaming soo loud and threaded suspensions and threatened to not let us walk at graduation or making us take our exams at the end of summer blah blah blah… But whatever the whole morning was a great success!!