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MC x Becca for the ship breakdown

@sarcasticchoices​ & @ other anon, thank you all for asking !! tbh if this is the response i get for that one mc/becca meme then i’ll keep making memes of my ships so i can get asks about em HAHA

my mc, althea silayan! 

and her fc, liza soberano hehe

Send me a Ship and I’ll Break Them DOWN

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First day or school tomorrow and that means i have about 9 months left of high school left! …. houh boy. Im confident this year will go by smoothly and i can actual ENJOY what im learning with the classes im taking this year. Wish me luck guys and i wish those who are returning to school some luck too!! Kill it this year guys!

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Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary has a livestream now and it’s making my life infinitely better by the second.

EDIT: they have a second camera outside!

  • a very potter musical: I've been alone/Surrounded by darkness/And I've seen how heartless/The world can be
  • also a very potter musical: I can't defeat thee/So please don't eat me
  • a very potter sequel: I'm laughing/It's hard to hide a smile/My god, it's been a while/Since I have had a reason to
  • also a very potter sequel: Hermione can't draw/Hermione can't draw/Hermione cannot draw!
  • a very potter senior year: After the sun has had its rest/It will arise, and light up the sky!/You can't hold onto what's past/Nothing is made to last
  • also a very potter senior year: Oh, no! It's a big bad spider. I'm so scared!/Yeah, get in my mouth.