I’m not even in JROTC what


Michelle Quiner- Winter
1st place senior solo at Jump Philadelphia

Do You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)
  • Do You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)
  • Jay Sean
  • Do You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon) - Single

Jay Sean - Do You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)

Just played in the car on the way home after our senior dance…

how appropriate.

got me to start reminiscing about these past 4 years

what a wonderful 4 years…

Though it may be the end of high school, it’s the beginning to even greater things in college and the future  :)

TPHS Class of 2011

shout out to alexa, her mom, kelly and all the parents that stayed to help us out, thank you for everything this past week. its been a blast, im sure theres more to come too! dont listen to what people say, they're just jealous because there not a part of the class of 2012, they saved the best for last you know but its not over yet. and im pumped to see whats to come. THANK YOU and yes i realize this is gay but just ya. its true. we did great! good job guys.

time of my life.

My senior dance thing is coming up and I didnt plan on going because the hospital said no exercise incase I faint again but I kinda really want to go but also I dont want to go because hot boys in suits and pretty girls with high self esteem and photographs and did I mention hot boys in suits also it means socialising and I don’t do that do you see my problem


Regional Youth Conference 2013 | RSVP Come and See | Richmond Senior Dance 

As far as I know, Richmond hasn’t had a Senior Dance for very long time until last weekend! I am really glad that we pushed ourselves to perform this year’s RYC and show that even if 95% of us aren’t real dancers, we got the moves as welll! *wink wink*

Regardless of our mistakes and inconsistency of some parts of the dance (*ahem* guilty), I am super duper proud of each and everyone from this group. Not only did they put their best on it, but they also came out of their shells and tried a new talent that they would have never known that they can do! 

We might not have won Volleyball, Junior/Senior Band and Dance, but that’s okay! We won 4 (Sr Basketball, Murals, Minute to Win It, and Badminton doubles) awards and that’s more than what we expected! The most important thing is that, we have gained each other’s friendships and a better relationship with the Lord. Just having the mindset of doing all these for Him /& sharing our talents is so much more for a title of being the winner. I am just 110% proud of the whole Richmond Chapter! <3 

Remember always: we might have lost, but we aren’t and will never be losers! Because of this opportunity, I am definitely sure that the Lord is smiling down at us and is so proud of what we’ve become.

Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” -Leo Buscaglia

 *YFC Richmond Junior Dance watch here.


Art school is awesome. Art is what I want to make a living from, I want to teach, I want to create, I want to develop new ideas, new techniques maybe..but art school is exhausting. I miss dancing, I truly do. But the past two weeks I haven’t danced as much as I wanted to, and I am truly trying.. I don’t take time to stretch after I dance because I don’t have time, and I want to maximise my time dancing. I know this is a real mistake because I become all cramped up, I’m developping small tightness injuries.. I want to dance really bad, I dream of worlds, but the more time passes, the more I wonder if I’ll ever make it. Training, working to get money.. Im leaving my part time job in a week and I can’t wait because I’ll be able to attend artistic events more, dance more, too.. But really I’m worried because I don’t know what to do and I feel stuck. University is a totally different game and it’s hard to train as much, especially when I also put my heart and energy in arts, which demand quite a lot physical things (as far as I’m concerned, because I love creating big things.)

So yeah.. Basically I feel like I am giving up dancing and it’s the last thing I want.
I want to dance, I want to invest time and energy into it, as well as art, I want to find that balanced-between-the-two feeling I crave so much!!
Advice?? @firishdancer @glitzjigsandsass ?