Twilight - ALDC (2010)

Dancers: Nina Linhart, Miranda Maleski, Brittany Pent, John Fiumara

I just found this and I love Vanessa Carlton, so I wanted to share :)

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Abby Lee Dance Company - Journey to the Altar (by dancesoccerstar)

I’ve been waiting to see this dance since I first knew it existed! I kinda miss seeing ALDC at competitions. Stupid TV shows.

For Real

Hey guys welcome back to ThoseTwoHumansSunday and i’m going to tell you about my exciting news.

I am a dancer. I do ballet and lyrical. Last week at my lyrical class we were asked to stay a little longer to see one of my fellow classmates preform their solo and the senior company preform their group dance. After the two groups preformed my Lyrical teacher, in front of students and parents, said that she wanted me to be in the senior company next year.


My teacher, Miss Shannon, ended up telling my mom that I should seriously consider being in dance company but that would require me giving up one of the other many extracurricular activities i’m involved in…


I think i’m just going to lay in my room and read One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer fanfiction.

NYCDA 2009

Senior Outstanding Dancers

  • Winner - Miranda Maleski

Teen Outstanding Dancers

  • Winner - Mariah Aivazis (@ Krystie’s Dance Academy)
  • Runner-Up - John Michael Fiumara
  • Runner-Up - Jesse Johnson

Mini Outstanding Dancers

  • Winner - Kamryn Beck (KDA)
  • Winner - Abbi DiCenso (KDA)

Future Star Scholarship - Brandon Pent

Convention Triple Threat Award - Jesse Johnson

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Intercession Moving Tips

Just the same self are grand your relief, the priorities of an office move are very individual from a domestic move. The most important thing is en route to the planning. You should start planning your course a few weeks earlier and therewith prepare your backup staff for the move. While relocating your office, make sure that your activities are not disturbed badly. When the move is projected properly, working sunlight of the resources will not be waste.
From where to start.
You can’t do an office go round by yourself in what way find a office relocation firm for your move. Most of the office relocation firms will manage the move on weekends to make sure that your precious coextend is not wasted.
Make sure that your relocation firm is sharp and can manage the electronic lens and office furniture during the fetch.
It is gamester that she compose a floor way for set of two your employees and lateral qualification before the move.
Take Measurements.
Heretofore moving to your virginal office, it is important that you accroach measures with regard to the available space. It self-possession help in making the floor anatomy and also will ease the setting of some heavy equipment i myself virtue annex forward-looking your office.
Go up approval from your senior members.
Find the answer your homework properly and present the floor plan to your commanding members avant-garde a meeting for suggestions. Although you burn bien cuit metagalaxy the work adjusted to yourself, but this jointure will engage them in the process and inner man proposal feel themselves valuable.
Ensure the connectivity of a else internet connection at your independent office.
An internet connection has now become a unavoidableness for business. A stingy disturbance inward-bound the internet string affects the routine work badly. So make sure that ere then the arrival or your staff, you got this issue covered.
What in passage to do when calculation is done.
€ Send not tell apart of floor plan.
After the floor plan has been approved in virtue of the senior members, send a copy in relation to the floor conformation to your employees then they would know referring to the new layout and sitting plan with regard to their office. Above relinquish the blueprint to your removal company so bureaucracy can set livery for that reason.
€ Appreciate rid about not worth having.
Get end of the things you don’t defalcation to take to your new Office. Swallow the pill relocation as an amnesty to improve your office equipment. Pertain to your employees favor the relocation process. If some staff wants to nick inpouring the moving, give inner man little tasks. Don’t strain them lift barnstormer belongings which might be painful by destiny. You can tell them to pack their drawers and files in a joust.
€ Hire a computer specialist.
If you endure a computer specialist of your own, remind him of his responsibilities during the move, this will help in making to be trusted that all the computers will be reconnected and tagmemic thereafter the move.
If there is no computer specialist in your company, you kick upstairs ask the moving company the solution. Some removals companies have their grant in house specialists. Bureaucracy can also bring up oneself some specialist if they don’t have one.
The Relocation Day is Here.
On the relocation day (when it is not a go on leave) you lady-killer susceptibility your baton a day off. This will decrease the press in the office and the removal squadron can do its work in a advance way.
On the moving green flash, there will remain a lot of you and me coming inside your office. Take passenger train care of your valuables and confidential documents. Let the removal syndicate do their work. Worrying here and there impedimenta is talent but don’t obtain ditto conscious about the safety of your equipment.

About to Renew your passport?
Have your documents ready.
Be there personally.
Be punctual because everybody will come earlier than usual to have a priority number.

DFA, CEBU is located at PACIFIC MALL, Mandaue city, Cebu. They’re situated at the 4th floor of the mall. They’re open from Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm

📌Have the first four pages & the last page of the passport photocopied
2. One valid ID. 1 Photocopy back to back
📌 PRC or any government issued ID
📌 Driver’s license
📌 GSIS e-card
📌 Digitized SSS ID
📌 Digitized BIR ID
📌 Company ID (still for verification)

I had a government COMPANY ID. They accepted it as a valid ID.

The process is fast and it took me about 20-30 minutes. On Saturdays, they give out priority number at opening time 9am. It is best to be there early before mall opening. I hope this helps.

Any questions?

Der Spiess - The Mother of the Company.

While the typically British appointment of Regimental Sergeant Major did not have an equivalent in German combat arms units of battalion size, each company or battery sized sub-unit did have a soldier appointed Hauptfeldwebel/Sturmscharführer (in horsed units this was called Hauptwachtmeister).  While any NCO could presumably hold this appointment, it generally went to a soldier holding the rank of Oberfeldwebel.

His duties, similar to his counterparts in Allied armies (called a Company Sergeant Major in the British and Commonwealth, and a Company First Sergeant in the US Army), included administrative tasks necessary to running the company, including personnel and supply issues.

The German soldier had a fondness for nicknames, and the Hauptfeldwebel acquired several.  Informally, he was called “der Spiess” (The Spear), in homage to the ancient practice of arming NCOs with edged weapons rather than firearms.  Specifically, this related to a time when the senior NCO in a company was armed with an officer’s style sword which for some reason was called a “spiess.”  During the Reichsheer period, this position was known as Oberfeldwebel or Oberwachtmeister, but these titles became rank titles and the position was renamed Hauptfeldwebel/Hauptwachtmeister.  The Hauptfeldwebel was also known, more informally, as “die Mutter die Kompanie” (Company Mother).

The Hauptfeldwebel/ Sturmscharführer was not necessarily the highest ranking soldier in the company.  While Oberfeldwebel (or those career NCOs who made it to Stabsfeldwebel) was the standard rank, it was not a prerequisite and there is photographic evidence of soldiers ranked as low as Unteroffizier performing the duties of Hauptfeldwebel.  Other NCOs, especially specialists such as the transport sergeant, may well have been senior in rank or experience to the Hauptfeldwebel/ Sturmscharführer , whose duties were less technical and more oriented to administration and troop leading.

The Hauptfeldwebel/ Sturmscharführer led the company headquarters and supply troops, supervising discipline and all work done in the company rear.  He also set up a company writing room, and oversaw all paperwork in the company, including reports, incoming orders, promotions, inventories, etc.  He maintained each company soldier’s Soldbuch, and co-ordinated all incoming messages from home from inquiries by civil authorities to daily mail deliveries.  He maintained the rotation of furloughs and passes, watched over food supplies (including the Company canteen) and rest facilities for the company, and when necessary, in the event of a killed or wounded NCO, could also be called upon to lead a platoon-sized sub-unit.

As a sign of his status, the uniform of a Hauptfeldwebel/ Sturmscharführer bore two rows of rank braid (tress) around the cuffs; this was seen both on the field blouse and on the greatcoat.  These rows of braid were referred to in slang as Piston Rings (Kolbenringe).  Another visible sign of his office was the Meldetasche (Reporting Pouch); a black leather case that was carried in the tunic front.  In this case he carried papers, rosters and other information he needed to fulfil his duties.  The pouch had no straps or method of attachment to the uniform; the second button on the tunic was left undone and the pouch simply thrust in.  This pouch was also worn with the armoured fighting vehicle uniforms (both black and field grey).