Coming soon to a grocery store near you: ugly food, to save you money
Fruits and vegetables that don't quite look right will be sold for 30 per cent off, chain says

Ugly food can mean a pretty profit.

At least, that’s the bet Loblaws is making with its ugly duckling line of produce aimed at shoppers looking to save money on the sky-rocketing cost of fresh food.

The company launched its Naturally Imperfect line last March, offering ugly apples and potatoes to Ontario and Quebec shoppers as part of a trial run that later expanded to select stores in other provinces.

More types of cheaper, but blemished and misshapen, produce will soon be available across the country, the company announced Wednesday.

“It really went well above and beyond what our expectation was,” said Dan Branson, the company’s senior director of produce.

“I think it really spoke to the fact that Canadians are out there really looking for some options.”

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the problem with a lot of these (but not all) new kpop fans, is they do not respect the seniors in the business, such as shinee, super junior, bigbang, epik high, TVXQ ect who actually paved the way for kpop in the western world. these seniors were absolutely NOBODY when they debuted, and theyve built themselves up to become legends in kpop. these bands/idols who have debuted within the last 3-4 years have been lucky to have become famous at a time when kpop is pretty big all over the world and its all thanks to these seniors that paved the way in order for your group to become as big as they are now, hell some of these groups havent even debuted yet and are already famous. These seniors came from nothing, and had nothing, they helped build their companies from nothing to what they are today. A lot of these seniors MADE their companies, but now these companies are making these idol groups. So please, have some respect for these seniors, who actually indirectly helped your rookie/recently debuted groups become famous and have so much recognition, have respect for the groups who worked through blood, sweat and tears to build themselves up from LITERALLY nothing.


get to know me meme: 5 favorite female groups | red velvet (2014)

“we dreamt to be singers as we watch other people too. we also want to be someone’s dream. we want to be artists like the seniors in our company who introduces kpop to people and artists who get to influence the whole world. we are also aiming to be singers who give bright and good energy to people”. 

  • Soohyun: All the seniors at the company are nice to us. I’m the closest to Lee Hi unnie. But the one that takes good care of us is Big Bang’s Seungri sunbaenim. He came next to us to cook and cut the meat for us during company dinner.
  • Chanhyuk: Big Bang′s G-Dragon sunbaenim was paying for the meal that day, but Seungri sunbaenim ordered expensive food for us separately. T.O.P sunbaenim also said, ‘I want to be close to you guys,’ and treated us very nicely.

Guess who finally has a stats sheet?

-Senior Councilor Emerald-
Gem: Emerald
Gem Placement: Right Eye
Gender: Genderless
Pronouns: she/her
Romantic Orientation: Aromantic
Height: 12′
Weapon: Fountain Pen
Ability: She has limited telekinetic ability, which only applies to herself and her weapon - she can not telekinetically move anything else. She also has the ability to stop time temporarily and move ‘outside the bounds of time’, but it requires quite a bit of concentration and energy, so she uses it sparingly.
Likes: Working, her job, teasing, loyalty, numbers, success, academics, progress, efficiency, getting things done
Dislikes: Not working, disloyalty, rebellion, Rose Quartz, errors
Hobbies: Filing paperwork, investigating problems, researching, reading reports, studying, sharpening the mind, being of value to country and leader(s), accounting, fixing things
Relationships:   None: “Work is of more importance.” - Emerald (probably, at some point)
Personality:  “the pen is mightier than the sword, but it is the tongue that wages true war.” - Emerald.

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happy birthday to the incredibly talented miss autumn miller!  i can’t believe i first saw you dance back when you were 8, and now you’re 15! you might not be so little anymore, but you’ll always be my #1 favorite “little dancer”

侵食レンアイ (Shinshoku Renai)

Bullet must really be into yanderes these days, because the theme of their newest series, comprised of three volumes, will revolve around relationships that become warped in some way—whether it’s due to jealousy, obsession, or plain desire. ( • v • );;

The synopses will follow under the cut.

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More high-profile resignations at Breitbart, after abused reporter thrown under Trump's bus

After Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was beaten up by one of Donald Trump’s aides while covering a Florida campaign event, the company’s senior management sided with Trump, ordering staff to cease communicating about their colleague’s treatment.

Fields and editor-at-large Ben Shapiro have both resigned in protest, penning scorching statements condemning their employer and naming Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon as specifically culpable, accusing him of betraying founder Andrew Breitbart’s “mission.”

Shapiro accused Bannon of turning the news site “into Trump’s personal Pravda.”

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Abby Lee Dance Company - Journey to the Altar (by dancesoccerstar)

I’ve been waiting to see this dance since I first knew it existed! I kinda miss seeing ALDC at competitions. Stupid TV shows.