senior year spring musical

Maybe We Won’t Grow Old & Maybe Then We’ll Never Die (listen)

a musical theatre playlist about losing innocence and the moment when childhood ends

01. Seventeen - Heathers02. When I Grow up - Matilda 03. Those Voices - A Very Potter Sequel 04. It’s a Hard-Knock Life - Annie 05. On My Own - Les Miserables 06. Safer - First Date 07. No One Is Alone - Into the Woods 08. Don’t Do Sadness- Spring Awakening 09. a Boy Like That /I Have a Love - West Side Story 10. Revolting Children - Matilda 11. Totally Fucked- Spring Awakening 12. Seventeen (Reprise) - Heathers 13. Everything Ends - A Very Potter Senior Year

This is just a reminder that,

in-universe, Ryan was the choreographer for the senior year spring musical. This means that, for whatever reason, he was the one who instructed Troy to do this-

- while wearing the tux that was “too tight”. 

And, Troy did as Ryan instructed with no hesitation. 

The Signs as HSM3 Songs
  • Aries: A Night to Remember
  • Taurus: Walk Away
  • Gemini: Can I Have This Dance
  • Cancer: Just Wanna Be With You
  • Leo: Now or Never
  • Virgo: The Boys Are Back
  • Libra: Senior Year Spring Musical
  • Scorpio: We're All in This Together {Graduation Mix}
  • Sagittarius: High School Musical
  • Capricorn: Scream
  • Aquarius: I Want It All
  • Pisces: Right Here, Right Now