senior year project

  • Group project with people you hate:
  • stupidest person: *has an idea*
  • me: well the medallion says that's dumb so we're not going to do that
  • most annoying person: *has an idea*
  • me: shut your ungodly lopsided mouth and quit interrupting
  • grumpiest person: *has an idea*
  • me: you're acting like garfield on a monday
  • them:
  • me:
  • them:
  • me:
  • them:
  • me: i would feed myself to Aragog's children just to be in a different group
  • them:
  • me: pls

And thus concludes another year of college. That’s probably the most I’ve taken since 2013. Math requirements are all finished. Same with pretty much all of my core requirements. All that’s left is bunch of junior and senior level software engineering classes that I’m going to be stacking up together over the next year. And the year after that will be a lighter year with only my senior project and a couple other classes along side of it. Next fall is the earliest I can start my year-long senior project, so that’s the best I can do. So two years left of college but a year and a half left of work. Full steam aheeeeaaaad


“Eyes in the Shadows”

It took longer to figure out some html things than I would have liked, but I can finally post my Senior Project, a modern fantasy comic that pays homage to the victims of the Green River Killer. I hope to be putting this to print soon so I can have a copy at least, but when I do sort that out I’ll be sure to post an announcement for it. 

Warning: Comic contains the results of off-screen violence and one instance of teeth/fang-related body horror.

(Clicking on the pictures will advance to the next page, but if you’d like to use the link navigation at the bottom, fullscreen is recommended.) 

All art was done in Cloud Alpaca and Photoshop.
Formal Artist Statement


This is part of my office redesign IN PROGRESS for my senior project. NONE OF THE RENDERINGS ARE FINAL. The project is for the MAERSK Office space. This branch is engaged with research related to oil. 

1.Entrance and wayfinding to the hostess. You can also see domes that I have placed on top of each individual work desk.

2. Canopy covered central meeting zone.

3. Option of the Breakout room.

4. More likely final option of the Breakout room. 

 My classmates and I were assigned to redesign parts of the space to increase the acoustic balance and help increase productivity. The problems that we were assigned to deal with were:

1. Create a certain way at the entrance that encourages the users to move towards the admin table where the hostess would entertain them.

2. Help decrease the noise pollution that occurs in the middle of the space, where the long meeting table is situated. Since the office is open plan design something that stops the sounds from reflecting all around the space without covering the exposed ceiling.

3. The breakout space is facing the (very often used) conference room and in dull. The task was to design an office space that was interesting and  lively.

 (This and the oncology clinic are projects that are done by me, Farzana Hoque. Please do not copy the design, but you can hire the designer, i.e. Me!)

A Fair Kind of Love - Rilaya One Shot

As always, I love to hear any and all feedback :)********* “So guys, what kind of booth are you going to set up for the fair?” Lucas questioned, glancing at his friends with a raised eyebrow. Every year the gangs high school held a fundraising fair, and the seniors were required to partner up and build and run a booth as part of their senior project. This year, the six friends were seniors and the fair was being held the next weekend.

           Farkle smiled and eyed Smackle. “Well Lucas, Smackle and I have decided to run the rubber duck booth.” The rubber duck game was a booth filled with countless toy ducks floating around a shallow pool, each with a colour on the bottom. Ones with a red dot would win one a large prize, a green dot would win you a small prize, and a blue dot would win you nothing. It was a game of sheer luck, as it was impossible to tell what colour each duck had on the bottom.

           “You see,’ Farkle continued, ‘Smackle and I thought we could conduct an experiment coinciding with the booth. The game is all about probability, and we hypothesize that the majority of participants, that being half or more, will try the game at least three times because they believe that their chances of winning must go up a significant amount with each trial. When in truth, the probability of picking a winning duck remains exactly the same each time.

           Zay stared at Farkle with glazed eyes. “…Wha..?” Was the confused noise that ended up coming out of his mouth.

           “Probability!” Smackle suddenly shouted with excitement, causing Farkle to grin at his adorable girlfriend.

           “Yeah, heh heh, probability…” Zay said with mock enthusiasm.

           Riley, Maya and Lucas were totally unfazed by the exchange. It was common for Farkle and Smackle to get overly excited about academics, and for Zay to be a little confused, but trying to understand nonetheless because he knew how important it was to them.

           “Anyways!’ Riley piped up, “Lucas and I are going to do the ring toss.”

           “Why, because Ranger Rick over here wants to show how tossing a ring is just like tossing a rope around wild and crazy, very scary sheep?” Maya smirked.

           “No, that’s not why,” Lucas rolled his eyes but smiled a little, always amused by Maya’s jokes, but then added more seriously, ‘and just so you know, sheep may be fluffy on the outside, but they are not all fluffy on the inside.”

           “Aw, poor Mad Dog,” Maya pouted and patted Lucas on the head, to which Lucas playfully batted her hand away.

           Lucas turned to Riley. “You believe me, don’t you?”

           “Of course I do!” Riley exclaimed, making Lucas smile. But the second he looked away, Riley and Maya locked eyes and both just shook their heads.

           “Hey hey, don’t y’all wanna know what Maya and I are doing?” Zay asked, growing excited.

           “No.” Came a reply from Maya.

           Zay paused and scrunched his eyebrows together. “But Maya, you already know what we’re doing. You’re my partner. I was asking the others.”

           “Noooo.” Was all she said in response, vigorously shaking her head.

           Zay shrugged it off as one of Maya’s usual shenanigans, and smiled brightly. “Okay guys, y’all are going to be so jealous I came up with this. Like literally, I’m a genius.” Smackle glared at him for the use of the term ‘genius’. “Oh shush,” Zay waved off her expression and continued with vigor. “So Maya and I are doing a kissing booth. A kissing booth. You know how many free smooches the Zay man is gonna get?” Zay asked rhetorically, clearly very proud of himself.

           The rest of the group was a little incredulous, but amused by his revelation nonetheless.

           Riley however turned to Maya, Zay’s partner in crime with disbelief. “You don’t mind running a kissing booth?”

           Maya shrugged nonchalantly. “He said he’d do all the work.”

           “Ahh,” the group all simultaneously kind of nodded their heads as it became clear.

           Just then the bell rang, signalling that lunch was over. The group rose from their seats to head to their next classes.

           “Maya?” Riley held out her hand to the blonde girl to accompany her to her next class.

           Maya took Riley’s hand silently but with a smile. A smile that meant to Riley that they were best friends, but a smile that Maya knew deep down was from feeling something a little more than friendship.

           Maya had known for a while that her feelings for Riley had become more than platonic somewhere along the way of their friendship, and it scared the hell out of her. Firstly, this made her have to come to terms with her being attracted to the same sex, something that wasn’t frowned upon generally, but wasn’t always whole heartedly accepted by others. Secondly, and most importantly, she was scared of losing Riley. Maya couldn’t even put into words how much she cared for Riley. If she lost her because of some dumb lovey dovey feelings, she’d never forgive herself. Thus Maya had decided to remain comfortably, or at least somewhat comfortably in the closet. This meant keeping up the façade that she used to have feelings for Lucas, which she never really did, and trying to hide her blush when Riley would casually kiss her cheek or not stuttering when she was talking and Riley gazed intensely into her eyes. She couldn’t risk her friendship. She couldn’t.

           “So Peaches –’ Maya’s heart fluttered at the sound of the affectionate nickname ‘– you really agreed to do the kissing booth with Zay because you wouldn’t have to do any work?”

           A student rushing down the hall brushed against Maya’s shoulder. “Yeah, why else would I?”

           Riley wasn’t very good at smirking, so instead she bit her lip in a smile and raised her eyebrows a couple of times.

           Maya, still not understanding just gave her a questioning glance.

           Riley, still wearing a stupid grin finally made it clear. “Boys.”

           This caused Maya to come to a halt. “Like, because I want to kiss? Boys?”

           Riley tugged on her hand getting her to walk with her again and started giggling. “You want to kiss some booooys,” she said in a sing-songy voice.

           Maya, feeling flustered about talking about wanting to kiss boys just replied, “Um, no. I do not want to. Kiss boys that is. Or kiss girls, obviously. Just, no kissing. I don’t want to kiss. Yeah.”

           But Riley just took her interesting reply as confirmation that she was right. “My little Peaches is growing up! Wanting to kiss boys…aw, I remember when you were just a pup.” Riley gazed off into the distance as if she was having a flashback.

           “Riley, that’s not what I –” But they had made it to Riley’s class, and she was cut off with a goodbye.

           “I’ll see you after class Maya, and actually bring your text book this time!” and she left a swift peck on Maya’s cheek.

           Maya’s face flushing, she leaned back against the near set of lockers, closed her eyes and groaned. Riley did not always make things easier for her.

           “You have to run the booth.”

           “What? Why?” It was the day of the fair, and Maya had just received an alarming phone call from Zay.

           Maya heard Zay sigh over the line. “You wouldn’t believe this, but I have mono. Mono. The kissing disease. And I haven’t even kissed anyone yet!”

           “No, you’re lying,” Maya said, desperately hoping this was just one of Zay’s dumb jokes.

           “Would I joke about this? Do you know how many fly honeys were gonna get a trip from these perfect lips?” Zay exclaimed.

           Maya ignored his cringe-worthy statement. “Can’t you just wear a mask or something over your mouth?” Maya hurriedly tried to think of a solution, any solution.

           “No, I cannot. Wait. Maybe…hold on.”

           Maya waited as she heard the phone being put down and then picked back up a minute later.

           “No. Mom says I cannot in fact just wear a mask over my mouth.”

           “But Zay –”

           “Look Maya,’ Zay cut her off, ‘you gotta do it. If you don’t, we’ll fail our senior project. Plus, there’ll probably be a few hunks wanting to kiss you, Maya Hart, the blonde beauty herself.”

           Maya groaned in frustration. Why did everyone think she wanted to kiss guys? “Fine, fine. I’ll do it. But I will be unhappy about it the entire day. Probably even the entire week afterwards.”

           “Thanks Maya, just remember that the money goes towards the school, not your pocket!”

           “Yeah yeah,” Maya hung up the phone and frowned. Great. This was just great. Maya didn’t even like guys, but she highly doubted any girls were going to come along wanting to make out. And even if any did, she wouldn’t want to kiss them. The only girl she wanted to kiss was her best friend. The only lips she wanted to taste were the ones that she felt on her cheek now and then, the lips that would probably taste like sunshine and rainbows and pure happiness. But that was never going to happen, and so Maya just grabbed her bag and left for the school with a sigh.

           Upon reaching the school, Maya could see booths set up all over the quad; different games and food stands, and kids everywhere. Somehow through the crowded environment, she spotted Riley at the ring toss booth with Lucas, and after waving to get her attention, smiled and blew her a kiss which Riley responded to by pretending to catch it in her hand and hold it to her heart. It was a silly little exchange, but it filled Maya’s heart with warmth. She then headed to her booth, already set up from the day before and hesitantly took a seat behind the large sign that said “$2.00 kisses with Zay the Bae (I’ll make your day)”. Frowning at the ridiculous sign, Maya grabbed a marker and made a change to the wording. “$2.00 kisses with Zay the Bae (I’ll make your day) me, I guess.” She put the marker down and sat back hoping she wouldn’t draw too much attention.

           About ten minutes later, a boy around her age with shaggy blonde hair and a baseball cap strode over with a lazy grin on his face and pulled two $1 bills out of his pocket.

           “I’m here for my kiss, blue eyes,” he drawled with a wink. Maya scowled but took the money. Of all the guys to kiss, the first one had to be some creepy dumb-ass that thinks he’s smooth?

           “So,’ the creepy dumb-ass continued, ‘If I give you a couple more bucks, do I get a little extra merchandise?” Maya’s eyes widened in disgust as she saw his eyes drift to her chest.

           Maya shoved the money back at the boy. “You’re disgusting. Walk away or I’ll mess you up so bad that you need a stretcher to leave.”

           The creep put his hands up in defense. “Okay, okay, it was just a joke. Whatever, you’re the one missing out anyways.” He turned around and Maya watched as he made his way to one of the food carts. She couldn’t believe she just had to deal with that. If that’s where the day was heading, it was going to be a very long day.

           Fortunately, Maya didn’t have to deal with many more creeps. However, every time she got even close to missing a guy, she made some excuse not to kiss him. Sometimes she’d pretend to get into a coughing fit, sometimes she’d shove food in her mouth and chew very loudly, mouth hanging open. One time, she even told the guy to look over his shoulder and bolted behind a tree while he wasn’t looking and stayed there until he eventually just walked away. She just couldn’t do it.

           Finally, the day was over and Maya could take that dumb sign down. She glanced over at the empty money jar and frowned. She wasn’t sure how she was going to explain why they made no money at all. Just as she was contemplating what to do about the money situation, Riley popped into Maya’s field of vision.

           “Peaches!” Riley flung herself at Maya, whom returned the hug as soon as she recovered from her surprise. “We were apart for so long,” Riley pouted, pulling away from Maya just enough to give her sad puppy eyes.

           “I know honey,” Maya responded with equally sad eyes. Maya grabbed the empty jar and held it up in front of her. “I guess even the guys would have rather kissed Zay than me,” she joked.

           Riley looked puzzled. “You didn’t kiss any boys? But I saw guys heading to your booth like every ten minutes!”

           Maya looked down and started awkwardly shuffling her feet. “Yeah well, they showed up, they just didn’t get what they came for.”

           “Aw Maya,” Riley grabbed Maya’s hands and started rubbing little comforting circles with her thumbs. Maya bit her lip and continued to look down, refusing to meet Riley’s sad, but questioning eyes.

           “Look Riley,’ Maya started nervously, ‘I didn’t kiss any boys because…I didn’t want to.”

           Riley didn’t look any less confused. “Why not? Were you just really nervous?”

           “No, I mean maybe, I mean –”

           “Maya.” Riley stopped her by putting a soft hand on her cheek. Maya finally made eye contact with the brunette in front of her. “Just tell me. What is it?”

           Maya, still extremely aware of the hand on her cheek, took a deep breath and then said quietly, “I don’t like boys romantically. I like girls.”

           The blonde didn’t know exactly what she was expecting, maybe for Riley to look uncomfortable or confused or run away screaming. But instead, Riley smiled and moved her hand from her face and back to Maya’s hand.

           “Maya, have you been scared to tell me this whole time?” Maya just weakly nodded her head, praying that Riley wouldn’t get upset.

           Riley laughed a little, almost with exasperation. “I understand why you’d be nervous to tell me, but I also don’t. You know I’ll always love you no matter what, right?”

           Maya ran her free hand through her hair, laughed a little and said “Yeah, of course. Of course I know.” But she couldn’t say it with complete honesty, because she knew she was still holding back, and she was still worried. Riley sensed this immediately.

           “There’s more.” Riley’s soft brown eyes urged Maya to go on, and the blonde knew she had to tell her the truth.

           “Riley…I like girls, but there’s one girl I especially like. One girl I love more than anything. The only girl I want to kiss…is you.” Maya closed her eyes, terrified, when she felt paper being pressed into her hand. She opened her eyes in confusion, just in time to see Riley lean in and place a gentle kiss on her lips. Maya blushed immediately, too stunned for words.

           “Now you don’t have to explain why you didn’t make any money,” Riley smiled shyly.

           “I love you.” Maya couldn’t help but blurt out the three words, words that she had used before, but never in this way.

           Riley’s smile grew bigger and replied, “And I love you.” And Maya didn’t know how, but she knew that Riley was saying it in a different way too.


8.5.17 [8/100 days of productivity]

Finally got around to using the planner my mom bought me for my senior year of college! My favorite color is yellow, so she knew it’d be perfect. Planning meetings with advisors and getting things in order for classes.🍍

Currently listening to: “Africa” by Toto on repeat in my head, always

headcanon: dating alana beck “how you met”

first headcanon EVER but it’s on a subject i daydream daily about so lets see how this goes?? (( feel free 2 request more!!!!!!! ))

so this is how u start dating & BUT IF YOU WANT A PART 2 (about the actual Girlfriendness) I WILL HAPPILY WRITE ONE but i got carried away so heres this :))))))))

warning: this is much longer than ur ready for  (even when u think of what would be a way too long headcanon, it’s longer) bc i’m a fluffy fic writer at heart and keeping things Short is def not my game
also: fem!reader bc i’m Gay for alana and this is what came 2 me easiest for my first go @ it!!!!!!


  • alana beck!!! the beautiful beautiful girl with glasses who’s always in the front row 
  • she’s the president of every club you’ve ever joined & you’ve kind of lost tracks of the clubs you joined out of interest of the topics and the clubs you’ve joined out of interest in her

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studyingforowls  asked:

Hello! I'm actually doing my senior year project on people with mental illness in the prison system. I've found some crazy statistics about the incredible increase of mentally ill people in prisons instead of hospitals. Would you say that there has been a mass incarceration of people with mental illness? Thanks!

Estimates suggest that more than half (56 percent) of people in state prison had a mental health problem while incarcerated. This number was even worse for those in jail (64 percent).

For many, these issues are compounded by substance use and abuse, homelessness, and being victims of abuse. Deinstitutionalization – moving people out of hospitals and closing those facilities – has been linked to increases in homelessness and the use of incarceration to address mental illness.

Bernard Harcourt has argued that we should be looking at institutionalization – not simply incarceration. Because while we locked up far fewer people in the mid-20th Century, there were a lot more people in hospitals. As one facility was closed, another door opened.

While hospitals may not have been terrific places, they were much better settings to deliver treatment and were staffed by people trained to provide this type of care. Prisons and jails are designed to lock people up. Period. Full stop. They are not appropriate settings for people who are ill and need treatment. Yet, they have become the primary response for those who are suffering from mental illness. This often exacerbates the situation – driving conduct violations while in prison and recidivism once out on the street. Investing in noncarceral responses to mental illness is an absolute necessity as part of the movement to roll back mass incarceration.

“Hey, do you guys want to watch a movie with us?”

Jace looked over Clary’s shoulder and nodded. Shifting slightly on the arm of the couch she was seated on, Clary grinned and nodded too.

“Sure,” Simon called out from the kitchen. “And yes from Raphael too.” There was a noise of discontent followed by low murmurs.

“Which one?” Isabelle asked, looking up from her phone with a grin.

“I don’t know. Whatever you all want,” Magnus said, looking over at the only Lightwood left. Alec startled at the stare and shrugged.

“I’ve seen it,” he said, honing his features into a mask of disinterest. It wasn’t really that hard for him. He had practice after all.

“All the movies?” Magnus asked, eyebrows raised in disbelief.

Alec nodded. “Yeah, all of them.”

They stared at each other for a few long moments before Camille moved to sit in Magnus’s lap.

“Alright then. It’s settled. Movie, now. I think we should watch the new Marvel movie. I’ve heard it’s adorable,” she said, brightly.

Magnus smiled at her, breaking the stare and nodding agreeably. “Yeah, I’ve heard the same.”

Camille leaned in to kiss him on the lips and most of the room groaned loudly, except Alec who just looked away. He got up and went over to Simon and Raphael in the kitchen. The two of them were working with dizzying efficiency. Alec felt out of place just looking at them work.

“Uh,” he murmured. He cleared his throat. “Do you guys need any help?”

“Oh! Alec,” Simon replied happily, looking over at him as he noticed him. “Nah, we got it under control. But you’re welcome to stay, if you want.”

Simon and Isabelle were the only ones who knew about Alec’s huge crush on Magnus. Isabelle understood Alec very well and Simon was weirdly perceptive about these things. He had been the first one to pick on the crush Ragnor had on Iris Rouse, his neighbour. It had quickly fizzled out when they found dead animals in her garden almost on a daily basis. They had been quick to warn the authorities and Ragnor found a new apartment after vetting his new neighbours properly.

Alec smiled at Simon, gratefully. He leaned against the oak doorframe, looking out at his friends. His eyes settled on Jace who was laughing at something Clary was whispering in his ear. Jace had been adopted into the family when he was ten and Alec was eleven. When he first realised that he liked boys, Jace had been the only boy to crush on. He shone bright like a beacon, enough to garner all of Alec’s attention. When Jace met Clary, a new student at the Hodge Institute, Alec had given them both a hard time. He regretted it for a while, but Jace and Clary were nothing if not clear of heart. They were quick to forgive him. Jace had basically cried out, ‘Ohana’, before tackling him in a hug after Alec apologised for being an ass.

Isabelle caught his eye next as she leaned over to get to the doritos and sneakily stole the remote, changing the channel while everyone was distracted. She loved watching The Real Housewives of Idris and blaming Simon for getting her hooked on it. Alec remembered the first time he’d held her small form in his arms. She’d just been brought back home, barely two days old and he was three then. His pudgy hands were wrapped around her in wonder, already assuming all responsibilities and promising to protect her. He loved her more than life itself. She looked around, apparently aware of his stare and smirked at him, winking. He grinned back.

Isabelle: 12.56PM:
Do you want me to ‘accidentally’ knock her off his lap?

Alec laughed softly and shook his head at her. She blew him a kiss before turning her attention back to the television. He looked back at Simon’s whoop. Raphael and Simon were cooking something that most definitely did not require tossing in the air but that had never stopped them before. After the perfect toss, Simon looked over at Raphael, grinning wide. He rolled his eyes, but a soft smile played on his lips.

Alec still remembered Simon and his first stilted conversation almost seven years ago. They had both started out as accounting majors. However, seeing Simon being brave enough to shift to Music, Alec had finally moved to History himself. He loved big books and he could not lie. Now, he was a Teaching Assistant at the same university and Simon was in a band. They were mildly successful, doing well with teenagers who were already requesting a tour. Of course, Raphael as their manager was refusing to provide them with the non-existent funds.

Raphael and Simon made an odd pair. They met in college and hit it off almost instantly. Obviously, there was a lot of eye rolling involved in their relationship, but it was clear as day that they adored each other. It was surprising to Alec that before Raphael and Simon had been together, Simon and Isabelle had dated for a hot two minutes. Well, two weeks. Alec didn’t even have the time to get used to it before the two of them had already moved on.

A loud laugh shook Alec out of his reverie and he looked over at Magnus.

Magnus Bane. Good God. The man was someone who looked like he’d just gotten off the runway, but with half the effort taken to be on one. He always looked en pointe with reference to fashion. The golden eye shadow melded right into Magnus’s bronze skin and Alec couldn’t breathe. The silver on Magnus’s black coat caught the light making it shine in his eyes. His gaze was fixed on Camille. Alec swallowed back the green monster and tried to get himself in check.

It was Raphael who invited Magnus to one of their get-togethers and Alec’s crush had only gotten worse from there. At first, he had felt that Magnus felt the same way but time went on and Camille came along. Gorgeous with an impeccable fashion sense. Even Raphael admitted that he had never seen Magnus so smitten with anyone.

Which meant he hadn’t been smitten with Alec after all.

Alec swallowed convulsively when Camille kissed Magnus again. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he startled, looking over. It was Simon holding out a platter of doritos and dip. He nodded towards the sofa, tugging Alec along. He was grateful for the distraction and smiled slightly at Simon, who grinned back. It was impossible not to like Simon, really. Not for the lack of trying, Alec hadn’t wanted to. However, Simon wasn’t anything if not persistent. He had wormed his way into Alec’s group without a lot of trouble. Isabelle helped, of course. The traitor.

The time whiled away. A lunch and two episodes of The Real Housewives of Idris later, all except Alec got up to get ready for the movie. Simon and Raphael booked the tickets while Isabelle called the cabs. Alec waved them goodbye at the door, shutting it with a sigh. He was still leaning against it when there was a knock. His heart almost left his body at the proximity of the knock. Getting a hold of himself, he opened the door. For his efforts, he got an armful of Magnus.

He didn’t mind, obviously.

He hugged the man, smiling slightly to himself. Magnus pulled away to look at him, eyes shining.

“I leave for Paris tonight,” he murmured. “I won’t be able to see you for a week.”

He looked so upset with that that Alec’s heart missed a beat. “Oh,” he replied, stupidly.

“I’ll miss you, you giant oaf,” Magnus said with a chuckle.

Alec smiled softly. “I’ll miss you too.”

“Take care of Chairman Meow for me?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Alexander.”

The way Magnus said his full name did things to him he didn’t want to admit. “You’re welcome, Magnus.”

Magnus laughed and hugged him again, tighter than before and burying his face in Alec’s neck. Alec held him back, matching his intensity. His blood sang with the affection he felt for the man. Magnus finally let go when they heard his name being called.

“Text me when you get there safely,” Alec instructed.

Magnus grinned and kissed his cheek before turning around and leaving. “Bye,” he called over his shoulder.

“B-bye,” Alec stuttered a moment later.

His skin burned where Magnus’s lips had touched it. He was so screwed.


Magnus had been in the last year of college when Alec had met him. Magnus was looking for a senior year project and Raphael had taken one look at Simon and his band before booking Magnus to change their look. Of course, Clary had come along to take care of the background and cover art. They made an excellent team. Magnus and Clary, both, earned A grades in their projects, setting a bar for their classmates.

Alec was bored and he had decided to finally heed one of Simon’s many requests to turn up at his band recitals. He was standing there unaware, watching them work. Simon looked excited about something to do with design and clothes. But Alec hadn’t bothered to pay attention to him, instead focusing on his book. He liked to study with people around him. He had looked up when everyone started to move towards the door.

He forgot to breathe when he noticed Magnus the first time. Sometimes, even now, he couldn’t believe that someone as amazing and gorgeous could exist. Not only was Magnus physically appealing, he exuded a sort of calm and kindness. You wanted to stand near him. You wanted to bask in his glory. When you left him, it didn’t feel like you were bereft of something or like something was missing. He added to your experiences. He added to you.

Of course, Alec was a romantic.

“Well, who are you?” Magnus asked, eyes fixating on Alec.

He started, looking over his shoulder, expecting something more interesting to be present on the wall than him. He looked back, a hand vaguely pointing back at himself in askance.

Magnus laughed and it was the most beautiful laugh Alec had ever heard. Damn. He was definitely screwed. “I’m Magnus. I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced.” He held out a hand covered with bejewelled rings and ornaments.

Alec caught the hand, feeling the cool metal against his skin and swallowing against his dry throat. “Alec.” The man was even more gorgeous up close than at a distance and that was saying something. That was saying a lot more than the thousand page textbook heavy against Alec’s free arm.

He heard someone clear their throat and his heart almost jumped out of his chest. Realising that he had been gripping Magnus’s hand for what was definitely a minute over the normal handshaking time, he dropped his hand, rubbing his palm over his jean sheepishly. Magnus looked at him amused.

“Oh, uh… We should really… You know, probably get…” Alec tried, vaguely pointing around.

“Right, of course. Get to work,” Magnus said, a mischievous smile still playing on his lips as he turned around, gracefully.

Magnus walked around, looking around at the room and the band members, assessing the work he had to do. “Normally, I love a dirty lair, but this is one is just sloppy,” he said, looking over at Alec as he stepped on a broken wooden table making it crash against the floor. (It was aesthetic, Simon had told Alec.) Alec swallowed, trying to hide it under a disinterested face. Simon just looked offended.

The rest of the hours passed by with Alec drooling over the way Magnus worked the band and room into something that looked professional and classy. He was something to behold as he worked, changing everything with a flick of his hand and making it possible that it looked even better than before. The band looked amazing at the end of it. While Clary was in-charge of the art, in Alec’s opinion, it was Magnus’s direction that brought everything to life. At the end of it, The Hotel DuMort were bedecked in a slime green, blood red and black colours. The band members were dressed in the same colours in varying shades. Even their instruments had been repurposed for the photoshoot.

For the first time, Alec could see how hard the band was working as well. Raphael looked excited as well, which was an incredibly hard thing to accomplish. In the two years that Alec had known him, he had never seen the man as much as smile.

“Alright, that’s it everyone,” Magnus said, grinning at the last shot. “Let’s get drinks. They’re on Simon.”

Everyone ignored Simon’s complaining as they started to pack up and change. Alec got up, taking it as his cue to leave.

“Pretty boy, get your team ready,” Magnus called out, gesturing.

Raphael started, seeming confused at the nickname. Magnus’s arm on his chest stopped him. “I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to him,” he said, pointing clearly at Alec this time.

Alec couldn’t hold back the goofy smile that came over his face. He wiped it off, shrugging innocently at Raphael. He gathered his stuff and waited patiently for the rest to get ready, helping where he could. He noticed Magnus looking at him a lot of the times. The beauty of the unabashed stares was that Magnus never looked away when Alec caught him, instead he just smirked and his eyes crinkled with warmth at Alec. It made Alec’s heart skip every time.

The evening passed before Alec knew, pressed up against Magnus in the cab and then at the bar. He didn’t remember the last time he had laughed so much and been so comfortable in someone’s presence who wasn’t Izzy or Jace. He could almost believe that Magnus would be good for him.

They exchanged numbers at the end of the night and Alec was sure that he would call him. One day.

And then there was Imasu.


There was always someone with Magnus. Well… That wasn’t entirely true. It had been the Spanish musician who made Magnus’s eyes shine just like Alec had believed they did for him. Alec didn’t have to pine for long. He found Raj. Raj was someone studying History in the library late at night too and Alec had been smitten. It was nothing like Magnus, but well, that was just an infatuation. Or, he hoped it was. It wasn’t like his heart didn’t jump when Raj walked into the room. It was just a less enthusiastic jump.

Imasu left Magnus heartbroken and Alec was there for him, holding his necklaces back when Magnus threw up after one too many drinks. Alec promised not to tell anyone about the times Magnus got himself so ill thinking of Imasu, he didn’t even need a drink to upturn his stomach. Alec’s crush, no, infatuation, took a backburner. Besides, he had Raj who stood by him all through the way. It lasted over a year after the Imasu episode. The reason Raj left him was because Alec couldn’t bring himself to tell his parents about Raj and him. Alec knew Raj was right. The thing that really affected him and left him guilty was that he never tried to fix it. He never tried to stop Raj from leaving.

Where he had been there for Magnus, Magnus was there for him this time. He comforted Alec, reminding him that he wasn’t a bad person for making mistakes. That he had tried his best and it just wasn’t meant to be. Magnus helped Alec get over his guilt and stood by him when he finally plucked up the courage to apologise to Raj.

Raj was closely followed with Etta. Heartbroken still, Alec hadn’t been able to gather enough of his senses to hate her. She was gorgeous, dark haired and blue eyed. That wasn’t all. Where Imasu had been immature and impulsive, she was calm, collected and wise. She was what Magnus needed, setting his broken heart together. They were good with each other. A small part of Alec had held out hope that Magnus and he might work. However, Etta was the one that brought Alec close to giving up entirely.

So, it came as a surprise when they broke up. It was an amicable break up. Both parties agreed not to see each other again and that was that.

“What happened?” Alec remembered asking, following Magnus’s sad gaze on Etta’s retreating car.

Magnus had sighed, turning around to hug Alec. “She wanted a life I couldn’t give,” he had replied simply.


That was another thing about Magnus. He was tactile. Always touching people in some way. A warm hand on the shoulder for encouragement; a delicate touch on the elbow to get attention; a kiss on the cheek in greeting or farewell. And, Alec’s favourite: hugs. Magnus was a tall man but Alec was taller.

When Magnus did something, he threw his entire being into it. He ended up heartbroken sometimes, of course. Alec loved watching him, though. The way his entire body moved and his eyes lighted up. The way his mind worked and formed ideas and solutions. He was a sight to behold. This should have been proof to Alec that Magnus had never really loved him. A crush, maybe. Lust, sure. But, love, no way. It would have been hard to miss. However, the stupid hope perched in Alec’s chest wouldn’t let up. He knew he’d just end up hurting himself.

Magnus. Magnus was worth it, though. He was worth the pain.

That didn’t mean it hurt less when Camille finally came into their life. Magnus met her in a club and soon they were inseparable. Nobody really liked Camille, but they were better at hiding it than Alec. Magnus adored her and that was enough for the rest of them. It didn’t mean that Alec couldn’t complain about her behind her back. The only reason he allowed her in his house was because he was wont to hurt Magnus. He had been hurt enough. More than enough. He deserved to catch a break.


Alec looked up, coming back to the present when there was a knock on the door. His Siberian Husky puppy, who had been asleep all afternoon and evening, came bounding out to meet the visitor, yapping excitedly. Alec smiled, lifting Virginia Woof (Clary’s suggestion) in his arms. The little puppy wiggled in his arms, settling comfortably.

“Hey,” Isabelle said, grinning at Alec and reaching out to pet Virginia Woof.  “I knew it was a good idea to get you a puppy.”

Alec rolled his eyes with a smile and tugged Isabelle inside. “What are you doing here?” he asked, leading her inside.

She stole Virginia Woof from him before they sat down and shrugged. “Magnus left and I knew you’d be in one of your contemplative moods.”

Alec huffed and got up to get them coffee. “It’s ten at night. I would have just gone to sleep and I’m fine!” he called back.

She chuckled softly, nuzzling the puppy’s soft fur. “You’re not and you know it. You would have picked up one of your stupid books and read through the night.”

Alec huffed, ignoring the fact that he had just been thinking of picking up a book before Isabelle came. He knew she was right but he wasn’t going to give her the pleasure. Taking the coffee back, he settled in beside her, switching the television on.

“Shut up,” he warned, before she could open her mouth.

With a laugh, she leaned heavily against him with a sigh, turning her eyes to the television.

All in all, it wasn’t the worst night. Especially after he won his favourite sweatshirt back from Isabelle in a game of darts.


It was 6 AM when Alec was awoken by the persistent lighting up of his phone. He cricked his neck, groaning as he sat up. He was on the pull-out couch while Isabelle had taken his bed. His bed was too small for two people without cuddling and it was too hot to cuddle.

He picked up the phone after blinking a few times to bring the world into focus. There were ten new texts from Magnus.

Magnus, The Great: 5:57AM:
I have landed in Paris. It is gorgeous, Alexander. You have to come with me next time.

Magnus, The Great: 6:12AM:
I have my luggage and my cat. Chairman Meow is happy that he’s out.

Magnus, The Great: 6:23AM:
I’m heading to my hotel to check in.

Magnus, The Great: 6.25AM:
Alexander, the sights are to behold. Your historian heart and mind would love this. Promise me you’ll come the next time.

Magnus, The Great: 6.26AM:
I just realised it must be really early there right now. Hope I didn’t wake you up.

Magnus, The Great: 6.28AM:
Actually, I don’t care if I did. This is worth it.

Magnus, The Great: 6.29AM:
[Image attached: A stunning view of Paris from the cab with a grinning Magnus and a frowning Chairman Meow on the side.]

Magnus, The Great: 6.30AM:
I wish you were here to tell me boring facts.
I lie. I never find the facts you tell me boring.

Alec’s heart was set to explode. How was he supposed to ignore the amount of love he had poured into their bond. He looked at the picture again and realised that his feelings didn’t matter and deflated. Magnus was someone that he needed in his life. Before his feelings came, came the fact that Magnus was his best friend.

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.34AM:
You did wake me up, but as you said, it was worth it. It is gorgeous, Magnus. I wish I was there with you too. Take care of yourself.

Magnus, The Great: 6.45AM:
[Image attached: Magnus cuddled up in bed with blankets to his chin and Chairman Meow under his chin.] I need 2000 count sheets, Alexander. They are a necessity.

Alec laughed, grinning at the picture. He was a few of the lucky people who got to see Magnus without makeup. Magnus was not a shy creature but somehow seeing him without makeup felt intimate. It felt as though Magnus was entrusting him with the power and the knowledge to hurt him. Alec realised that he looked vulnerable without the dark kohl around his eyes. That was far from the truth though. Magnus was one of the strongest people he knew.

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.47AM:
I expect a souvenir from the Louvre in exchange.

Magnus, The Great: 6.48AM:
Anything you want, darling. I already know all the things I’m getting you.

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.49AM:
You know you don’t have to get me anything right? Please don’t go overboard.

Magnus, The Great: 6.49AM:
I know I don’t have to. I want to. Do I ever.
Okay, bad question. 
I know what you like, don’t worry. I promise you won’t be angry.

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.51AM:
What should I do with you…

Magnus, The Great: 6.51AM:
Adore and respect me.

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.52AM:

Magnus, The Great: 6.52AM:

Magnus, The Great: 6.52AM:
Sorry, I was trying to type with Chairman’s little paw.

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.53AM:
Go to sleep, you dork.

Magnus, The Great: 6.54AM:
Never. I’m a young and sprightly man. I’m not tired. I could do twenty pushups right now. Do you want me to do pushups, Alexander?

Alexander Hamilton: 6.55AM:
Shut up, dork.

Magnus, The Great: 6.55AM:

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.56AM:
Then let me sleep in.

Magnus, The Great: 6.57AM:
You must not miss me as much as I miss you. :(

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.58AM:

Alexander Hamilton II: 6.58AM:
You know how much I miss you.

Magnus, The Great: 6.59AM:
Awww. I really must sleep now though. I’m not as young and sprightly as previously assumed. Good Night, My Alexander. Sweet dreams.

Alexander Hamilton II: 7.00AM:
I miss you, Magnus. Sleep well. Have fun and call me if you need anything. Take care.

Alec waited for a few minutes for a reply. He assumed that Magnus had fallen asleep, and got up himself. Stretching, he groaned as his joints popped. He needed a better couch. Half of him didn’t get a new couch out of spite against Clary who had been asking the same of Alec since he got the apartment. He loved Clary as family now, but there had been a time when he had hated her more than anything. He had just needed time to get to know her. (And to not jump to conclusions.)

The fragrance of coffee and the sound of the sizzling bacon woke Isabelle up. She was still in zombie mode before she got coffee inside her. Alec waited for her to take her first human sigh of the day.

“Good morning,” he called to her after she did.

She looked up with a smile. “Good morning, big brother. You’re in a good mood.”

Alec shrugged, going back to the bacons. “Would you like eggs or toast?”

“Eggs. Did Magnus reach Paris safely?”

“Yeah, he texted me.”

“That explains it.”

“Explains what?”

“Your good mood.”

Alec huffed and chucked the bacon off the pan and onto a tray. He set the tray in the middle on the table, heading to the refrigerator to get the eggs.

“I was fine before this.”

“You weren’t,” Isabelle replied, not teasing anymore. “I know it affects you. I know you don’t like seeing him with her. Alec… I know it hurts but you have to go out with someone. You have to let someone love your heart and soul.”

“Izzy,” he complained, cracking open the eggs over the pan. “I tried with Raj.”

“I know you say that… Alec, I’m worried about you.”

“You’re single too,” he pointed out.

“And happily so. I’m not saying you have to be in a relationship. I just don’t want you to pine after him. I know you love him. I know he’s amazing. But this is killing you, big brother.”

He shook his head, smiling slightly at her worry. “Thank you, Izzy. I’m fine, though.” He served her the eggs and tapped her head.

She smiled up at him. “Please try.”

He sighed and nodded. “I know you’re right. I just need time, I think.”

Isabelle nodded. “You can take that. Just don’t give up. Remember we’re here for you. Now, would you like to go on a meaningless date?”

“You’re not setting me up with anyone, Izzy,” he groaned, settling down with his own breakfast.

“Why not? I have an excellent choice,” she answered, bristling.

“Remember Aldertree?”

“That was a mistake! I honestly thought he was a good guy before he tried to get me addicted to drugs,” she defended, waving her hand. “Look, he’s a nice person, okay. You’ll like him.”

“Sebastian Morgenstern.”

“Please, he’s one of those hot bad boys.”

“Izzy, he tried to kill my hamster.”

“I was seventeen! I didn’t know any better.”

“Fine. Who is he?”

“I knew you’d come around-“

“I have not come around to anything. I just want to know,” he objected.

She waved her hand dismissively. “His name is Castiel Novak and he’s got the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s a cardiologist. I’ve been a resident under him once. He’s great. I found out a few days ago that he’s gay.” She held up her phone to show Alec his Facebook profile.

Alec had to agree that the man was very good looking. “How old is he?”

“Around 32.”

Alec nodded, continuing with his breakfast, contemplatively. Isabelle might actually have found someone decent this time. It looked that way from the pictures and bare Facebook profile. He wasn’t much older than Alec either. Nevertheless, Alec didn’t feel ready yet. He wanted more time before he went out with the man. He wasn’t looking for anything casual.

“So?” Isabelle prompted, grinning.

“I like him. But,” he said, loudly, before she could jump to conclusions. “I need time. Not yet, Iz.”

She sobered but kissed his cheek. “I’m proud of you.”

He smiled at her. “Thank you, Izzy.”

“You’re welcome, big brother.“

Identifying as a Bear and Other Giant Beasts


Hey all! Kai here. As Easton is (understandably) busy making Selfless, I’ll be the one writing and sharing updates here — logging all the progress we make along the way. Of course, every once in a while, Easton will share on here too. But I hope you don’t get tired of me.

In any case, I bring to you our first update! The topic of progress: CHARACTERS.

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anonymous asked:

Your sugar daddy! and broke! Tony is the best! Why did Steve fall for Tony? And what was the first time they had sex like?

Steve meets Tony in a coffee shop just off MIT’s campus; Steve’s there to ask directions to the lecture hall where he’s supposed to give a talk, but he bumps into Tony instead, which causes him to spill his coffee all over his suit.  Tony recognizes who he is–because how would he not?  Steve’s been a public figure for half of Tony’ life–and he helps Steve clean up as best as he can, and then offers to walk with him to the lecture hall because Tony was headed that way anyway. 

Steve gives his talk about clean energy and new, green technologies, and afterwards, he asks for questions, and Tony asks him one that actually stumps him for a bit, and the two of them are just kind of staring at each other from opposite ends of the auditorium–and Steve finally notices just how handsome Tony is, with his high cheekbones, dark hair, brown eyes, and toned body (no doubt a result from Tony’s time on the cross-country team that he had briefly mentioned during their walk)–and you could basically cut the the sexual tension with a knife. 

So Steve finds Tony afterwards and asks him out to dinner, and Tony’s flattered, because Steve is fucking gorgeous and undoubtedly smart, but he’s also ten years older, and Tony’s just a student.  He’s seen Steve’s name in the news and the papers, and he knows that the headlines that didn’t have to do with Steve’s success in the business world had to do with his… um, “success” in the bedroom.  Steve can see the internal battle that Tony is having, so he assures Tony that he isn’t trying to pressure him into anything: he just wants to get to know Tony better, and if Tony tells him he doesn’t want to see him again, then Steve would respect his wishes. 

Tony agrees then, because how could you say “no” to that?  And they go out to dinner, and have a couple drinks, and it’s the best (and most expensive) date that Tony’s ever been on.  But even though Tony likes Steve–really likes Steve–he isn’t sure if getting involved with the man would be the best idea, because it is his senior year and his capstone project is due at the end of the semester… BUT STILL IT’S STEVE FUCKING ROGERS AND TONY’S SO TORN.  Steve respects that, of course, but walks him to his dorm, kisses him good night, and gives Tony his number in case Tony ever changes his mind. 

It only takes three days for Tony to call Steve: three days worth of flowers and other gifts from Steve and Tony thinking about him non-stop, and two nights of jerking off to fantasies where Tony peels Steve’s designers suits off of his body before Steve bends him over his office desk and fucks him until his voice is raw from screaming.  

So they start dating, and Tony’s expecting Steve to pull out all the stops and continue taking him to expensive restaurants and whatnot, but he’s pleasantly surprised when their next date consists of dinner at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, and a movie.  Tony asks Steve to take him back to Steve’s apartment, and Steve’s just all, “are you sure?” and Tony grabs his face and kisses Steve until they can barely breathe and Steve shoves him in the front seat of his car and hightails it out of the theatre. 

They get to Steve’s penthouse, and again, Tony’s expecting Steve to be all polite and considerate–which he is–but Steve’s built like a fucking god and has the stamina of a racehorse, and Steve makes Tony come twice before he even enters him, and when Steve finally does, Tony’s seeing stars and he’s so glad Steve owns the floors above and below the one they’re on because Steve would undoubtedly be getting complaints in the morning from neighbors otherwise.  And Tony’s even more glad that they’re both still young because they end up going at it all night long, and Tony hasn’t slept around much, but he isn’t inexperienced… but holy hell he didn’t think sex could ever be like that

anonymous asked:

I loved that little poem you put in the fic, the one that Verge wrote about Logan. Do you write poems too?

Aw, thanks, glad you liked that bit! I’ve written poetry for years, mainly silly and random limericks, but still. Actually, my senior year English project was to create my own Canterbury Tale and write the whole thing in iambic pentameter, and I’ll just say that that is still my proudest writing accomplishment to this date. Mainly because it took a week to write the whole thing. (I had a month to do it but haha I procrastinate like crazy oopsie poopsie)

I love having written poetry, but it can be such a beast to actually put on paper/word document.  That’s why there was only four lines to the one Virgil wrote, I was getting frustrated trying to think of another stanza!