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We see movies in which people are represented as being in love who never talk with one another, who fall into bed without ever discussing their bodies, their sexual needs, their likes and dislikes. Indeed, the message received from the mass media is that knowledge makes love less compelling; that it is ignorance that gives love its erotic and transgressive edge. These messages are often brought to us by profiteering producers who have no clue about the art of loving, who substitute their mystified visions because they do not really know how to genuinely portray loving interaction.
—  “all about love: New Visions” by bell hooks

it’s wild rediscovering how full of love & sweetness i am/can be. i think just being a black/brown girl in the hood, you’re taught those will be points of weakness, reasons for people to take advantage of you, the source of naivety. you’re not allowed to just wanna give love and receive love without someone assuming you’d end up hurt or (of course god forbid) in someone’s bed or pregnant (every momma’s fear). especially as Black girls, as children of immigrants, as girls who are supposed to do better & be better by “getting out of the hood”, as “smart” girls. we’ve been taught to disassociate our selves from our great capacity to love. we are misinformed in the power of a love ethic, in the strength it takes to love & let go of it. some of us don’t even get a chance to learn what it will be like to love ourselves & bodies. taught to think of love as a distraction & not as a motivation for being and thriving…

i’m taking time now to value all the lessons of love my family has blessed me with but also unlearn these toxic things.

everyone has needs, whether those be romantic, sexual, emotional, spiritual, whatever else. that’s a given. the question/real issue is will you be honest and unashamed about what you need? will you allow your self to be vulnerable in saying those needs & desires out loud to yaself and/or ya friend(s), beau(s), partner(s), bae(s), family, etc.? or will you find yourself manipulating others into giving you what you need without asking or communicating that, out of fear of rejection, seeming weak or fragile, or out of a need to maintain “power” in whatever relationship…

For a moment, Minako turned away from the sight of her little ballet boy– now turned Eros seducing the room with each turn and sweep of his come-hither fingers. For the first time, and only briefly, she watched the gloved hands fall from Viktor’s face as he watched, rapt and unblinking. It was the impassive stare of a carnivore. 

She recognised it. She had seen it the day she had stepped forward to claim the title of principal dancer from her senior. The older woman had moved towards her to kiss her cheek, her hands gripping her shoulders a little too tight, her stare a little too cutting.

‘Fuck you if you think you could ever cast dirt on my legacy,’ it said. ‘Fuck you if you think you can best me.’ And there- there it is. The same cold terror that flickered in that hard gaze all those years ago, that had lanced through her own heart when she saw her own younger, prettier, sexier model enter through the dancing hall door years later – and that now stood sentinel in those cold blue eyes.

‘Oh God,’ it whispered. ‘What if you can.’


Desire, jealousy, pride, love. I like to think Viktor’s a little more complicated than meets the eye.

  • Mom: If you eat that hot pocket now, you're going to spoil your dinner.
  • Me: I'm 18, I'll do what I want.

While at a show at our local flea market, a senior woman brought her “Therapy Dog” poorly-behaved chihuahua inside. She fussed at the LE at the door, who basically went “not worth our jobs” and let her in.

After screeching upon seeing us (we were checking out stones at a table), she told me I had to leave because her dog didn’t like mine.

Me: “That’s nice. Maybe if your dog had the hundreds of hours of training it takes to make a real service dog, he wouldn’t have that problem.”

I really hate the fandom discourse because lets face it…its all fictional, we have day jobs, school, not to mention people are dying and suffering from oppression and poverty everywhere and we debate all day long about fictional people.

Honestly, when people in huge fandoms gatekeep the content and social platforms by throwing words around like racist, and sexist over their ships OR start accusing women of being fake geek girls (especially other women),

I obnoxiously crack my knuckles and take out all my minority cards and star wars seniority. Mixed race brown woman with 88,000 different pieces of merch here to tell you NO and NO. 

“Oh, good, you’re already here!”
“Been here all day. What’s up?”
“Cinnamon’s ready to pledge!”

“Holey cheese, what’s with all the garbage?”
“Equipment malfunction. Her brother’s prototypes are crap. Much like Nova’s entire personality.”

“Seriously, Cin, don’t you think you should clean that up?”
“Hush, dear, I’m pledging. Thanks for taking a whack at the bots for me, Ginevra. You’ll be a great Senior Woman for the sorority, I know, because you’re so competent.”

“Get your face over here so I can smack it.”
“Chill, witch, we’re showing a front of sisterly solidarity.”
“Cinnamon knows better, she’s just sucking up to you because you could blackball her.”

Cinnamon’s damned if she lets her BFF’s enmity with Guadalupe’s cousin spoil the sorority for her. Those two will call truce before Ginevra graduates; she’s determined. And Jo will help her.

“So, welcome to Tri-Var! We’ll help you move whenever you’re ready.”
“Great! I can throw some stuff in a bag and move right in.”

55 favorite fictional females: Donnatella Moss, The West Wing (1999)

I think you might find me valuable.


Ginevra Hawkins doesn’t mind being on academic probation; but she’s not about to do it twice, so she knuckles down to her semester project and even plans to study. At some point. She’s not about to leave Sarah to do all the fixing up around here, either. There’s more to do than there is time till the graduation party.

Sarah’s sister Josephine chips in a little maintenance of her own. Sarah’s last campus party needs to be bug-free.

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“Not like i’d mind. For neutrals that are supposed to be murderers most of you are as passive as a senior woman.”

And another hit to the wall. This town was really going to shit.