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Dark, Disdainful Deities: Kiss the Tentacle

By Ken Hart

Cthulhu, powerful aboleths, and creatures from Beyond—what they have in common is an inhuman attitude toward life, as well as thought processes and motives that are hard to fathom. 

What we do comprehend is that they don’t like mortals, unless possibly as appetizers. 

Yet in mythology, fiction, and roleplaying games, such beings are worshiped as gods by deranged, fanatical cults. 

Many of these cultists act covertly to corrupt influential people and institutions, paving the way for widespread subversion or invasion.

What if such cultists were not covert about it? 

Faiths based on bizarre creatures of the Elemental Chaos or the Far Realm may well dominate the mortal world, while worship of the astral gods is limited to secretive cults.

Divine heroes who revere alien entities might not always be evil, but they’re certainly a little strange…

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Mother Superior

lady-metroland submitted:

My high school is a frightening place, not only due to the uniforms and preparatory schooling, but the building itself has its own unsettling qualities. Built before the Civil War it is huge and fortress-like, standing atop a hill in the woods. Its grounds boast acres of forest, sports fields and a nun cemetery that dates from before the building’s completion. Rumors of tunnels that go into the forest are substantiated by strange underground storage structures amongst the trees, the purpose of which is not known in living memory. 

Only one nun now works at the school as its principal, and she does not wear a habit or live there as her forebears did. Girls would talk about disembodied voices in the piano room and doors would sometimes shake during class time, but as the place is old and drafty we often just shrugged it off. Even the extreme cold we felt all the time can be explained by the harsh New England weather and the insulating quality of its granite walls. 

The top floor was once the dormitories, but has since been converted into classrooms. At the end of the hall is the Senior Lounge, where my strange experience took place. These rooms were the nun’s dormitories; there is one large room containing couches and some tables, with two small study rooms (former bedrooms) branching from it. There is also a large locked closet in the room and when my graduating class painted that wall, some girls claimed that there had been handprints on the drying paint. No one had been in the school overnight, and the prints looked as though they were pushing out from inside the wall. There was no evidence of it after they repainted, and again most of us thought nothing of it. 

The lounge was comfortable enough for a nap, and once during a deserted study period I took the opportunity for such a break. My friend, let’s call her Amy, was the only other girl in the room during that study block. We both fell asleep on sofas that were placed facing each other with a coffee table in between. 

For awhile I dozed but as soon as I drifted off, Amy began to scream. I lay on the sofa with the door to one of the nun’s old rooms behind my head, where Amy was looking as she continued to shriek. Suddenly I found that my arms or legs wouldn’t move, and it felt like I was having a seizure. Teeth clenched, I arched my back to look into the doorway where a tall figure was silhouetted against the bright light of the room’s only small window. I made out the hood and sleeves of a nun’s habit before flopping back down onto the sofa. 

I awoke again, only to find Amy sleeping soundly opposite me and the doorway empty. My legs had regained mobility and I jumped up to check the study rooms/bedrooms, both were unoccupied. The closet door was locked, as always. Amy’s screams should have brought people running from the classrooms nearby, but no one came. Still dazed, I looked at the clock just as the bell rang to switch classes. Though this experience could have only lasted ten minutes, the day’s first hour-and-a-half class period was over and I had slept all the way through it. 

To this day, I’m still not sure what happened in the Senior Lounge. Amy does not have any memory of the event. I haven’t been back to that school since my graduation years ago, during which my aunt still swears that she saw a nun watching the ceremony from the same bedroom window on the top floor.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Nice.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

anonymous asked:

Thank you for dragging that ridiculous confession. I've been seeing a lot of this anti-Yuna sentiment and it really makes no sense. It's one thing to not like her skating, but to make up straight up lies is truly terrible. I hate to be that person, but I can't take a lot of these new skating fans seriously lmao


I was very surprised that someone (whether a new or old fan, idk and it really doesn’t matter) made the claim that Yuna did nothing to advance the sport. She and Mao started a whole new era of international figure skating by upping both the artistic and technical levels during their years of competing with and against one another. 

Yuna regularly contributed (and still is) to Korean figure skating even as she was competing–with special emphasis on the juniors and rising seniors. It’s very, very strange that someone would just blatantly bulldoze right on over that like she hasn’t made contributions since her junior days. 

I want to know how the confessor assessed how “Yuna never seemed to care that much for her coach, the rest of the figure skating community or the advancement of the sport” and also how “she was just THAT good” justifies his/her weak argument. It continually annoys me when someone paints a negative portrait of someone who isn’t as extroverted or values their privacy. It’s just distasteful, closed-minded, and sometimes, even a little bit selfish.

Imagine Max and Chloe at prom. Chloe getting emotional (but denying her eyes getting just a bit misty) when she sees Max in her prom outfit. How many cheesy prom pictures they would take (and of course, one of the signature selfies Max is known for), in ridiculous poses along with the more romantic ones. Max and Chloe getting to slow dance, and at one point leaving the venue to go outside away from everybody and enjoy some of the time to themselves.

SEVENTEEN’s Hip Hop Unit Discusses What Has Changed Since Their Rookie Days

On July 9, SEVENTEEN’s hip hop unit participated in the “SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Team X LieV” V Live broadcast and communicated with their fans.

The members talked about the junior idols that referred to them as “SEVENTEEN sunbae-nim (seniors)” and expressed how strange it felt to have already become seniors to many junior idol groups. S.Coups said, “Being in our third year since debut, it doesn’t seem like a long time has passed, but it’s also not a short time. If you think about when we had just debuted, many things seem to have changed,” and asked the members, “What do you think has changed?”

Mingyu replied, “I think all of the members have matured. Preparing for this concert made the members feel greater responsibility for our stages.”

S.Coups added, “Now, I have the ambition of perfectly showcasing various types of music.”

S. Coups then said that he had something he had always wanted to ask Carats and asked what music genres they wanted to hear from SEVENTEEN besides the ones they were doing now. Fans commented various genres like ballad, jazz, indie, a capella, EDM, and more.

SEVENTEEN did not hesitate to express their love for their fans. S.Coups thanked Carats, saying that they always get inspiration from Carats when making music.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will soon embark on their first world tour “DIAMOND EDGE,” starting with Seoul on July 14.


How to Handle a Nico: chan

Primary Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: ~1k
Rating: K
Time Frame: Some time in the fall, or early winter, of Maki’s 1st year and Nico’s 3rd year of high school.
Story Arc: Stand Alone

List of all HtHaN scenes

Author’s Note: Just a short and fluffy scene I’ve been meaning to write for a while. The topic came up in a translated doujin recently and it reminded me to dust off my notes.

“Say, Maki-chan.”

“Mmm?” The redhead responded absently, not looking up from her paperwork.

“Why do you call me Nico-chan?”

“Because you act like a little kid.”

“Wha, hey…”

“And everyone else calls you it.”

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this is your friendly neighborhood reminder that you can ship two characters in an exclusively romantic way!!! also high school sophomores dating high school seniors is not a strange concept!!! and not every country has the same dating/legal age standards as america!!! and guang hong and leo have a similar age gap!! so idk maybe chill tf out a little

B’s Log (October 2015): Ryuseitai’s Profile

Released August 2015.

Ryuseitai, a unit formed by members scouted by their hot-blooded leader Chiaki, who aspires to be a hero. Somehow or rather, the first years view their seniors to be strange people, but the two seniors actually make a good balance, and they are good seniors who watch after the junior members grow. It is to be believed that once the seniors’ feelings reach their juniors, Ryuseitai will become stronger, and perhaps ultimately become real heroes!?

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Lardo, Ransom, and Holster: A Guide to Senior Level Friendship

For sad anon who I unwittingly made sadder with sad holster shit. (MY BAD!)

  • So, let’s all turn our attention to Lardo, Samwell’s resident “I am better than you at literally everything” manager. While much attention has been given to Bitty and how he will handle Jack’s graduation, Lardo is also going to have to deal with a Shitty-less existence. (at least at Samwell)
  • Okay, in Lardo’s head, she has kept the balance between hockey-friends and art-friends pretty 50/50. Like, yes, she and Shitty hung out a lot last year but she is still really close to her art friends because they have three hour art classes together and the bonds between folks who stare at the same still life for three hours cannot be broken.
  • Neither can the bonds between those who scramble to actually finish pieces before the show opens in panic and– oh, wait… Shitty helped her with that. And all the hockey boys came to the art show and, no, they had no idea what was going on but they tried and they supported her and she didn’t realize it but she hasn’t quite forgiven her art friends for muttering about “the dumb jocks” that “only came for the free booze.”
  • (Seriously, when did the free spirited art crowd get so… judgmental? Senior year starts and suddenly no one wants to come visit her at the Haus and why is it that the hockey guys are always down to try new things but when she mentions that they should come get out and see a game, she gets sort of scoffed at.)
  • Okay, back to the point. The point is that Lardo finds the beginning of her senior year to be… strange. In her head she is an art-kid who happens to hang out with the hockey bros but she stops getting invited to everything and then when she does go she feels like she’s on the outskirts and–
  • Maybe it was a mistake to live in the Haus. It’s another degree of separation from her art friends (another thing she does that’s different) and Shitty isn’t even there. So it’s not like she pictured it. It’s not getting high with Shitty and talking shit on the roof. It’s… Shitty was her person. On the team. It was Ransom and Holster and Bitty and Jack and Nursey and Dex and Chowder was happy with everyone and now hangs out with Bitty a fair amount and she hangs out with Bitty too, she fucking loves Bitty but he is on his phone or skyping a lot these days (she’ll let him keep lying for as long as he wants but honestly)–
  • What I’m getting at here is that Lardo spends September awkwardly lonely. Trying to force friendships with art people she doesn’t really connect with anymore, missing Shitty, and feeling more morose than she should be. Of course, she assumes that no one notices because she is Lardo. Silent and surly and too-cool-for-you are her things. Everyone is too busy doing their own thing and she will balance this eventually and be fine, she just has to stop being so freakin’ melodramatic.
  • Enter Ransom and Holster.

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anonymous asked:

Hey man i know ur not active much on here anymore but i hope youre doing good. Tumblrs a hellhole and its probably good to be away from it but i miss ur blog! If you ever see this i hope you have a good day✨

hey dude i really appreciate that. i reinstalled the app like a week ago so i could read something and ive found myself compulsively opening it all the time like i used to which i hate. im deleting it after i post this. i don’t like the way i came across on here these past few years, but that probably has more to do with me growing up and everything. as for right now, being a senior is strange, and i feel like an overgrown kid. but i know the work i need to do to get what i want, and i’m proud of myself for the work i’ve already done. so in short, i am doing better. thanks for sending this. i love you, take care.

“Alright, so back in January during indoor track I had practice every day after school until 5:30. At 5:30 I would catch the activity bus and it would take me home. I live in a fairly decent town and I’ve been riding that bus and walking home for about 4 years now since I’m a senior. Nothing strange has ever happened until one day. So Pennsylvania weather is pretty weird. One day it’ll be snowing and -3 the next it’ll be 50 degrees. This was one of those 50 degrees in January kind of days so I didn’t bother putting my hoodie on. This is the outfit I wore to school and it’s not too revealing. Simple leggings, a crop top that barely shows any skin and isn’t low cut, and I had on black combats boots. Anyway, my apartment is about 2 blocks up from the main street I get dropped off at. My street is usually empty so no big deal. When I was walking home this car was driving towards me down the street. I wasn’t really bothered by anything and I was more focused on texting my boyfriend until the car had actually slowed down and stopped beside me. This got my attention. This guy was at least 40 and he had his window rolled down. He whistled and said, “Damn baby, you look fine! Can daddy give you a ride home so you can ride me tonight?” Since this is honestly the first time I was ever cat called in my 17 years of existence I spit into his window, flipped him off, and called him a useless pig. He then told me how I was being a “bitch” for turning down his offer. I told him I was going to hex him and curse his family. I’ve never seen a guy drive off so quickly. I shouldn’t have to threaten people to not get harassed while walking home. What was I wearing? FUCKING CLOTHING THAT SHOULDN’T MEAN IT’S MY FAULT THAT A GUY WAS SEXUALLY HARASSING ME." 

Submission from the-livingdead-girl 

"But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street and sexual harassment actually looks like. Submit your own!

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska – An O/A-10 Thunderbolt II stands ready just before a training mission here Dec. 21. The aircraft is assigned to the 354th Fighter Wing and its primary missions include air-strike control, close-air support, target interdiction, joint-air attack, combat escort, and combat search and rescue. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joshua Strang)