senior level 5

Senior level 5 NCA 2014 top 5 standings-

Medium Coed-

1. SOT Purple Royalty

2. Woodlands Elite Black Ops

3. Cali All Stars Black Ops

4. ECE C5

5. Maryland Twisters Reign

Large Coed-


2. CA Cheetahs

3. CE Coed Elite

4. Stingrays Steel

5. ACE Warriors

Small Coed-

1. Cali Smoed

2. Brandon Senior Black

3. Mac Senior Starz

4. Twist&Shout Diamonds

5. Rockstar Beatles  

Medium All Girl-


Large All Girl-

1. SE Senior Elite

2. CA Panthers


4. Stingrays Orange

5. Cheertyme Love

Small All Girl-

1. Woodlands Elite Generals


3. Pacific Coast Magic Fantasy

4. GymTyme Rouge

5. ECE Fame


1. GymTyme Pink

2. Cali Sparkle

3. FAME Showgirls

4. FCA Gems Onyx

5. Cheer Station Flyers

International COED-



You will be fine (Jack Gilinsky) part 2

ok if I’m going to make this a series, i want to name the character so message me names or your name and i might chose it for this series!


Jack POV

My cheeks had to be as red as a tomato as i led y/n out of the convention center and down to the cafe across the street. What was suppose to be a trip to see bryants little girl, turned into me walking down the street hand in hand with a beautiful girl.

we took a seat and ordered our food

“so tell me about your family” i asked, wanting to know more about her

her face dropped, shit, did i say something wrong?


out of all the questions he could of asked me, he had to ask about my family, or what the rest of my family is. I live in a apartment with my older sister who practically raised me. Our parents were always drunk and when i was about 12 they started to abuse us. My sister at time, was 16 and after 2 more years of pain and neglect, my sister turned 18 and reported our parents and then we were taken away. We lived in an orphanage for a while. When my sister made enough money, we bought a apartment and we struggled together. I am funded by my cheer coach to do cheerleading so i don’t have to worry about the huge expenses of cheer.

I looked down

“ummm” i held back tears

“its ok, you don’t have to answer that, umm, shit” Jack said embarrassed 

“Jack its ok, its just that- i guess I’m not ready to say, or…” i stuttered 

“hey its alright you don’t have to tell me, i just want to know more about you” he smiled

“well theres not much to know, so i will start with the basics, i just turned 17, ummm my favorite color is light blue, I’m on a level 5 senior team in cheerleading. I really actually don’t have that much stuff about me” i smiled

“Come on, you have more to you then that” he chuckled. Then he started telling me about his career and the boys and his life in general

Damn, this boy has it good, i will never be like that 

Jack POV

I proudly told her about my life as she listening with a grin on her face, but one thing that i also realized was that she barley touched her food, but didn’t want her to feel bad so i politely asked our waiter for a box and we got up and left after exchanging numbers in our phones

“so were do you live, i will drive you home” i smiled

“um its ok i will just walk home” she half smiled 

“y/n its dark out, I’m not letting you walk home, its dangerous”

She huffed and started giving me directions, and after a little driving, we were in a totally run down area that looked like something from a horror movie

“i can walk from here jack, its fine” she tells me with embarrassment and fear

“Y/n its not safe” she looked at her lap and played with her fingers 

eventually i pulled up to a run down apartment building and looked at her as her faced turned to embarrassment 

“uh, thanks for the ride” she got out

“y/n! wait!” i got out of the car and handed her the the food box “promise me you will eat this?” she looked down and her eyes watered as she ran into the old apartment building 

There is something about this beautiful and mysterious girl, and i plan to find out.


I love how worldcup trains kids from the start to be on their senior level 5 teams

I think it means so much more to see the kids grow into these amazing athletes.